KanColle: Takao Class Heavy Crusier Maya (Day Off Figure) by Taito

It’s Saturday morning and around these parts that means it’s time to pour a big cup of coffee and open up another anime figure. And surprise, surprise… it’s another Fleet Girl from Kantai Collection. Not only that, but another “Day Off” figure from Taito! Let’s check out the adorable Maya, she’s a Takao Class Heavy Cruiser and we’re catching her in between skirmishes with the Abyssal Fleet and enjoying her downtime.


As we’ve already seen many times, Taito’s prize figures come in these colorful, fully enclosed boxes. You get virtually no English at all on the package, but you do get some nice pictures of the figure inside and the KanColle logo. The figure comes in plastic bags and requires just a little assembly to set up. Actually, in this case, it’s not even really assembly, you just rest the girl on the base and put her extra gun mount wherever you want it. Maya hails from the Kantai Collection video game, as opposed to the anime series. I’m not nearly as familiar with the girls from the game, so let’s just let Maya introduce herself in her own words… “I’m the awesome air defense cruiser, Maya! Anti-aircraft warfare? You can count on me! Just hide behind me!” She sounds spunky. I like spunky. And since is a “Day Off” figure, perhaps this quote is more appropriate: “All right! It’s summer, summer! Feels good huh? Hey, Admiral, take off your clothes and stuff and let’s go swimming!”



Out of the box and all set up, Maya rests cross-legged on the floor, cradling one of her twin gun mounts in her lap and adjusting the adorable little cap that’s angled on her head. Despite being a “Day Off” figure, Maya is still wearing her usual outfit for the game, which retains some of the school uniform appearance, but is also one of the more revealing outfits, as it consists of an abbreviated top and a short skirt.



Maya is also still all kitted out in her gear, which includes her rudder boots, her arm bands, which I believe are her AA guns, and her Type 21 Air Radar antenna protrudes from the sides of her head. You also get a spare twin gun mount, which you can place anywhere on the base. The detail in the armaments is all pretty good, but my one quibble here is that the guns are very soft and bendy and tough to keep straight. It makes her equipment look more like it belongs in one of the “Half Damage” figures, rather than a “Day Off” figure. Then again, maybe she’s taking some downtime after taking some damage in a tough battle.



The portrait here is among my favorites that Taito has done for this line. Maya is adorable with her large, perfectly printed blue eyes, and her cute little smile. The hair is pretty short and tame, maybe a little chunky, but it looks fine.


The paint quality on this figure is excellent. You get some nice sharp lines on the red borders of her collar, and the white piping on her gloves and top. The whites are nice and clean, and there’s a little gradient to her skirt as it becomes light blue toward the hemline. The plastic used for the skin can look a little waxy under bright lights and there are some faint seams showing on her legs, but neither is something that I’m going to get worked up about considering the price point here.


The base takes up a fair amount of real estate, but it doesn’t feel as if it’s a lot bigger than it needs to be. It’s cast in brown plastic and sculpted to simulate either a wood floor or the deck of a ship. It’s not quite the exotic environment that I-401 had, but it’s certainly more distinctive than the plain black disc we saw with Akashi.



Maya set me back a whopping $16 shipped from Amazon and she may be my favorite of the three KanColle “Day Off” figures I’ve opened, and that’s saying something because I really do enjoy them all. They did a beautiful job on her and she makes for a very distinct presence on my ever expanding KanColle shelves. I had originally planned to keep my collection focused on characters from the anime series, but some of the video game designs are so much more interesting that I just can’t resist them and while the language barrier will probably forever prevent me from playing the game, it’s been fun digging in and learning about some of these characters.

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