Marvel Toybox: Thor by Disney

It’s Day Four of Marvel Week, and I got rather long winded yesterday, so I’m going to tone things down today with a simpler (and mercifully shorter!) review, but one that I’ve been rather excited to get to. You may remember a little thing called Disney Infinity. It was one of those Toys-To-Life things, which allowed you to collect figures and use them in a video game world. I freaking loved Disney Infinity! Seriously… just look at this shit!

This doesn’t even include the ones I bought at the end that I haven’t even opened yet. I collected a ton of the figures, I’ve spent time playing them all, and I’ve lost countless hours in the Toybox designing bullshit levels, and maybe a couple of good ones. Infinity had a good run with three different releases spanning dozens of figures and incorporating both Marvel and Star Wars before Disney finally pulled the plug. And now in a move that I never in a million years could have seen coming, Disney has introduced a series of articulated action figures based on those Infinity designs. HOLY SHIT, I AM SO ON BOARD FOR THIS!!!! Let’s check out the first figure in the Marvel Toybox lone… The Mighty Thor!

The packaging is about as basic as you can get. The figure comes in a large bubble on an unassuming card. It gives you a great look at what you’re getting, but there isn’t much else in the way of artwork of flashy presentation to tempt you. Seriously, Disney, for a company that is basically based on artwork, you kind of dropped the ball on this package design. But that’s OK. It just makes me not feel guilty about shredding it to get to my figure. The back of the package shows off four other figures in the Marvel Toybox series, including Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. And yes, there’s also a Star Wars Toybox Series, and I’ll be checking one of those figures out next week!

If you compare Toybox Thor to the original Infinity figure, you can see that Hasbro made some tweaks to Thor’s design, but this is still undoubtedly the same style. He’s lost a helmet, gained a beard, and the piping on his armor has changed from yellow to blue. With all that being said, I love what they did with the design and it’s hard to believe that I’m actually holding an articulated Infinity figure. The sculpted detail is kept to a minimum to preserve the simple animated look, but all the important stuff is still there, like the discs on his armor, the wraps on his boots, and all that chiseled Asgardian muscle. I also really dig the head sculpt. The coif of hair is cast in a separate piece of plastic, crowning his rather perturbed expression. He looks like someone just nicked his tankard of ale. The paint applications on the face are pretty clean too!

The rest of the coloring on the figure appears to be achieved mostly through colored plastic, but there are some paint applications as well. Overall, the paint is clean, but I should note that my figure had two rather unsightly paint drips on the right boot, but I was eventually able to get these off with some water and a Qtip. The cape is made of a fairly soft and pliable plastic and lifts easily away from the figure to allow for those wide stances.

Thor comes with one accessory, and yes it is Mjolnir. The mighty hammer is a solid chunk of plastic with a sculpted wrap grip, which can fit securely in The Thunder God’s right hand.

The articulation here is pretty good, but the stylized sculpt does restrict the range of motion on some of the points. Thor features rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and knees. The hips are ball jointed, the ankles are hinged, there’s a swivel in the waist, and the neck is ball jointed. The elbow and knees are somewhat limited, which can be a little frustrating. Also, the sculpted hair makes it so the head can only turn side to side a bit. Still, there’s plenty of fun to be had here. He’s just so solid and chunky and fun to play around with!


Wow, was this a pleasant surprise! These Toybox figures seemed to come out of nowhere, and I just recently discovered them because someone sent me a link. They appear to be Disney Store Exclusives, at least that’s where I found and ordered mine. They run $12.99 each, which feels about right for what you’re getting. I have no frame of reference for how well Disney’s exclusive toys sell, but I can promise you that I’ll be doing everything I can to support this line and keep it going. And as for now, I can see Thor will probably be residing on my desk for a little while, because I’m having a hard time putting him down.

9 comments on “Marvel Toybox: Thor by Disney

  1. I look forward to the Mr. Incredible figure, which seems tailor made for this chunky aesthetic! I bet he happens, considering “The Incredibles 2” is on its way…

      • LOL. No obligation, man. DC’s only really killing it with the mid-to-high-end, adult-oriented collectibles (when they have decent QC at least.) I have an endless backlog of older figures and pieces I’d love to review someday (maybe I could pick up the slack on your DC Fridays LOL), but I’d go broke trying to keep up with all the $25-$200 new releases. True toys like this Thor, with playability and fun factor, are my first love and your reviewing forte. DC’s gotta step up its toy game if wants to earn its place on this blog 😉

      • The buzz about Hasbro buying Mattel (which I’m sure will probably never happen) has me salivating with the possibility of a DC Legends line. I think they could do a much better job with it over that Multiverse series, and could probably make use of some shared ML bucks. That would be rad. I really miss the days of hunting DC Universe Classics waves and universe building.

  2. Yeah, I would only want to hear of that kind of buyout money being thrown around if it helped either company buck (no pun intended) the reliance on reused parts, especially with the accessories and face sculpts on the comic figures (those poor identical Legends ladies LOL.) The movie ones are getting absolutely spoiled with amazing printed faces, vehicles, BAFs, etc. The Multiverse line’s main issue doesn’t seem to be that they reuse bucks as much as it is using outdated ones. I agree on the toy hunting point. I basically search for online deals to get the thrill of the chase instead of rushing to the stores like I used to. Not the same, despite being a cool route for dealing with fellow hobbyists and, of course, accumulating too much stuff. #facts

  3. Been meaning to comment for ages–I ended up going to a quasi-local Disney Store the Friday after you posted this, to get that Thor. I also wound up buying the Hulkbuster Marvel Selects figure, which I’d been interested in since learning it’d be out back around Age of Ultron, but never actually saw in-person in a store (so of course I had to buy it!).

    I went back the other day to see if they still had the Planet Hulk Selects figure (they did!) and snagged that; they had a set of Thor: Ragnarok figurines including Thor, Loki, and Hulk on sale for $7 ($7 for 6 figurines that look like they’d be at home at $5/ea at Five Below…yes, please!)

    And they had the Toybox Hulk, which once I saw it, held it, felt the weight of the thing…couldn’t talk myself out of. And also snagged a Buzz Lightyear as a birthday present for a soon-to-be 7-year-old. So, if you’ve got a commission deal with the Disney Store…let ’em know! 🙂

    • Haha! That’s awesome! There used to be a Disney Store by me, but not any more. Then again Disney World is just a couple hours away, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

      Gotta pick up some more of these before Christmas!

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