Transformers Combiner Wars: Legends Class Groove by Hasbro

Like yesterday, today’s Feature is fueled by a little something that I was Christmas gifted by a friend and co-worker who happened to know I like me my convertorobots. It’s Legends Class Groove and it was a pleasant surprise because I didn’t have him and probably wasn’t going to buy him, but was still a little curious about him. And hey, it’s Transformers Thursday, so that’s convenient!


A sloppy gift-wrapping job has left this card a little worse for wear. Good thing I’m not one of those MOSC sickos! Seriously, MOSC collectors… no offense. I’m my own kind of sicko. Anyway, this little Protectobot comes packaged in robot mode, but I’m starting with his alt mode. Oh yeah, Hasbro, cool it with these damn plastic strips, especially on these tiny figures. I hate these things and it took me forever to get the figure out.



So, as any red-blooded geewunner would guess, Groove is a police motorcycle and a fairly good one. This is one of those alt modes where you can tell they made some sacrifices to balance out the robot mode, and I’m hoping that paid off. The coloring is a pretty basic black and white and grey with a little red and gold, and an Autobot emblem tampo’d on the side surrounded by a star. There’s also a kickstand to help display him as a motorcycle. So, all in all he’s not bad, but nothing amazing. I find it rather difficult to get his two back halves to peg together closely, so there’s a nagging gap. Let’s see if his robot mode can wow me…



OK, I can get behind this. While he lacks that certain hint of G1 aesthetic that many of the Combiner Wars figures have captured, I still think this is a pretty good bot mode, especially considering that it spawned from a motorcycle. The proportions aren’t bad at all and while I find his arms to be a bit messy, he works rather well for me. The healthy dose of ball joints and hinges also make him a rather fun fella to play around with. I can’t say I’m all that enamored with the head sculpt, but I’m willing to let it slide. Of course, like Blackjack and Rodimus, Groove has another alt mode that allows him to merge with Defensor and form a chest piece. How does that work out?



Mmmm… I didn’t think I was going to dig this because of how far the chest sticks out now, but I think I kinda like it. He adds some much needed color to Defensor’s torso. Groove secures very well to the chest too, which is ironic considering how complex this alt mode is. Blackjack couldn’t stick to Menasor’s chest for shit and that was just his car mode.





And while I really hope that Deluxe Groove someday gets a Stateside release, I’ll confess having a more properly scaled motorcycle on the team is pretty neat.Over the years there have been some pretty weak motorcycle Transformers and some of the worst have come from the Scout/Basic/Legends scale. Thankfully, Groove is not one of them. I think Hasbro made the right call taking back a little from his alt mode to make his robot mode shine and the more I play around with him the more I dig him. He’s definitely a welcome new member of my Protectobots!


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