Marvel Legends: Namor (Walgreens Exclusive) by Hasbro

YES! It’s a Marvel Monday Double Feature, because I’m buried in a Legends backlog so big it would give Thanos a hernia. And as long as I’m between waves, I thought I’d go ahead and take a look at this lone Walgreens Exclusive release of everyone’s favorite fishy-gigolo. Lock up your wife, Reed Richards… here comes Namor!


Namor comes in a standard style Legends window box. There’s no indication about its exclusivity, but it uniquely branded with his name on the front and again on the top panel. When you think of how many characters get released in shared slots and don’t have their name even appear on the front, but here comes Namor all flash and branded out! It practically looks like it’s branded off of some non-existent Namor movie. Well, give it time… Maybe Phase 8? Anyway… you get some really nice character art on the side panels and the back panel advertises the Civil War Wave, but without any mention of the Giant Man BAF.



Out of the package, Namor is one mighty fine looking figure. A good deal of his costume is painted onto the buck, but what a lovely paint job it is! You get a partially black suit with some brilliant metallic blue scales to spice things up. He even has the trashy, low plunging neck line that points all the way down to his trouser trout. Sculpted bits include his gold belt and bracers, the white wings on his ankles, and a high collar that surely drives all the mermaids wild.



The head sculpt here is pretty fantastic. Just yesterday, I was bitching about Hasbro and their waxy plastic and soft head sculpts in their Star Wars Black line. Well, clearly they know how to do it right, because because this is how to do a 6-inch scale portrait proud. The plastic holds the sculpted detail very well, skin tone looks great and the paint on the eyes, hair, and eyebrows is crisp and clean. I’m thrilled that they can do it for Marvel, but why not Star Wars too?



As a swimmer, Namor needs to be agile and the articulation on this body suits him quite well. You get double hinges in both the elbows and knees, rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, swivels in the biceps, thighs, and lower legs. The ankles have hinges and lateral rockers, the waist has a swivel, there’s an ab crunch in the chest, and the neck is both ball jointed and hinged.




Accessories include two pairs of hands and a rather large trident. The figure comes out of the box with the trident holding hands and the extras are flat with the fingers together for swimming. The trident is cast in a less than stellar gold plastic, but spruced up a bit with some white and metallic blue paint accents.




While the idea of Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends figures still sounds really odd to me, I cannot deny that they’ve been landing some pretty big fish. HA! Seriously, though, with hits like Agent Venom, Black Ant, and now Namor, these are going above and beyond the sort of lazy repaints that I would have expected. Now, whether a character like Namor should be an Exclusive is another matter entirely, but it seems as if this one has not been difficult to find in stores. And even people like me, who live in a black pit of despair when it comes to toy distribution, have the option of ordering him through Walgreen’s website. Sure, at $27 because  shipping, he’s a little pricier, but for a figure this great, I’ll pay that all day long. Now if only we can get a new Legends Sue Storm to keep him warm at night.

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