Alien: Dallas and Kane in Compression Suits by NECA

Today I’m polishing off NECA’s 35th Anniversary tribute to the original Alien film with the final two figures in Series 4 of their Aliens line. Last week, we got a good look at the magnificent sculpt NECA did for the Compression Suits used on the Nostromo. This week we’re going to see it again featured on two new figures. And yes, while these figures are largely the same recycled body as that Ripley, each of these releases have their own special charms.


The packages are right in line with what we saw for the last three figures in Series 4. You get sealed clam shells designed to keep the figures fresh and tasty. It’s attractive, but not at all collector friendly. The fact that Dallas has (Compression Suit) pointed out on his insert makes me wonder if they had planned to do a jumpsuit version of him like they did Ripley. NECA has recently shown off a new sculpt of Lambert from the film, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fill out the rest of that figure’s wave. Anyway, let me go ahead and slice these open and we’ll start off with Captain Arthur Dallas.



Dallas is a man who is comfortable in his own sexuality, as evidenced by his pink suit. This sculpt was amazing enough when cast in Ripley’s all white version, but now that it’s got some color to pick out all the details, it looks even better. The only difference in the sculpt from the neck down is the addition of a strap on the right hip for a holster and all the same points of articulation are here as well. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the detail on this suit. The wrinkles in the padding under the traps, the cross-laced sections, it’s all so impressive and the work put into it strikes me as a clear labor of love. Besides the pink deco, there’s also a lot more weathering to this one over Ripley’s, so you get some nice  yellowed stains on the lower leg pads and around the collar insulation. Little touches like this really drive home the whole “used future” aesthetic. Dallas also has his name on the chest plate, which might as well read: Hands off, bitches, the pink suit is mine!  


The backpack on mine is actually missing one of the furnace knobs. I may have to steal one of Kane’s and just say his was knocked out in the Facehugger attack. The pitting on the backpack is more defined thanks to the copper paint. You also get some additional paint hits on the lights and two tampos on the tanks that were absent from Ripley’s suit. The butt cheek patch is still there. The brown paint on the straps really bring out the subtle sculpted stitching around the edges.


I don’t think the likeness here is quite as good as Ripley’s, but it’s not bad. The paint is a little rough in a few areas, but this guy is going to spend most of his time with his helmet on, so that’s not a big deal.



The helmet works exactly the same way as Ripley’s. It splits into two halves. You pop the head off the figure and put on the bottom half, reattach the head and position it to your liking and then pop the top half on. The hoses then plug into the sockets on the back of the helmet. The only change to the helmet from Ripley’s is the addition of the light piece on top. Again, the coppery finish makes all those wonderful little details easier to see and appreciate. I particularly love the relief work done on the shoulder pads and the helmet. A subtle green wash on the coppery bits gives these parts a nice worn patina.



The accessories include the pistol and the flashlight. The pistol is a great sculpt of a pretty cool and distinctive design and features some red and silver paint hits. The holster, on the other hand is pretty wonky. Since it’s just a loop you have to basically hook the grip and scope on it to get it to stay put. I would imagine that you were pretty screwed if you need to quick draw this baby.



The light is the same cumbersome design used in the film. It’s basically just a box with a handle on the top. This reminds me of the terrible “palm beacons” the Away Teams used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Why is it that people think in the future something as elegant as the flashlight is going to become all awkward. It’s still a welcome accessory, although I would have liked the cobbled together motion tracker from the original film. And that brings us to poor Kane…



Yes, straight from the egg field and experiencing a full-on Facehugger attack, Kane is having a very bad day. He’s a straight repaint of Dallas from the neck down, this time rendered in yellow and with his name on the front of the chest plate. Overall, Kane’s suit looks like it’s in a bit of a better state than Kane’s, apart from the added ventilation in the helmet visor, of course. The helmet, backpack, and other plates are a little brighter copper, although they still have the same amount of green tarnish. The belts and straps are painted a little darker brown on this suit as well. Otherwise, the key differences are from the neck up.


The broken visor effect is magnificently done. The plastic is melted and pushed in leaving a hole where the little bugger got inside. Now, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have liked a John Hurt portrait to go along with this figure. Given how generous NECA usually is with extras, I’m guessing that they had problems securing the likeness and this was a very clever way around it. Although, considering Character Options was able to get his likeness for their Doctor Who line, it could be that it just didn’t cost out for this line. Either way, the effect here is brilliantly done. And yes, you can still remove the helmet.



The un-helmeted head is pretty ghastly. It almost really does look like they sculpted a head and then attached a Facehugger to it. It has a suitably glossy sheen to it and the tail is sculpted around Kane’s neck.


Kane comes with the same accessories as Dallas; A pistol and flashlight. For all the good they did him!




It was my adoration for the original movie, as well as my overall respect for NECA’s great work that compelled me to buy this assortment and I’m certainly glad I did. Display space is a premium around my place, but I’m actually pulling down a shelf of other figures to make room so that I can prominently display these. On the downside, I’ve already picked up a handful of more Aliens figures and even a couple of Predators, so I have a sinking feeling that I’m hooked. In fact, I’ve even ordered a carton of Free Range Alien Eggs, so look for a lot more NECA Aliens Features in the weeks ahead.

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