KanColle: Submarine Ro-500 (Day Off Figure) by Taito

After a brief hiatus last week, Anime Saturday is back in action. And… surprise! I’m here to look at another Kantai Collection Prize Figure from Taito. And yes, it’s another “Day Off” figure too! Today’s is actually an extra cool piece, because it’s the adorable Ro-500, the second upgrade of Kriegsmarine U-Boat U-511, remodeled for service in the Imperial Japanese Navy. Ro is another character pulled from the browser game and not the anime series. I always thought it was sad that there were no submarines in the anime. All the more reason for us to get a second series or movie so they can diversify the Fleet Girls a bit. Anyway, let’s check her out…


The box is pretty standard stuff for this line. It’s completely enclosed and mostly pink with a red and white striped deco along the bottom. You get some nice shots of the figure inside and the text on the box is almost exclusively in Japanese. The figure comes baggied and requires some assembly. In this case, it actually took me a little while to figure out how to get her and the torpedo attached to the base properly using the three rods, despite the inclusion of an instruction sheet.


Ro is my fifth “Day Off” figure in this series and she’s definitely one of the more unique pieces. Ro-chan is reclining in a life preserver, wearing a one-piece swimsuit, and enjoying a refreshing ice pop as she goes tubing along the invisible waves. The clear plastic stand uses three rods to peg into and hold the preserver at an angle while the torpedo tabs into the side of one at a downward angle across the front. One of the coolest things about this piece is that Ro herself just sits in the preserver, so you can easily take the figure out and get a closer look.


By now, it’s well known that I’m extremely happy with the quality of paint and sculpt that Taito puts into these figures and Ro-chan here is certainly no exception. In fact, I’d rank her up there among the better ones in my collection. Some nice little details include the treads on the bottom of her slippers and the anchor bracelet on her right wrist.



The blue and white deco on her swimsuit is nice and sharp as are the paint lines on the preserver. The rope around the preserver is also neatly painted. The torpedo is a wonderful addition to the display and features a great shade of metallic steel paint that has a slight purple tint to it and the front and rear propellers are painted gold. The skin tones on Ro herself are soft and even.



I like the portrait here a lot too. Ro-chan features her very pale blonde hair, including the pink flower, waving all around her and framing her face with those perfectly printed eyes. Her mouth is open, either smiling or about to chomp on her ice pop, or perhaps both. The sculpted treat even has a bit about to drip off of it. That’s some lovely little attention to detail.



From my experience, buying Taito’s Prize Figures means satisfaction guaranteed, especially when you consider the price. I got Ro-500 for under $20 shipped and that’s just a crazy low price for a chunk of anime plastic this beautiful. She scales nicely with all my other Taito Fleet Girls and I think she looks particularly good displayed besides Shioi, her fellow submarine sister! I’m hoping I get enough time this week to write up a Figma for next Anime Saturday, but if not, I’ve still got plenty of Prize figures to fall back on.

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