Transformers Combiner Wars: Skywarp (Leader Class) by Hasbro

I honestly didn’t plan this, but it’s almost exactly a year to the day since I Featured Combiner Wars Leader Class Thundercracker here on FFZ. Crazy, how time flies! I followed it up last October with a look at Starscream, and here I am finally completing this Trinity of Seekers with Skywarp! Today’s Feature will be easy-peasy-quick-and-breezy, as this is of course just a repaint of the toy I’ve already looked at twice. And that’s a good thing, because it was a long day at work and I am drinking heavily.


The box is more or less identical to the other Leader Class Seekers, albeit with updated character art. Skywarp looks more pissed than I’ve ever seen him on the front of the box. I must have found this toy dozens of times languishing on the shelves without picking him up. It’s not that I didn’t want him. Skywarp is easily my favorite Seeker deco and I am fond of this as a Seeker mold, but truth be told, shelling out $45 for a repaint of the same toy twice isn’t something I relish these days and so I was waiting for a sale. It’s hard to believe that I’m the same guy who used to hit Walmarts at 2am looking for Armada repaints. Anyway, I got nothing else to say about the package, so let’s take a look at his alt mode…



Yup, this is still a mighty attractive jet mode, and it still boggles my little change-a-bot loving mind that this is remolded from Jetfire. I really dig the sleek contours and all the sculpted panel lines. And as good as this jet looked the last couple of times I showcased it, it looks all the better for wearing Skywarp’s glorious black and purple. The base black plastic isn’t as glossy as I would have liked, but you can get a nice sheen off of it when viewed in the right light and at the right angle. Both the purple paint and plastic are nicely matched and really add that extra pop, along with that sumptuous silver paint that Hasbro seemed to discover solely for the Combiner Wars line.


Skywarp features three sets of folding landing gear, and lest you forgot… the canopy opens revealing a fully detailed cockpit with two seats.



He’s also loaded with guns. There are six guns in total that can find a home on his jet mode, and there’s even a couple of places you can stick his missile launcher, but as a champion of symmetry, I prefer to leave it off of his alt mode. With three sets of cannon one each wing, I’d say he’s armed well enough. As far as jets go, Skywarp is one sexy beast, so how’s that robot mode?


I still dig it! The transformation here is ridiculously easy, so if you’re someone who equates value with complexity in your converto-robos, this mold may feel like a cheat. As far as I’m concerned, it gets the job done and the relatively quick conversion does make him fun to play with. As I’m sure I’ve already pointed out a couple of times with his brothers, the robot mode here isn’t perfect. There’s a lot of ugly under-wing showing. Damn, this would have been an amazing looking figure if they could have added a swivel to allow those wings to turn around. Eh, but then they’d be pointing down. Either way, it’s not a deal-breaker for me and there’s still a lot to love here only now it’s fortified with 100% pure Skywarp Deco Goodness.


Of course, he’s still wearing a collapsed jet on his back, which isn’t a big deal to me. Yeah, it showcases that the “cockpit” in his chest is a fakeout, but c’mon, that’s pretty obvious anyway.


The head sculpt is also the same one we’ve seen all along. I’ll concede that at the Leader Class level, maybe Hasbro should have ponied up for some new head sculpts. Nothing drastic, but maybe just different expressions. Selling the same toy to idiots like me without a stitch of new sculpting seems like dirty pool. But, whatever!



All those guns that Skywarp wore in his alt mode can find a home on his robot mode, or you can just pull them all off. Granted, only a couple can actually be wielded as weapons, unless he’s shooting in some real weird angles. The leg guns do a nice job of bulking out his lower legs, without getting in the way too badly. The smaller guns can stay pegged to his wings. I’m not a big fan of them there in robot mode, but I accept it as a place to store them. His arm cannons are the ones that mean business. He can aim them well, although they’re rather bulky and can get in the way of posing his arms.



Skywarp also comes with the same missile launcher gun that the other two Seekers have. It’s a damn good gun, but handguns and Seekers don’t really fit together in my head, so this will probably join the others in a pile at the back of the shelf or be inherited by some other lucky robot.





One year after being introduced to it, I still love this mold… possibly more than it deserves. It looks great, it’s fun to play with and when you get all three Seekers together with Generations Megatron and MP Soundwave, it’s an impressive sight. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I picked these up as my Masterpiece Seekers. It may sound like sacrilege, but MP Seeker mold just doesn’t cut it for me, not at the asking price. Granted, there’s a lot of compromise here, but for the money, I’ll happily have these guys stand in for now.

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