Star Wars Black (Rogue One): Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha) by Hasbro

It’s been over a week since Force Friday, a night where I was happily willing to forgo late night shopping in favor of my comfy chair, a tall Jameson, and a couple clicks on the Internet to get my figures shipped to me. Sure, it meant I wasn’t the first kid on the block to get the figures, but I’m perfectly fine with that. The distribution this time around seems a lot better, and I was able to pick up almost all the initial assortments of 6-inch and 3 3/4-inch figures from Rogue One, with the one exception being TRU’s Exclusive Hovertank Pilot. Today I’m checking out Jyn Erso and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be back later tonight to look at Captain Cassian Andor.


There isn’t much new I can say about the packaging. It’s the same black and red style window box that we saw with The Force Awakens. You get some illustrated character art on the front and the right panel has the figure’s name and number. The window offers a great look at the figure inside and everything is collector friendly. You also get little blurbs on the back panels about each character, but this is still a case where a lot about these characters remains a mystery. In this case, we’re also dealing with versions of the characters tied to specific locations in the movie, this one being from the planet Jedha. It’s one of the two outfits we see Jyn wearing in the trailer, and all I can say is bring on the Imperial uniform Jyn!



And what’s this? Another female lead protagonist in a Star Wars film? How dare they!!! Of course, I’m kidding. I’m not very familiar with Felicity Jones, outside a one off appearance she had in Doctor Who, but she seems like she’s going to be a fine addition to the Star Wars Universe. She looks small and scrappy and capable, in other words the perfect personification of the Rebel Alliance.


Jyn’s outfit is simple, but a suitably Star Wars-y bit of fashion that also gives her a little bit of a smuggler flavor from her finger-less gloves right down to her boots. She has an olive green jacket, done up in the usual sculpted vest-style with the arms sculpted to look like sleeves and she’s wearing a smaller sculpted brown vest over the jacket. I like the detail work on the vest and the sculpted sleeves for the jacket feature both sculpt and paint for the striping. You also get some nice texturing on the pants. The back of the vest has a quilted look and Jyn is wearing a low slung pistol belt is certainly reminiscent of a certain scoundrel I know. The proportions here seem pretty good for the actress and all in all I’d say from the neck down this is one great looking figure.


I am, however, really torn on the portrait here. Does it look like Felicity Jones? Ehhhhhh… maybe? Maybe an animated version of her? Truth be told, there isn’t really enough detail in this sculpt to make it work as an accurate likeness. This head feels like it would be right at home on a 3 3/4-inch figure and certainly passable in that scale. And yet I don’t hate the head sculpt. It’s cute like the actress, and the paint is pretty clean, it’s just the likeness that isn’t there. With just the head to go on, I wouldn’t know who it was supposed to be, but in the context of the outfit, yeah it works alright for me. I guess my expectations have been tempered by the hit-and-miss nature of this line.




Jyn comes out of the package with a head-wrap, which obviously can be removed, since I started this review without it. It fits the figure pretty well and it can be removed without popping the head. In fact, I’m not sure whether the head can be popped off at all. My figure’s head is on there pretty good. It’s cool that they included this piece of the costume, but I’m not a big fan of the way it looks on the figure and I feel it’s destined to get pitched into The Tote of Forgotten Accessories, or perhaps re-purposed for another figure.



Articulation here is fairly solid. You get rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The legs are ball jointed, have double hinged knees, and swivels in the thighs and again at the boots. The ankles are hinged and have lateral rockers. There’s a ball joint in the torso and the neck has both a ball joint and a hinge. The lack of swivels in the biceps is a little vexing. I would have rather had swivels there then at the boots. Why, Hasbro? Why don’t you like giving bicep swivels to the ladies? The knees on my figure are a little mushy, but overall not too bad.




Besides the head-wrap, Jyn comes with a blaster pistol. It’s a decent sculpt and actually features some silver paint. It’s so nice to see Hasbro doing paint operations on their 6-inch scale guns for a change. The pistol fits perfectly into the hip holster and there’s a strap that pegs in to hold in place. It’s a great little gun, but I’ll likely be robbing one of my Stormies and giving her an E-11 Blaster.




I was a little apprehensive about getting this figure in hand, as she’s received some mixed reviews among collectors. Now that she’s in hand, I’m actually surprised how much I like her. Yes, like a lot of this Black Series, she feels more like a blown up 3 3/4-inch figure than a twenty dollar 6-inch collectors figure, but that seems to be par for the course. Truth be told, I’ve had her on my desk for a couple days now and I find myself having a lot of fun with her battling it out against Imperial thugs. And in perfect marketing form, this is making me even more excited to see this movie.

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