Heroes of the Storm: Stitches, The Terror of Darkshire by NECA

It took a while, but I’m finally all caught up on NECA’s Heroes of the Storm line today as I look at Stitches! While this is intended to be the specific character from HotS, I’ve gone on record in saying that I don’t play that game and that I buy these figures for the games from which they’re sourced. In the case of Stitches, I know this guy best as the Undercity Guardians from the dark days of my World of Warcraft addiction. While WoW has spawned it’s share of figures and statues, I think this may be the first time we’ve seen an Abomination’s delightfully repulsive visage in plastic form, so I am super excited to check this guy out!


Stitches comes in a sizable (and quite hefty) window box with some great artwork and shots of the figure, as well as a little blurb about him on the back panel. While Stitches is still scaled to go with this 6-inch line, and indeed isn’t all that much taller than his fellow figures, he’s still an absolute behemoth. As any good Abomination will tell you, it’s not the height, but the girth that matters! While the box is mostly collector friendly, getting Stitches off his tray will require a bit of patience and some deft fingers to work all those twisty-ties. Also, you’ll need to razor the bubbles, which hold his weapons to the sides of the cardboard insert.


Out of the box, and it’s easy to see why they call him Stitches. Virtually indistinguishable from the run-of-the-mill Abominations that stalk The Undercity, this guy is a giant patchwork lump of dead flesh, stapled together and animated into a slobbering brute, literally spilling his guts out of the gaping maw in his belly. The sculpt here is absolutely stunning, with acres of mottled blue flesh, exposed muscles and ligaments, warts, and a delightful pair of saggy man-tits, which based on their color, were actually put there by design! And as good as the sculpt is, the paint easily matches, or possibly surpasses it. The sickly grayish-flesh tone of the skin on his right leg, left hand, and breasticles, is all truly disgusting and the subtle variations in his blue skin are phenomenal. It’s all so beautifully contrasted with the bright crimson of exposed meat and neatly painted silver staples. I was suitably impressed when I got him in hand, as even the production pictures of this guy really didn’t do the quality of paint justice.


I mean, just look at that! Glorious! The open abdominal cavity shows exposed bones, some organs, and his intestines dangling down between his legs.


From behind, we’re treated to a huge helping of saggy blue Abomination ass covered in warts, more miles of saggy blue skin, and the pizza-colored exposed section of his spine that curves up the top of his back. We can also get a good look at the third arm that grows out from behind his left shoulder. All of these lovely bits feature a respectable amount of articulation. All three arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders and elbows, with his two main hands sporting the same in the wrists. The legs are all about rotating hinges too, here you get them in the hips, knees, and ankles. He’s also got what appears to be a ball joint under his chest, but it really only swivels. There are a few more points to talk about, but to do that, let’s move on to the portrait.


Well, hello there! Wanna make out? This goofy bastard features an intense stare and a dental situation that looks like a 20-mount pileup on the road to Tirisfal Glades. Again, the sculpt and paintwork here is just phenomenal. I especially love all the necrotic looking tissue around his chin. But wait, there’s more…


He not only has an articulated jaw, but an articulated tongue as well. I can’t think of too many action figures that can boast that! So good! The neck is also on a swivel, but since the head juts forward out of his torso, it doesn’t really turn side to side, but he can make those motions that a puppy does when it hears a strange sound. Adorable! Let’s look at his killing implements…


Nothing makes a statement quite like a giant clever. I mean a clever that’s about as big as most of the other figures in this line. Seriously, this thing probably weighs more than Nova and it is every bit a work of art. The realistic looking wood-grain handle comes apart, so you can stick it in the top of his hand and plug the bottom of the handle into the bottom, pegging them together inside his grip. The blade is a huge slab of plastic with a convincing rusty patina on the surface, scratches from seeing a lot of use, and a bloody edge… from seeing a lot of use. Only his enlarged right hand is big enough to wield this thing.



But we don’t want his freaky back hand to get lonely, so he also comes with a sickle. Same deal with the handle. It splits apart and pegs together in the grip. This is another accessory that features some quality paint.


And since Stitch has one more hand, he gets one more weapon. This time it’s a hook on a chain with a counterweight on the other end. You get a similar rusty-silver finish as we see on the other weapons. NECA really captured the WoW aesthetic with all of these pieces, but for some reason the hook and chain totally nails it.




Stitches is an absolutely gorgeous hunk of plastic and yet another fine example of the sort of love and craftsmanship NECA pours into their figures. He retails at around $45-50, but I was able to snag mine for just under $30. He completes the initial assortments of NECA’s Heroes of the Storm and despite some QC issues in the beginning with Nova, I’m truly happy to have jumped on board this colorful line. I’m also pleased to know that the line will be continuing and we’ll be seeing some of the upcoming figures later this month at SDCC!

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