Mythic Legions: Knight Legion Builders (Silver and Gold) by The Four Horsemen

If there was ever any doubt that the runaway success of the Mythic Legions Kickstarter wasn’t just a flash in the pan, the pre-orders for Wave 1.5, 1.75 and a selection of All-Stars from Wave 1 have been going like gangbusters. Indeed, this is a line that has me seriously re-evaluating my collecting habits in an effort to divert funds to the amazing figures that have been revealed for Wave 2.0. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I’m barely at the halfway mark of my ongoing look at the figures that I picked up from the initial Kickstarter, so let’s press onward! Today I’m going to delve into the Legion Builders and I’m looking at not one, but two of the knights!


The term “Legion Builder” refers to the figures that featured fewer paint applications than the regular releases. While the regular figures were in the $33 range at the initial offering, these originally sold for only $18 a pop. The idea here is that you could stock up on these guys as troop builders, or if you have customizing skills, you could use them to make your own unique creations. I only bought three of these, two of which are the Silver and Gold Knights that I’m checking out today. The packaging is right in line with what we’ve been seeing all along. The only difference here is that the bubble inserts are the same for both figures, as there are no bios on the side panels, nor is there anything distinguishing whether the package contains the Silver or Gold figure.


As always, these figures are packaged without wearing their shoulder armor, and despite some unsightly notches in the back, they display just fine without the extra armor pieces. From the neck down, these sculpts are identical to each other, as well as two other figures I’ve already looked at: Sir Owain and Gorgo. You get straight silver paint on one and straight gold on the other. The paint on both figures is gorgeous and really brings out the detail in the sculpt, particularly some of the ornate scroll work. They still look great, but it’s easy to see how the extra paint applications make the regular figures in this line look all the more special. I can’t help but think that these resemble what Mythic Legions might have looked like if it went through a major toy manufacturer and had to cost out for regular retail sale. It seems like the paint apps are always the first to go! Even so, these would still be the best looking figures in the toy aisles.


As we’ve seen these bodies before, there’s no surprises with the articulation. You get a hearty dose of rotating hinges, appearing in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, swivels in the thighs, and ball joints in the waist and neck. As the figures are modular in design, all the articulation points can be separated, making it easy to swap just about any part on the figure with any of the other figures in the line.



Each figure comes with a different pair of shoulder armor. Goldy has repaints of the same shoulders that were bundled with Sir Gideon and Sir Silver has the repaints of the pair bundled with Gorgo. And yes, we’ve seen these pieces many times since! They simply peg into the sockets in the back of the shoulders.



We’ve also seen these head sculpts before too! Goldy’s helmet was last seen way back in my first Mythic Legions Feature as the alternate head for Sir Gideon, while Sir Silver’s was last seen as recently as last week on top of Sir Owain’s shoulders. Both helmets have plumes that feature the only variation in paint on the figures. The Gold Knight sports a vibrant blue plume while The Silver Knight has a red one.




Both figures come with the same assortment of accessories, but T4H did a palate swap on them, so the Gold Knight got the silver and gray accessories and the Silver Knight got the gold ones. They each come with the usual brown belt, which can hold the sword and be worn on the waist or as a shoulder strap. The shield and spear should be very familiar, and the sword is the one that was included with Sir Gideon. I’m not totally sold on the gold painted accessories that came with The Silver Knight. They are stunningly beautiful, but they seem a garish for troop builders.




I think the Gold Knight made out better. The sword is left as unpainted gray plastic and it looks like a mass produced weapon that a rank-and-file soldier might have. The spear has a silver painted tip and the shaft is left unpainted. Ironically, I like this unfinished look better than the all silver painted spears we’ve seen with other figures. I just like having the different color to separate the spear head and the shaft. The shield here looks like it does have some paint work on the surface simulating wear. Like the sword, I think this works really well as just a utilitarian shield that your average troops might carry. Goldy’s weapons look like the tools of war, whereas The Silver Knights’ look like they’re ceremonial.




It’s amazing how great these figures look even without that extra paint work that T4H has invested in the regular figures in this line. I’m sure I’ve made mention to the old vintage Knights figures by Marx before and these single color figures remind me a whole lot of those older toys. In hindsight, I’m tempted to say that I should have passed on these and poured that money into one of the other figures that I skipped while trying to budget my selections. But that would suggest regret at buying these, and the truth is I have no regrets. These look great flanking behind the Hero Knights of the line like Gideon or Owain, and while I probably would have preferred both figures came with the gray weapons, I can’t deny that those gold accessories are an eye catcher!

8 comments on “Mythic Legions: Knight Legion Builders (Silver and Gold) by The Four Horsemen

  1. Wow, you really have the best toys! I’d love to see your toyroom. Is it all displayed on shelves and glass vitrines? Or packed away, squeezing them into every narrow available space, like I do? I’m the master of stacking several figures into one tin box!

    Which size range are they?

    Are you not into customizing? I mean, you easily could repaint the weapon yourself if you liked it silvery. No big deal. I repaints once in a while when I am not happy with the original. My first was the Desert camo Stargate uniforms which had looked great on the prototype but looked more like a giraffe when we got them.

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