Star Wars: Unkar’s Thug, Jakku Scavenger, and BB-8 by Hasbro

It’s December, folks! We now reside in the very same month into which The Force Awakens will release. And while I’m not completely losing my shit over it like some people are, I’m still pretty excited. And wouldn’t ya know it, I’ve got some more Star Wars figures to check out! Today’s feature is another of those boxed Mission Series packs. The previous two I looked at were based on the Rebels series, but this one is most definitely from the upcoming new film. It’s also based on some characters we know basically nothing about!


I’ve gushed plenty about this packaging, but isn’t it just great? The figures come in a little window box with some fantastic artwork and the ominous Kylo Ren and lightsaber up at the top. Everything is collector friendly and there’s a symbol on the side panel that denotes this set is part of the Desert Mission Series. The back panel features some pretty basic descriptions of the characters. Interestingly enough, the little guy is just called Jakku Scavenger on the front, but on the back of the box he’s named as Teedo. I’m assuming no relation to Teebo, although I suppose there could be an Ewok under all those wrappings. Let’s start big and work our way down…




Unkar’s Thug is completely covered from head to toe in desert garb. He’s a fairly basic looking figure, but the sculpt is still solid. You get texturing on his shirt, a quilted pattern on his jacket, and some nice detail work on his mask, hood, and goggles. While previous robed figures in this series had detail sculpted between the legs, here it’s just left smooth like the old Kenner days. For the most part, the simple articulation is what I expected, but I was surprised they were able to work a ball joint into his hooded neck. The Thug comes with a staff and a blaster pistol.



His buddy, Teedo is a tubby little dude all wrapped up in bandages like a mummy. His pale green hands, feet, and part of the skin on the top of his oddly shaped head are exposed. I’m guessing he’s some kind of reptile. There’s some really nice detail on the mask, he’s got a tank on his back and some pouches hanging off his hip, and some funky looking sandals. Alas, he comes with zero accessories, but I’m content to give him the staff.


So who are these guys? Well all we know is they work for the scavenger Unkar Plutt (allegedly played by Simon Pegg), a junk dealer on Jakku. And based on the scenes in the trailer and the artwork on the package, I presume Rey runs afoul of them as they are capturing BB-8. While most of what we’ve seen pairs the little droid with Rey, he’s still clearly named as Poe’s droid. Could he be the common thread that brings Rey to the Resistance? Who knows, but it’s fun to speculate.


Anyway, speaking of BB-8, yes he’s in here too, and imagine he’ll be the main selling point of this set. He’s a pretty solid representation of the spehrical droid, especially considering how small he is. You get some good paint and sculpted panel lines. The bottom of his body is flat, so he can stand without wobbling over. He also has a peg hole, but it’s really not necessary. The head is ball jointed and on a post, so it not only swivels, but can move front and back a bit. I’m going to assume this is the same figure packed in with the Force Awakens Millennium Falcon. I can’t imagine much they could do to change him.


As usual, these packs come with a large gimmicky weapon. In this case it’s a gigantic missile launcher that fires two missiles with a net between them. I give Hasbro credit for actually working something in that’s possibly in the movie. We do see the little guy and Rey fussing with BB-8 in a net, but it’s still a ridiculous accessory and the net is small and made of plastic. So, meh!


The going rate for these packs is $14.99 and I’ve been happy with that so far. In this case you technically get three figures, so it’s a pretty nice deal. I can’t say as I would have been rushing out to buy single carded versions of either of these junk scavengers, but they’re well done for what they are and the 3 3/4″ Star Wars line has always been about universe building for me, so the more diverse characters the happier I am. And hey, this was a much better way to get BB-8 into collector’s hands than making us buy that big dopey new Falcon, because that was never going to happen.

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