DC Icons: (#08) Lex Luthor by DC Collectibles

It’s been a while since I checked out the first wave of DC Collectibles’ new DC Icons line, but after a long detour into some statues and a few other things, I’m ready to bring DC Friday back around to look at what Wave 2 has to offer. Today I’m kicking things off with a look at Lex Luthor, because for some reason (I can’t imagine why), I have a powerful need to look at a traditional and faithful treatment of the character. Yeah, I know, this is the New 52 version, but compared to what we’ve seen on the big screen recently, this is still pretty damn traditional.


The packaging has not changed from what we saw in the first wave. You get a collector friendly window box with a snazzy angle on the window indicating the figure’s name and number in the series. Lex is actually #8, so while I am going to cover all of Wave 2 over the next month or so, I’m not going in order. The side panel also has the name and number of the figure, along with the story he’s pulled from, in this case the “Forever Evil” mini-series by Geoff Johns. If you like to keep your packages, you couldn’t ask for more than this. It displays all the accessories in the tray and they look great lined up on the shelf. If I had the space, I’d be keeping these, but as you all probably know, I don’t.


I like this look for Lex a lot. It’s vaguely reminiscent of his armored costumes from Super Powers and even the DC Universe Classics figure, only a lot less bulky. The sculpting of the costume conveys the idea that he’s wearing armor pieces over a bodysuit and overall it’s fairly faithful to the David Finch art. The armor itself has some rather nice contours, particularly in the chest and shoulders.


The coloring on this figure is stellar. The green and purple not only scream Lex Luthor to me, but the vibrant shade of the purple suit matched with the super slick, glossy green paint on the armor is pure eye candy. The extra white hits do a good job mimicking the light up features from the panel art. Based on the costume alone, this is without a doubt a great looking figure.


The head sculpt is solid, but not exceptional. It’s a very simple sculpt without a lot of depth to it. The eyes seem off to me and the jawline is way too severe. I’m also unsure of what expression they were going for, other than passive and bland. I would have liked something with more energy and emotion. In general, I don’t think the portraits in the DC Icons line have been up there with some of T4H’s work on DCUC and this figure continues that trend.




Articulation, on the other hand, is really wear this line is at and Lex brings it. You get double hinges in both the elbows and knees. The legs are ball jointed at the hips and the ankles feature both hinges and lateral rockers. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists and swivels in the biceps. The torso features both an ab crunch hinge and a ball joint under the chest. Finally, the neck is ball jointed, although the high collar does inhibit the head movement a bit.




Accessories are also a big focus in this line, although I have to admit I find Lex’s collection of extras a little bland. If you’ve been reading FFZ for a while then you know I don’t often go ga-ga over a lot of swap out hands, and that’s mostly what Lex’s extras have to offer. Besides the standard pair of fists and relaxed hands, you also get a hand holding his lighting rod and another projecting an energy screen. These are decent enough display options, but nothing that gets me too excited.



You also get this little wrist blade that clips on over the wrist. It’s probably my favorite accessory in the box, but that’s not saying a lot.




If I sound a little underwhelmed by Mr. Luthor, that’s not really the case. He is a solid figure through and through and he’s got a lot of great qualities, including the fun articulation and rather beautiful paint job. Not to mention, I think this is a look for the character that even a lot of those rabid New 52-haters could get behind. In the end, I just felt the extras left a little to be desired, but that’s coming from someone who can rarely be bothered to swap out hands all that often. But in the end, this is another accomplished entry in what has proven to be an extremely fun line of figures. And if anything, having Lex on my shelf is making me very excited to pick up the Wave 3 Superman figure.

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