Marvel Legends (Giant Man Wave): Nuke by Hasbro

Welcome back to the second half of today’s Marvel Monday! If you joined me this morning than you know I was less than impressed with Hasbro’s treatment of Red Guardian. Hopefully, we can still end this day on a high note as I check out Nuke!


Nuke’s package is pretty much identical to what we’ve been seeing in this wave with some bitchin character art on the side panels. And with two accessories and the Giant Man torso all packed into that tray, this is a rather heavy package. I thought Nuke to be something of an odd choice for the Captain America/Civil War themed wave, although Cap and Nuke have certainly had their dealings. Personally, I love the character, and it was pretty cool to see him getting paid respects in the Netflix Jessica Jones series. Now, which pill gets him out of the package?



Straight out of the box, this is an impressive figure. His torso and arms are a bare buck with a soft plastic vest that fastens on the bottom with a peg. Below the waist, Nuke is packing a set of military issue trousers with pouches strapped to each thigh, worn knee pads, and some serious shit-kickers on his feet.


The attention to detail on the vest is appreciated. Not only is it loaded with texturing and sculpted pouches, but you get some grenades hanging off his chest on the left hand side and a row of shells across the right hand side, both of which are painted. And speaking of paint, the silver buckles and fixtures on all his belts are neatly painted with silver paint and you get a nice wash over the vest and belts to bring out some of the detail in the sculpt. The care put into the paint on this guy is everything we didn’t get on the Red Guardian figure that I looked at this morning.


The back of the vest features more great texturing and a huge sheath for his combat knife. You get more sculpted straps and there’s a brace of pouches running across the back of his belt. This guy is definitely packing some serious gear.


For the portraits, you get two head sculpts. The first is the regular head with the flat top haircut and the American flag tattooed right on his face. Hasbro loves to pack in the personality for its villain and anti-hero head sculpts and Nuke here is no exception. Yeah, he’s a little wall-eyed, but I think that adds to his overall demented look.



The second head features some battle damage, sans hair, and exposes parts of his cybernetic skull. The detail here is phenomenal, and I have to say it’s one of the best portraits I’ve seen come out of Legends in a while. The paint on this noggin is just incredible. It shows what Hasbro is capable of when they’re willing to put in the time and money. I’m guessing a lot of those commodities that would have went into Red Guardian were diverted to complete this little plastic masterpiece.


The articulation holds few surprises for a modern Legends figure. The arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, swivels in the biceps and double hinges in the elbows. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have swivels in the thighs and tops of the boots, and the knees are double hinged. The ankles are hinged and have lateral rockers. The torso swivels at the waist and has an ab crunch. And finally, you get both a ball joint and hinge in the neck. The joints on this guy are all rock solid. No gummy or frozen joints here!




Nuke comes with two accessories, both of them weapons. First off we have his chunky combat knife that he can stow in the sheath on his back. Yes, it’s cartoonishly big, but I still love it. It has a sort of GI JOE Sigma Six feel to it, and don’t even get started about how much I adored that line. What’s more… paint apps! A little while ago I was bitching about how it feels cheap to be doing weapons in this scale without any paint apps on them. Here we get a black finish on the blade with a silver painted edge and a green grip. It really makes the details stand out and I also dig the knuckle guard a lot.



Next up, we get this crazy looking rifle. And again… paint apps! It’s got a patriotic motif to it with red and blue and silver standing in for the white. It even has a star painted on the stock. Yeah, there’s some paint dribble on mine too, but this thing still looks great and I really appreciate the effort that went into painting it. Hell, a lot more effort went into painting this gun and the knife than the entire Red Guardian figure. Well, except for his shield. I still really dig his shield. Hey, Nuke… want a shield? It’s genuine Soviet surplus!





Last week, I was quick to proclaim comic Nick Fury to be the likely candidate for my favorite figure in this wave, but now I’m not so sure. Yes, Fury is certainly more iconic a character for me, and they did a beautiful job on him. But in terms of sheer craftsmanship and attention to detail, Nuke is a tough figure to beat. Hell, I’d recommend this one as a stand alone figure even to people who don’t normally collect Legends. The figure has tons of personality and he is so much fun to play with. It’s also great to see Hasbro invest so much time and effort in someone who isn’t exactly a top tier character. So, favorite figure in the wave? Well, let’s hold off on declaring a winner until next week when I look at the last packaged figure, Black Panther!

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