Disney Infinity 2.0: More Marvel Figures, Part 1!

The Evil money-grabbing entity known as Disney has already unleashed Infinity 3.0 on us and I begrudgingly took the plunge, even though I felt as though I wasn’t fully finished with 2.0. Nonetheless, before I get into checking out the new stuff, I thought I’d deal with some of the unfinished business with 2.0, as I’ve got these things everywhere. I’ve already looked at The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy, so today I’ll start checking out the some of the other Marvel figures on my shelf. I’m not going to bother with in-package shots today, as I’ve had most of these opened for a while now. I’m looking at them on a Saturday because I don’t like to take up a normal weekday slot with this sort of thing. I’m behind enough on my regular Features as it is. Let’s kick it off with Loki…



Loki is the last figure I needed from The Avengers assortment and while I never actually used him with my 2.0 set, I have been messing around with him in the 3.0 Toy Box and he’s a surprisingly fun character to play. I also really love everything about the figure. Loki’s got a treacherous, lurking pose going on and a devilish grin on his mug. His trademark horns are present and he’s even clutching the Chitauri Sceptre in his left hand. There’s some nice sculpted detail on his outfit too and the paint on mine is pretty clean. He’s a great way to finish off what was a solid line of little figures for The Avengers. And that brings me to the Spider-Man figures…



The Spider-Man Playset came with Spider-Man and Nova, and I think this set was actually directly linked to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, rather than just Infinity’s own thing. I was surprised to find the Spider-Man Playset to be my least favorite of the three, but that wasn’t the fault of the characters. Spider-Man is lots of fun to play and his figure is pretty damn great too. He’s crouched and looking like he’s ready for action. The web pattern is sculpted into his suit and the paint is very bright and clean.



I’ve never seen the show, but I understand Nova was a pretty big supporting character, so he was a good choice for the second figure bundled with the Playset. I can’t say as I’ve ever been a huge fan of the character and I’ll confess, this figure has yet to even sit upon my Infinity Platform so I can’t comment on how he plays. The figure itself is not bad. They did a nice job capturing the stylized version of his costume and he strikes a nice, heroic pose. Next up is Nick Fury…



I thought Fury was an odd fit for the Spider-Man set, but seeing as how he’s an NPC in the Avengers set, he wouldn’t have fit in there as a playable character. I haven’t actually used him in the Spider-Man Playset, but he’s been  a “go-to” character for me when playing around in the Toy Box, especially when I’m building mindless shooty levels. They did a really nice job on the figure. I love his cross-armed stance and the way his trench coat bellows off to the side. I’d say the portrait is also one of the best. And that brings me to the last figure for today… Venom!



Like Nova, Venom hasn’t actually been on my Infinity Platform yet. In fact, he’s the only figure in today’s Feature that I actually had to open just to photograph. If his play style is anywhere near as annoying as fighting the Symbiots in the game, then he’s probably a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, I really love the look of the figure and he’s about on par with The Hulk’s size. There are some uneven spots on the paint, and a glossy patch on his right shoulder, but nothing too bad.


All in all, this is a great set of figures and thanks to the staying power of the Toy Box, I’m still getting a lot of play time out of them, although with 3.0 out now, there’s a lot more little guys competing for time on the Infinity Platform. You’ll note that I dubbed this Feature, Part 1. Part 2 will probably be coming next weekend as I have at least another four Marvel figures kicking around to look at. In that case, though, none of them have actually been opened yet so I may try to spend some time with them in the Toy Box beforehand.

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