Star Wars Black (The Force Awakens): General Hux by Hasbro

Star Wars Black has slowed to a crawl this Summer, although we have seen some new and new(ish) product at Celebration. I’m at the point now where I’m hunting the few figures I missed out on and one of those was General Hux. Of course, Hux was the frothing-at-the-mouth Space Nazi who butted heads with Kylo Ren and seemed to be there just to show how crazy and fanatical The First Order was. He was a cool enough character, well-portrayed, and overall I thought he deserved more recognition than a lot of bit-part Star Wars characters get. I hope we’ll see more of him in Episode 8.


Hux fell into some weird distributing limbo, along with X-Wing Pilot Asty. They didn’t show up in my area, which isn’t unusual, but based on the online prices for these figures, that seemed to be the case all over. Eventually, I was able to find Hux at regular price, through the fine folks at Incredible Toy Box. There’s nothing new or noteworthy about the packaging, so let’s just jump right in. This shouldn’t take long, as I actually have very little to say about this guy.


Hux dons the latest in First Order fascist fashion. Black pants, black belted tunic, long black overcoat with big black space lapels. From the neck down there’s hardly any paint to speak of, but that’s appropriate for his outfit. Hasbro must love doing figures like this! In fairness, there’s a lot of detail in the sculpt, including the texturing on his tunic and the stitching on his long coat. The coat uses the old trick of having cutouts at the shoulders with the sleeves sculpted as part of the arms and overall it looks fine. You do get a gloss black finish on his boots and gloves, to contrast the matte black of the rest of the outfit, as well as silver stripes on his left sleeve cuff and a First Order insignia on his left shoulder. It’s all perfectly serviceable, but that’s about it.


The head sculpt is where I really take issue with this figure. It’s a passable likeness, but it’s cast in that wonderful waxy plastic, which in certain light makes it look like he’s got a flop sweat going on. Besides the unconvincing flesh tone, this plastic just doesn’t show the details of the sculpt well at all. It always ends up looking soft. It’s this sort of thing that dispels the myth that this is a collector quality line. In fact, I’d say this head sculpt is only marginally better than the 3 3/4-inch version. It may have more sculpted detail, but the 3 3/4-inch Hux has decent painted skin tones and better painted eyes. Jeez, Hasbro, what are you even trying to do here? At least the hat looks good.


Hux features pretty good articulation, even if some of it is at odds with his long coat. You get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees, and have swivels at the thighs. The ankles are hinged and have lateral rockers. There’s a swivel in the waist that might be a ball joint, but all I can get it to do is swivel. The neck is both ball jointed and hinged. There are slits up the sides of his lower tunic to allow for more leg movement, as well as one up the back of the coat. In the end, this is an officer, he doesn’t need to do acrobatics, so it’s fine for me.



Hux comes with one accessory and that’s his sidearm. Like a lot of the weapons in TFA, it’s a distinctive design. Both of his hands are sculpted to hold it, but there’s no place for him to stow it when he’s not shooting Resistance scum.



General Hux is not terrible, he’s not great, he just is. There is nothing about him that couldn’t have been done just as well or better in a modern 3 3/4-inch figure. Indeed, if you take away the improved articulation and a little of the texturing in the clothes, I start to seriously wonder how much better is this figure than the smaller 5POA version? Honestly, this is Hasbro pulling the bare minimum to fill a slot with a character and get people like me to pay $20 for it. And thank God that’s all I paid for it, because at one time he was going for upward of $50 online due to the poor distribution and I’m such a sucker for Imperial Officer types, I might have eventually gone for it. I’m not at all sorry I bought him, he looks great displayed with the rest of The First Order figures, but I really wish Hasbro would start investing more in the portraits in this so-called Collector line.

By figurefanzero

5 comments on “Star Wars Black (The Force Awakens): General Hux by Hasbro

  1. Poor distribution indeed. This is one of the figures I’m still missing. Damn you, FFZ…damn you. As usual.

    Face looks like generic. Could be Hux, could be some guy standing guard in a hallway, or a janitor with nice hair. Some of these Black Series figures have really suffered in the face department lately. Jango is a recent standout for a good face sculpt.

    I’m hoping to pick up a first order TIE pilot today, 3 spotted at local Walmart yesterday. A buddy of mine was in Buffalo NY yesterday and spotted a Starkiller Base Rey. Wish he’d picked it up for me!

    • I feel like a schizophrenic when I review this line. Some are great, some are crap, they’re just all over the place. I think it’s strayed pretty far from those original couple of waves. That original X-Wing Luke has yet to be beaten, IMO. Maybe I’m a hypocrite for buying these.

      Hux strikes me as one of those figures where some talented customizer will paint up the face and it will look incredible.

      I still need to pick up Jango and the FO Tie Pilot. Still haven’t seen Starkiller Base Rey, I hear the paint on her face is improved over the regular version. Check some of the discount stores for Hux. A friend of mine claimed to have found him at a Marshalls or TJ Maxx, I can’t remember which.

      • Noted. My wife is always hitting up all the discount stores in town and I know if she finds one she’ll get it for me.

        Agreed on X-wing Luke. That’s the figure that, if I had it way back in 1980, would have blown my socks off!

        I fully endorse Jango. I like him a lot.

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