Star Wars Rebels: AT-DP and Driver (Target Exclusive) by Hasbro

Hasbro sure hasn’t made collecting their 3 3/4-inch Rebels line easy or fun, but then if you visit here often you’ve already heard me bitch about that fact on multiple occasions. And while I’ve managed to collect all the good guys in the line, I’m still hunting a few Imperials. The AT-DP Driver was one of those and thanks to this Target Exclusive “value pack,” I was finally able to get him bundled with the AT-DP vehicle. Ironically, I didn’t actually find this at Target, but rather from Amazon and at a damn good price, too!


The goods come in a mostly enclosed box. I dig the style here. It’s not as attractive as some of The Force Awakens packages, but it looks decent and the artwork is very evocative of the first episode of the show. What’s crazy is how tiny the actual name of the vehicle and figure are all the way down in the right hand corner. The box has a “Target Exclusive” sticker on the front as well as a little window to the left showing off the figure. I passed on this vehicle a bunch of times, mainly because it was crazy expensive on the secondary market. So it was kind of nice to get it and another of the elusive figures for a cool twenty bucks. TWENTY BUCKS! At one time the figure alone was going for close to that.


There’s a little bit of assembly required here. You just have to attach the legs, feet, and the chin gun. Once there on, there on, so there’s no going back into the box. There’s also a very small sticker sheet with all of five tiny stickers. First impressions of this thing are better than I expected, but to be honest my expectations were really low. The plastic feels a bit on the cheap side, but it certainly is scaled beautifully. I mean, this thing is super tall and it looks massive next to the figures.


The sculpted detail isn’t too bad either. Considering that it’s based off of a rather simplified and stylized design, I’d say there’s enough panel lines and whatnot on here to let it hang with the live action toys. Paint apps are limited to a few different shades of gray and a little bit of orange black. There’s very little articulation on this thing. The legs only move at the point they connect to the body. The driver’s compartment rotates left and right and the chin gun raises and lowers. Not sure what the point of even giving the legs any articulation was since the vehicle can’t hold a pose unless the legs are straight up and down. On the other hand, I will say that this will stand fine on its own, which is more than I could say for my Vintage Collection AT-ST, which was loaded with leg articulation and would collapse into a pile if I looked at it funny.



The head sort of has room for two figures. The main hatch opens up and there’s a smaller circular hatch that opens as well. If you ever owned any of the AT-ST toys, you know what I’m talking about. There’s a driver’s seat and a second “seat” behind it, which is really just able to have a figure stand on it, while the top half sticks out the hatch.



The chin gun holds the toy’s only action figure and that’s the firing missile. As far as action features go, it’s not bad because it doesn’t mess with the look of the toy. Naturally, I’ll be displaying it with the missile removed. Moving on to the Driver…



The Rebels figures are all 5-POA, retro style and given the stylized sculpts, I’m OK with that. This figure, in particular, though just feels like it came right out of a Kenner casepack era 1981. That’s sort of a compliment… or at least in this case, it was intended as one. It’s a good sculpt, not much paint, but what’s there is solid. He comes with a standard E-11 Blaster. I really dig this guy a lot.




Overall, I’m really happy with this set and not only because it got me one step closer to completing my Rebels figures. Granted, I’m pretty sure the AT-DP originally retailed for $29.99 by itself and that’s crazy talk. But twenty bucks for the figure and vehicle? Now you’re talking, Hasbro! If I had the display space, I’d easily pick up a second one of these and I may still do that, because I’m quite mad. It seems as if Hasbro has done bundles for three out of the four vehicles released for Rebels, as I was able to pick up the the Inquisitor’s Advanced TIE Protoype as well and at the same great price. So unless I happen upon a friggin General Kallus, when I next revisit the Rebels line we’ll take a look at the TIE.

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