Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Batwoman by DC Collectibles

While, it may seem like I don’t get back to it too often, I’ve been wholly impressed with DCC’s current run of Cover Girls statues. I surprised even myself when I realized that I only picked up and featured two of these lovely ladies in all of 2015. Needless to say I’ve got catching up to do, so let’s start by checking out Batwoman!


If you’ve seen one of DCC’s Cover Girls statue box you’ve seen them all. The art and size may change to suit the contents, but you’re still getting a fully enclosed box with a brick of styrofoam inside it. There’s a colored swipe down the front to match the character and some nice shots of the statue on the front and side panels. Everything is collector friendly and the only assembly required is pegging the statue into the base. I can’t say as I’m a huge Batwoman fan. I’ve barely read anything that she appears in. But I fell in love with Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo version of the character and the same happened here as well.





The composition of the pose here is pretty conservative. Batwoman stands with her feet apart, her grapple gun held in her right hand and across her chest and her left arm off to the side. I love the way the cape adds some energy to the pose in the way it flips up in the back and partially wraps around her right leg in the front. Overall, this is a nice mix of museum style with a hint of action and it certainly suits the character perfectly. Every facet of the costume is part of the sculpt, from the bat symbol on her chest and the panel lines on her boots right down to the subtle wrinkles and the definition of her underlying ab muscles. Her relatively straight posture puts the statue at just over 9 1/2-inches tall and right in scale with her fellow Cover Girls.





The coloring on this piece is positively striking. The black body suit features a hint of sheen and the crimson boots, gloves, belt, bat symbol and lining in the cape has a slight metallic finish to make it pop. The paint on this series has been overall serviceable, at least as far as the pieces in my collection are concerned, but Batwoman here stands out as very nearly perfect. I can’t find a single flub or stray brush stroke. The paint is simply immaculate.




The portrait features her half-mask with pupil-less eyes. The hair flows a little wild, probably caught by the same invisible wind that blows her cape. I particularly enjoy the way part of the hair falls in front of her mask’s left ear. The angular nature of the mask’s brow and nose contrasts nicely with her soft jaw line and perfectly painted lips.




While the early releases in this line offered more individual and environmental bases, DCC has since standardized them to simple ovals with a tasteful character symbol on the sides and a color that matches the character, in this case black and crimson. The bottom is slightly raised on four felt pads and the limitation is numbered on the bottom of the base.



Batwoman is another fantastic addition to my DC Cover Girls shelf. It says a lot about a statue when I can fall in love with it even without having a deep bond with the character. That was the case with Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Batwoman and that’s the case again here. I’ll concede, if I had to choose between the two, I’d give the nod to Koto’s, but I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison. They’re very different styles, and Koto’s is PCV whereas the Cover Girls are cold cast porcelain. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose.

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