Mythic Legions: Gorgo Aetherblade by The Four Horsemen

In case you missed last week’s memo, Wednesdays are going to be all about Mythic Legions figures for the foreseeable future. I have a lot of figures to get through and by the time I’m close to getting through all of them, I’m hoping my additional pre-orders will be shipping. My first venture into the line featured the lead hero, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, so it seemed only right to go to the lead villain next, Gorgo Aetherblade!


I’ve said most of what I need to say about the packaging last time, so we’ll just take a quick look. It’s collector friendly and most of the accessories come baggied behind the tray. The cards are generic, but there’s an insert with a little profile about the characters on the bottom right panel of the bubble. It’s worth noting that the trays are not designed to hold the figures with their shoulder armor on, which becomes annoying for caped figures like Gorgo if you want to keep putting them back into the package when you’re done with him. For the time being, I’m keeping these packages, but they may eventually suffer a purge when I get tired of them taking up space.



Gorgo has a full suit of plate armor and uses the same arms and legs as Sir Gideon, but his drastically different deco hides it well. This dude is dark and sinister and invokes a feeling of intimidation and instant dread. The armor is black with some gorgeous red and gold accents. The paint on this guy is absolutely luxurious. From the detailed border work down to the tiny rivets, everything is crisp and clean. As mentioned, he comes without his shoulders attached, and while he looks totally complete without them in place, they do add a lot of impressive bulk and also allow for him to don his cape.



As with all the figures in this line, the shoulders peg into the holes in the back. In this case, you take the cape and fold the edges so the holes each match up with the respective shoulder peg before popping them on. It took me a while to figure out exactly how the capes on these figures work. They have a natural, narrow profile, but can be puffed out with a little futzing. Gorgo’s is a nice, soft red cloth, which definitely adds to the majesty of the figure.



Gorgo’s head is nested in the center of a copious neck guard, which makes him a lot less susceptible to having his noggin lobbed off. The helmet features some beautiful contours, which curve in at the cheeks and give his diagonal eye slits a more prominent and sinister feel. You also get more of the same beautiful gold, red, and black deco on display. In fact, the only part of the figure that deviates from this color palate are the realistic looking antlers, which protrude from the sides of his helmet. As with Gideon’s wings, these are not only articulated, but also removable and can be swapped out with the side elements from any of the other helmets in the line.



The articulation for Mythic Legions is mostly uniform across the board, so what we get here is identical to Sir Gideon. That includes rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles, as well as ample rockers in the ankles to steady him for those wide stances. The waist is ball jointed, as is the neck. The neck guard is soft plastic and is designed to shift if need be to accommodate the neck movement. You can get some lovely wide stances and rather dramatic action poses with these guys, despite the complex and heavy look of the armor. And once again, if there’s a joint, the figure can be easily disassembled at that joint for mix-and-match customization.




Gorgo doesn’t come with as wide an assortment of goodies as Sir Gideon, which is a little odd seeing as he was the other Backer Reward offering at the $45 level. Still, you do get some cool stuff with him. For starters, he comes with his sword and shield. The sword features an elongated grip and a leaf-type blade that swells a little toward the point. The hilt is painted black and red to match his armor and the blade features some nice silver metallic paint. Both the blade and cross guard give it a very Tolkien look to me, which is something I dig a lot. The shield is the same basic accessory that came with Gideon only with a new coat of arms painted on it. It clips onto the figure’s wrist and the clip can pivot 360-degrees.




Gorgo’s other weapon is his his giant axe. This can be configured with either a single or double-sided blade. It has some black and red to match his armor motif, but also introduces silver to brighten up his arsenal. There’s something about the coloring on this weapon that makes it look a little too modern for my taste. It just strikes me as something you might see in a sci-fi flick. It’s OK, but we’ll see this axe again several times bundled with other figures, and with decos that I like a lot more.





Lord Aetherblade makes a fantastic adversary for Gideon and is a remarkably striking figure. The recycled parts feel appropriate and are especially well concealed by the dynamic new paint scheme. This is exactly the kind of dude I could be caught doodling on my Trapper Keeper back in Middle School while day-dreaming about getting out of class and playing some Dungeons & Dragons. And it’s nice to see that Sir Gideon wasn’t a one-hit-wonder when it comes to the high quality of these figures. Gorgo just feels fantastic in hand and he’s super fun to play with and pose. While my faith in this line was never really in question, now that I’ve had some serious time to play around with the two main characters, I can already tell that I’m in love with what these figures have to offer. Next Wednesday, I’ll take a break from the knights and check out one of the Skeletons!

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