The Muppets (Wave 1) by Diamond Select, Part III: Fozzie and Scooter

Alrighty, folks, here we are at the final stop in this Midweek Mini Muppet Marathon. You might even say, “we’re moving right along!” Time to open up the last figures of the first wave: Fozzie and Scooter!



Here’s a quick look at the package. This time around we get two fully realized figures in one pack. I’ve said all I have to say, so let me just sympathize with how hard character selection for this wave must have been. With basically just four main characters, I think they did pretty well, although I’m still surprised that Ms Piggy didn’t make the cut. I was even more surprised that she didn’t make the cut for wave two. Again, here’s hoping this line has some staying power! Let’s start off with Fozzie…



Ahhhhhhahhhh. Waka Waka! I love Fozzie Bear, he was easily my most anticipated figure in this wave, and I’m happy to say he turned out fantastic. Approaching 4-inches tall, he’s easily the biggest figure of the wave, not only in height, but also in girth. Since his costume consists entirely of his poka-dotted neckerchief (a separate piece) his bare bear body is supplied with some nice sculpted fur and a brownish-orange coat of paint. The head sculpt is as spot on as you can get. This is without a doubt the Fozzie Bear that I know and love. Apart from some scratches on his nose, the paint on the face is solid. Articulation consists of rotating hinges all around: The shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles. He’s capped off with a ball jointed neck. The sculpt does restrict some range of motion and the way his hips are designed, he can’t really sit down. But why would he? He’s a stand-up comedian. Eh? Waka Waka!


Scooter weighs in a little closer to Kermit in height, putting him around 3 1/2-inches. He’s one of the most complex designs in this wave, both because of his costume and the nature of his peepers. His eyes are appropriately part of his glasses, but there’s very little holding his glasses on. In fact, thanks to the warning from Scott’s review on the Action Figure Blues podcast, I was careful to keep the transparent rubberband that holds them on. It’s a temporary (and not ideal) thing for now, as I might get the courage to dab a little glue on them.



Considering this is the most intricate paint job on any figures in this wave, I’d say it’s fair but not exceptional. There’s some slop to the striping on his sneakers and some of the yellow piping on the jacket could be sharper. Again, these closeup shots don’t do these figures any favors and all in all he looks good in hand. I do really dig the metallic green they used for his jacket and The Muppet Show logo on the back looks great. Scooter’s articulation again consists of rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and neck. The hips have rotate and have lateral hinges.



With both Fozzie and Scooter taking up most of the plastic real estate in this package, it’s understandable that the accessories are a lot smaller, but what we get here is still plenty good and fairly character specific. Fozzie comes with his hat, which is only an accessory because it’s removable. No clever magnets here like with the Palisades figures, and while it does sit on his head fairly well, I used a blob of blue tack to keep it there. You also get a rubber chicken and his Groucho Marx glasses, both of which are perfect accessories for him, but no telephone pole for the infamous Telephone Pole Bit.




Scooter’s accessories are a little less personal. He comes with a clap board and a bullhorn. Considering Scooter was more of a stage hand most of the time, I’m not sure that these Director’s tools fit him, but I’ll go with it. Besides, they’re more of those great universe building accessories that will be nice to have as the pot grows bigger with subsequent waves.



If I had to pick a favorite pack in this first wave, I’d probably go with this one. Besides my love of Fozzie and general fondness for Scooter, the mix of two figures and a handful of decent accessories feels right. But when you put all three releases together, then everything feels right, so I’m not going to quibble over what came in which pack. DST seems to be working well with the challenges that the different shapes and sizes of these characters offer and the accessories are diverse and fun. If I had one thing I’d like to see improved in future waves it would be a little more polish on the paint. I think this series is off to a strong start and the next wave, due out sometime this Summer, looks like it’ll be fantastic. Animal with his drums? Beaker and Professor Bunsen Honeydew? And Waldorf and Statler? Oh, yes, please. Give me some of that!

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