DC Icons: (#03) Green Arrow by DC Collectibles

It’s another DC Friday and I’m wrapping up my look at the first wave of DC Collectibles’ delectable DC Icons line. With Batman, Mister Miracle, and Deadman all under my belt, it’s time to check out Green Arrow, one of the figures that made me buckle and dive into this line head first.


The packaged shot should hold no surprises. You get a window box with that sexy angled corner and the character’s name running up the side. The deco is designed to match the character and also points out that this version of Ollie is culled from the 1987 series “The Longbow Hunters!” Yes, once again this line is drawing from all corners of the DC Universe and this first wave character selection does a nice job illustrating that. Sadly, I don’t have the room to keep these boxes, but it’s nice to know that they’re collector friendly if I had that option.


As the source material suggests, Ollie comes in a very classic looking outfit, which features a ton of original sculpting. Details include the cuffs and laces on the tops of his boots, the belt and shoulder strap, the tunic, which hangs down below his belt, and the v-neck collar, which forms his hood.
His sleeves bellow out a bit where they meet his gauntlets and the two-tone green used for the costume looks great. The only hiccup here is a little bit of gloss paint, or maybe glue dribbled on the inside of his tunic. I haven’t decided whether it bothers me enough to pick up a replacement.


The scabbard is permanently attached to the figure and can hold all of the arrows he comes with. It’s also worth noting that the shoulder strap securing it is a separate piece so as not to interfere with the torso articulation.



The head sculpt is pretty simple and serviceable. I like the way they sculpted the beard and mustache and the domino mask looks good. It’s also worth noting that everything on the head is fully sculpted and painted so you can pull the hood back and get a good look at everything. I don’t think this comes close to Green Arrow’s DCUC portrait, but granted it is a different scale. While the hood is sculpted as part of the tunic, there’s enough room in there to still turn the head.




Articulation is very much in line with what we’ve been seeing on the previous figures. The legs feature ball joints in the hips, double hinges in the knees, and both hinges and lateral rockers in the ankles. The tops of the boots feature swivel cuts, something that has been inconsistent in the line and I’d still rather see them up in the thighs (or both!). The arms have rotating hinges at the shoulders and wrists, double hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps. You get an ab crunch hinge and a ball joint in the chest and the neck is also ball jointed.



Accessories include an extra pair of hands, a bow, two sets of double arrows, and two single arrows. The figure comes with fists on the figure, but I doubt I’ll use those a lot. The extra hands include one for holding the bow and the other for knocking arrows.



The bow is just a lovely piece of kit. It’s simple, but feels sized perfectly for the figure and includes a real string with enough elasticity to allow for drawn string poses. The double arrows are also a nice addition. I’m not sure if they’re intended to just help fill out the quiver, but I think they come in hand for posing Ollie about to perform a trick shot.






Damn, I love this figure! He’s possibly my favorite in the first wave, although I’m still very partial to Mister Miracle. I think Ollie’s big selling point is the beautiful way the articulation works with the accessories to provide an in hand experience that we haven’t seen with previous Green Arrow figures. He’s so much fun to play around with and further reinforces how great these figures feel in hand. I am seriously hooked on this line. That having been said, next week I’m going to jump into some other DC-related business before returning to DC Icons and starting my look at Wave 2.


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