KanColle: Abyssal Fleet Airfield Princess By Furyu

Anime Saturday has become a trend around FFZ as of late and I think I’m going to keep that going because I have a ton of these gals to look at. Today I’m taking a little break from Sword Art Online and turning my attention to KanColle, short for Kantai Collection, or if you prefer… Fleet Girls Collection KanColle Animated Sequence! That’s a mouthful! Originally a Japanese web-based browser game, KanColle has also produced a rather entertaining little anime series that I has quickly become an object of my obsession. It ran for 12 episodes and chronicles the adventures of the Fleet Girls, girls with the souls of warships, who skate over the ocean surface into battle with bits of ships attached to them and fight against a horrific race of ocean going demons called Abyssals. The animation is great, the characters are endearing, the battles are really cool, and the series takes time out between them to chronicle dorm life and curry cooking contests. And yes, they even find time to for the ubiquitous fan service swimsuit episode. I’m kicking things off with the Abyssal Fleet Airfield Princess from Furyu. I don’t usually start out with the villains, but I just love the crazy designs of the Abyssals. These things are like a cross between Hellraiser and The Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine.



The figure comes in a squat window box, which is most definitely not Western friendly at all, as there’s hardly any English on the package. That’s not a criticism, just an observation. What is a criticism is how boring the box is. The red grid and circuitry pattern doesn’t really makes sense and aside from a small KanColle logo and a small piece of character art on the back, there’s nothing at all reminiscent of the series. And to make matters worse, my box arrived in pretty poor shape, like it was kicking around a shop in Japan for a long while. But it’s what’s inside that counts. And seeing as this is my very first figure from Furyu, I’m pretty anxious to find out what we’ve got.



Oh yeah, this is some fine nightmare fuel here and I love it. The Airfield Princess measures about 4-inches tall, but she’s reclining, so I’d say she’s roughly a 6-inch scale figure. She also comes out of the box all ready to go with the figure permanently attached to her base. You do get a little transparent cube to put under the jaws of the gun to prop it up, but it really isn’t at all necessary as it balances just fine on its own. The Princess reclines on her “throne” encircled by an airstrip and with twin cannons jutting out from the armrests. Beside her is the behemoth gun… with teeth…. three sets of them. I really dig the way the figure rests her head on her arm as if the calamity of war and killing bores her. Also, those piercing red eyes are superbly printed and are really freaking me out.




She has two devices on her head, which I’m going to assume are some kind of radar, because the Fleet Girls where similar headgear to receive signals and detect enemy fleets. The Airfield Princess’ copious white hair spills out behind the base and check out those spikes on the bottoms of her boots.



The gun to her right practically overshadows the figure itself. It’s mounted on what looks to be the prow of a warship with open jaws and several rows of human-like teeth. The whole jaws and teeth motif is pretty big among the Abyssals, as both their aircraft and surface warships all look like demonic sharks with guns coming out of their mouths. The designs in this series are just awesome.



In terms of quality, this piece is very solid but not exceptional. This would still be considered a Prize Figure, so it’s far from a high end piece, but the sheer size and heft along with the complexity of the base makes it feel like something more. And as such, it’s possible I had higher expectations. The sculpting is perfectly serviceable, particularly for the gun and its giant teeth, but the sculpt breaks down in relation to some of the finer details, like her right arm, which looks fine from a distance, but pretty rough as you get in close. The same could be said for the paint. The gradient red on the gun’s teeth looks amazing and I really dig the way the gun itself looks like its hot from being fired. The airstrip markings are sharp as well. But the figure itself could have used some sharper lines and the white could have been cleaner. Of course, this is all just nitpicking for a piece that cost me less than $25. It’s also possible that I’m a little spoiled by how great the Asuna Taito Prize Figure was that I looked at last Saturday. Truth be told, I’m extremely happy with this one for the money and I’d certainly consider picking up some more of Furyu’s figures in the future.

Next Saturday, I’m sticking with KanColle, but it’s back to Taito!

2 comments on “KanColle: Abyssal Fleet Airfield Princess By Furyu

  1. I really dig this figure. After the Furyu Wo-class, it’s my favourite Abyssal. If you like this sort of design, you might enjoy the Race of the Cocoon figures designed by Mercy Rabbit (though I have no idea how easy/hard they may be to get hold of now). Also, have you watched Girls und Panzer? I’m a total treadhead, so it’s one of my favourite anime. It’s premise is a bit daft (in a good way) but the battles are awesomely done.

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