Marvel Legends (Rhino Wave): Rhino Build-A-Figure by Hasbro

And here I am at the end of another wave of Legends and ready to cobble together my prize for being a good collector and buying up all the figures. And that prize is Rhino! I have to say, I was pretty damn excited about getting this one together because Rhino is just so damn iconic to me.


The Rhino BAF consists of a total of seven pieces. That’s one body, two legs, two arms, and two heads. Yes, we do have an option of portraits here. Of course, if you bought all the figures in this wave, you’re left with one extra body as both Misty Knight and White Tiger each had the same torso piece. Why not give one of them the extra head? Who knows? Anyway, Rhino is pretty straight forward when it comes to the selection of parts and assembly.


Rhino is a deceptively simple figure. Based on his design, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot going on here, but Hasbro still invested plenty of work in the sculpt. Every bit of area on the body is covered with crags and fissures to simulate the rough, almost stony, skin of a rhino. I really had to get this guy in hand and up close to appreciate all the work they did on it, right down to his stout rhino hooves. The buck is suitably muscular and large. He may not be the biggest BAF we’ve seen, nor should he be, but he sure towers over any Spider-Man in my Legends collection.


Backing up the great detail in the sculpt is a wonderful brown wash over the gray plastic. Not only does it bring out all those little crags and fissures in the sculpt, but it also makes him look like he’s been charging around in the mud like a proper rhino.


As already mentioned, you get two different heads for this guy. I was a little worried it was going to be tough to swap them, because these BAFs tend to lock together pretty good. but that wasn’t the case here with the head, and changing them out is pretty painless. Unless you push down on that horn, then you’re libel to put it right through your hand. Seriously, don’t do that. Anyway, the first portrait features a half-mask, pupil-less eyes and a very soft lower face sculpt. I’m not crazy about it, and putting it on to take the above picture is probably the only time I’ll ever use it. I mean, why go with that head, when you can go with…



THIS! Oh my god, it’s glorious! Here you get the fully exposed face, maniacal eyes and a huge open mouth that you can look into and actually see his uvula. The sheer amount of dementia and rage communicated in this sculpt makes it one of my favorite Legends portraits of all time. The hood on both heads is sculpted and painted to match the body, featuring the same great level of detail for the rhino suit.


Articulation is pretty standard for what we see in these bulky BAF bucks. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps. The legs have rotating hinges and swivels in the hips, and hinges in the knees. The ankles are hinged and have lateral rockers. The torso features a swivel in the waist and an ab crunch hinge, and the neck is on a rotating hinge. The bulky muscles limit some of the range of motions in these points and the hinges in the knees are particularly stiff.


The shoulder armor pieces are detachable. They peg into holes in the front and backs of the shoulders. This allows them to hinge up and down a little bit, but not really enough to help offer any more clearance in the shoulders. As a result, Rhino is pretty limited in how high he can raise his arms laterally before those shoulder plates bump up against his body.





With how many Spider-Man themed waves of modern Legends there have been, it surprises me that it took Hasbro this long to do Rhino as a BAF. This figure doesn’t really hold any surprises. It’s exactly what I was expecting and that’s not a bad thing. The sculpt and paint are excellent, the raging head is amazing, and while some may find themselves wishing for a better range of articulation, I’m still very pleased with how he turned out across the board. My shelf of Spidey’s rogue gallery is really taking shape nicely, especially with Green Gobby coming soon.



And that’s finally a wrap for this wave of figures, and overall I’d say it was a very solid one. On the next Marvel Monday, I’ll be detouring to check out a statue, and after that I’m going to start tackling the Doctor Strange Wave and eventually swing back and look at the Abomination Wave. Then it’ll be the Space Venom Wave, and oh, yeah… that Sandman Wave is starting to hit. Holy, shit, Hasbro, you guys are totally out of control with this line and I love it!

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