Marvel Legends (Gladiator Hulk Wave): Thor Odinson by Hasbro

Welcome back to my trek through the Gladiator Hulk Wave of Marvel Legends! I’m nearing the home stretch, with just two more comic based figures to look at until I can build the Incredible Champion of Sakaar! Today I’m checking out Thor, or as the package calls him, Marvel’s Odinson. Call him Odinson, call him Unworthy Thor, but he’s still Thor. Because my friends, Thor is still Thor even if unworthy to wield Mjolnir. But that’s a subject on which I will vent a little more next week when I look at Jane Foster Thor. Or maybe I’ll just let it go. We’ll see. I actually loved the idea of an unworthy Thor storyline, but I didn’t feel like Marvel did anything interesting with it. Will new Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski haul Marvel Comics out of the dumpster fire it’s in? I guess we’ll find out. Can it get any worse? I genuinely don’t believe so.

Odinson shares the same slot with Ares as the two “Nine Realms Warriors,” and like Ares, there’s a lot of plastic in this box. Thor himself ain’t no lightweight and when you add in his accessory, Jarnbjorn, and the massive Gladiator Hulk torso, you get a pretty full tray crammed in there. I should note that I might have skipped this figure if it weren’t for the BAF parts, because a variant is included in the SDCC “Battle for Asgarde” set, which I still have sitting unopened in the corner waiting for me to do another Marvel Week. There are, however, some pretty big differences between the two figures, so in this case having to double-dip isn’t too bad.

And the figure isn’t too shabby either! While a good chunk of this costume is just painted buck, Odinson features enough unique sculpting to satisfy me. The black sleeveless shirt is just painted onto his chest with a little cutout up top. See, dudes can wear boob windows too! Eat your heart out, Power Girl! I love how the tops of the trousers are sculpted and tied off with a piece of rope, because down-on-his-luck Thor can’t afford proper pants that fit, nor a belt to hold them up! I jest, but it’s a really nice touch. The boots feature sculpted flares at the knees, and sculpted brown straps tying them in place at the tops and down near the ankles. He also has a pedestrian pair of wrist bracers, which are sculpted as separate pieces.

The cape is really nice! It’s cast in bright red plastic with a silver painted fastener off-set near his left shoulder. The back shows it all tattered with a rough bottom edge and various holes. Still, it’s very thick which eschews realism and gives it a decidedly comic book look. Of course, if you’d rather go without it, you can just pop the head and remove it.

Speaking of heads, this one is a bit of a poser. It genuinely looks fine to me with the figure in hand, but then I take pictures up close and this happens. YIKES! It looks like someone pinched the middle of his face and his eyes are popping out. You ain’t unworthy, you just too ugly! It’s a shame, because the face is very chiseled and angular with some beautiful definition in the sculpt. It looks a little more gaunt than normal Thor, which is a nice touch for hard-luck Thor. The hair is sculpted so that it’s blowing off to the side, which is admittedly a rather singular look, but it works well enough for me. Bottom line is that if you keep a safe distance, it’ll look fine. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

The articulation holds no surprises, but we’ll run through it anyway. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, double hinges in the elbows, and swivels in the biceps. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have swivels in the thighs, double hinges in the knees, and the ankles have both hinges and lateral rockers. The torso features both an ab crunch and a waist swivel, and the neck is both ball jointed and hinged. The hinges are all solid, and he’s an all around fun figure to play with.

Odinson comes with one accessory and that’s his trusty axe, Jarnbjorn. For a substitute weapon, this thing is beautiful! Hasbro decorated out the axe head’s socket with some lovely scrollwork and an ornate, spiked tip. The curved handle has sculpted wood texture running through it, and grip is ribbed with silver rings at each end. This is one of the most beautiful weapons Marvel Legends has given us in quite a while!

Whatever my feeling about the particulars of the comics, and they’re not all bad, Unworthy Thor is a great idea for a storyline and I’m glad they did this figure. There was a little while where I thought it was going to be totally exclusive to the SDCC set, and while I did wind up getting it very easily, that’s not always the case. It’s probably a good thing that the figure made it to regular retail too, making it available to the collectors who were unable to get the exclusive set, or maybe just didn’t want all of those figures. Next week, I’m going to put this wave to a bed with a look at the last boxed figure, Jane Foster Thor, and the Build-A-Figure, Gladiator Hulk!

6 comments on “Marvel Legends (Gladiator Hulk Wave): Thor Odinson by Hasbro

  1. I haven’t picked this one up yet. I’m chipping away slowly at the Ragranrok wave while I catch up on glut of figures I’ve missed out on since summer. While he doesn’t scream ‘must buy!’ at me, he does hold the ‘bang for your buck’ card pretty well. A good chunk of plastic with accessories that make you feel the sting of the price point far less…’s to the days of walking into Wal-Mart during the Toybiz days and stocking up at a whopping 6.35 a piece! Anyway, he looks to be a solid ,if unspectacular , figure to add to the Asgardian collection. Oh and to answer a question you already answered in the first part of your article……..marvel can’t get much worse these days when it comes to their comic output. While DC has me excited for two of their marquee events right now, Marvel has me genuinely at my most disinterested with their product.

    • I remember those Toybiz days. Marvel Legends figure, free comic, and sometimes a display base for under $7. So good!

      I’ve been enjoying a quite a few DC Rebirth books. Not reading any Marvel right now. Just don’t want to get vested in any part of the Universe until they get their shit together again.

      • To be honest, there’s not much to get invested in. Lol. Rebirth was solid, although the grand finale for the Justice League Rebirth title was a bit “meh”. Doomsday Clock and especially Metal are firing on all cylinders so far. The potential figure goodness when it comes to the evil Dark Knights is the stuff of dreams…..which may be where they stay if Mattel doesn’t breathe some legit life into their 6″ line.

      • DCC seems poised to drop the ball with scary regularity. Which saddens me since they used to put out a quality product. Essentials are a line I do not have high hopes for. The concept is great, I’m just worried they’ll err closer to 7″ scale than 6…thus negating they’re appeal for me. Mattel honestly has no excuse to screw the pooch. DC Classics could have morphed into a great all encompassing line of legendary characters and new modern stuff. Instead, Multiverse has been a hodgepodge on every level. Although to their credit the recent Rookie CnC wave looks to be a step in the right direction. Maybe there’s hope yet. Incidentally , I name dropped you and your review for theMarvel Legends Tombstone, in my look at the same figure. Hope you’re ok with a little free plug. Lol

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