Mythic Legions: Skeleton Legion Builder by The Four Horsemen

Well, looky here, I’ve managed to sneak one last Mythic Legions Feature in before the end of the year! Today’s figure comes from the small selection of Wave 1.0 figures that T4H put up for pre-order back in November. Finally, I was able to get myself a Skeleton Legion Builder. Not picking him up on the first go around was a major regret and I was lucky to get a second crack at him without having to go to Ebay where these figures are selling for a king’s ransom.


We’ve seen this packaging plenty of times, but it’s been a little while, so here’s another look at it. I can’t stress enough how difficult it was to choose just seventeen figures for my original Backer Reward. I stretched my budget to the max to get as many as I got and I regretted every one I had to leave behind. With that having been said, it’s somewhat ironic that this much coveted Legion Builder is really just a more basic repaint of Tibius. And since I already reviewed that figure earlier this year, I can be a bit brief when checking this guy out.



Here he is, and he’s a great example of how even the “budget” figures in this line still look amazing. The Legion Builders are designed to be troop builders or custom fodder and the fact that they have less detailed paint allowed them to be priced significantly less than the regular figures. And it’s exactly that less-premium paint job that I love about this guy. He’s wearing old, grungy armor, making him look like a fallen warrior that’s been rotting in a tomb, or perhaps the bottom of a bog, for centuries before once again rising to the call of battle.


Even without that extra paint, the detail in the armor here still impresses. This guy does come with the shoulder armor and I’ve included one snap of him wearing them, but I do believe I’m going to display this guy most of the time without them. I really dig those segmented armor plates over his biceps and I’d rather not cover him up. I also like that he looks a little frailer and more skeletal without them. Besides, I prefer saving the “good” armor for the named characters and let the rank-and-files go into the fray with lighter armor.



Like the armor, we’ve seen this skull before and it never ceases to amaze me. In this case, it isn’t just the sculpt, but the fantastic paint wash that makes it look like it’s been in the ground. This is one of the most authentically aged skulls I’ve ever seen on an action figure and it’s not lost on me that it all comes down to the paint… on a figure with what is supposed to be a “budget” paint job.




In addition to the shoulder armor, Skeleton Legion Builder comes with a satisfying collection of weapons, which by now should all be very familiar. For starters, he has the long sword with the fantasy-type crossguard and skull-crusher pommel and a dagger painted to match. Both have black grips and bright silver paint for the metal bits. Yes, I would have enjoyed getting some weathering on these, but it’s hard to deny that those gleaming blades are pretty.





Finally, you get the standard Mythic Legions battle axe, painted black and silver to match the other weapons. And, as always, you can switch it between a single bladed weapon, or a double.




I can’t deny that Tibius is the more impressive figure, what with the paint detail on his armor, ragged cape, and excellent weathering. But I didn’t feel like my Skeleton forces were complete without at least one grunt and this guy fits the bill. This is exactly the kind of fella I used to doodle on my Trapper Keeper while daydreaming in class. He’s such an iconic design and he would look right at home, whether battling my other Mythic Legions figures or shambling through the halls of an AD&D Dungeon. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to get the time to do my usual End of the Year lists, but just in case I don’t, it’s safe to say that Mythic Legions was the highest point for my action figure collection in 2016.

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