Femme Fatales “DC Animated Series:” Poison Ivy by Diamond Select

Diamond Select is not fooling around when it comes to the new DC Animated off-shoot of their Femme Fatales Statue line. Even after two versions (in two weeks) of the initial release, Supergirl, I’m back already to check out the next one. And they’ve got three more slated to hit in December alone. Well, that’s OK. I say “bring it on,” because I am digging the hell out of these ladies. Today’s animated hottie hails from Batman: The Animated Series and it is none other than Poison Ivy!


The box is the same configuration we saw with the Supergirl statues, just a new deco. You get a Femme Fatales logo in the upper right corner, the Batman: The Animated Series logo and the character’s name on the bottom. The box is black with windows all around to let in plenty of light. Ivy comes sandwiched between two clear plastic trays and everything is totally collector friendly. The statue comes already attached to the base, although there is a clear plastic rod included that pegs into the base and acts as a support for the vine. It seems totally unnecessary, but there is a little bit of give in the vine, so I opted to use it to prevent any future sagging. We don’t want Poison’s Ivy to sag, do we? I don’t think it detracts from the piece, but it is totally optional.




Out of the box, Ivy is drop dead gorgeous. I’ll say it again, this animated style suits the Femme Fatales line perfectly. Because of the style, there isn’t a whole lot of sculpted detail on the figure itself, instead she gets by mostly with smooth lines and very clean paint. And she certainly cuts quite a curvaceous figure in her two-tone green outfit. This is indeed a chick that makes me want to eat my veggies. Yum! The tops of her boots and gloves are sculpted, as are the jagged edges of her one-piece around her hips. The shades of green are just perfect and the paint lines are smooth and quite sharp.



The portrait here is also a real winner. Ivy is strikingly beautiful, and I have no problem saying that about a cartoon lady. She’s got perfect lips and a voluminous mane of red hair sculpted in the vintage style that is so distinctive to the Batman Animated Series. The paint on the eyes is neatly applied and I particularly like the sympathetic visage of her eyebrows as she stares longingly at her lovely plant companion. The expression really captures the character superbly.




Speaking of the vine, the snaking plant is rooted to the base and spirals around Ivy’s body to face her, where it is cradled lovingly in her left hand. It sports a red flowery head and two rows of sharp little teeth. It’s also got a friend that is seated down on the base showing it’s teeth, probably jealous that his chum is getting all the attention. The base here is a huge improvement over what we saw with Supergirl. It’s a simple brown brick floor with patches of green vegetation on each side.



I really liked both versions of the Supergirl statue, but I’m absolutely in love with Poison Ivy here. As with Supergirl, Poison Ivy set me back $39.99 at retail and I’m pretty content with that price. Yes, if I had waited, there’s a good chance I could have managed to get a deal, as DST’s Femme Fatale statues are notorious for dropping in price before they get scarce and start climbing again. With that having been said, I suspect these DC ladies will be more popular than this line’s regular offerings, so anything is possible. Regardless, I’m happy to support this line all the way so I’ve pre-ordered the whole shebang. Batgirl, Harley, and Wonder Woman are all currently due to ship in December. I’m not sure the order, but I’ll definitely be checking them out here as soon as they arrive.

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