Star Wars Rogue One: Rebel Commando Pao Vs. Imperial Death Trooper 

Hey, it’s YOU! Welcome back to installment number who-the-hell-knows of my 5-POA Star Wars celebration weekend. Did you know The Last Jedi comes out at the end of the week? Did you know I’m getting pumped by doing a gazillion 3 3/4-inch Star Wars figure reviews this weekend because I’m batshit crazy and I love the Star War? This time I’m stopping by with a quickie look at this two pack that pits Rebel Commando Pao against the Imperial Death Trooper! And remember, if you’re getting tired of this shit, just think how I feel, because I’m writing it!

Here’s the Rogue One packaging We’ve seen it a bunch of times this weekend and as always it has some awesome artwork. These two-packs will always have a special place in my heart and… OH MY GOD, I’M SO TIRED! Let’s just rip this box open and check out the figures.

Pao is my Boba Fett of the Rogue One film, and by that I mean he did very little, but it was love at first sight when I first saw him screaming with that huge mouth in one of the promo clips. Not only is he one of the stand-out aliens of the film, He was also one of the brave Rebels who volunteered to go on the suicide mission to Scarif and try to get the plans to the Death Star. No doubt he deserved a figure, and he got a pretty damn great one. The detail on this fellow is absolutely superb. He’s got all kinds of cool gear sculpted onto him, including equipment on his belt, what look like rockets on his wrist bracers, and there’s plenty of wonderful little flourishes sculpted into his fatigues and his vest. You also get some nice little paint touches on the figure, including the silver belt buckle and the yellow striping on his arm missiles.

And holy shit… that articulated jaw! How crazy is it that we’ve seen two figures with articulated jaws this weekend? With Admiral Raddus it was just a neat gimmick, but for Pao, it was practically essential. Opening his mouth wide and screaming is his signature move. I’ll also take this time to remind you that this is an articulated jaw on what is otherwise a 5-POA figure. Elbows and knees? Pffft! Who needs em? Hinge in the jaw? YASSS! The head sculpt is pretty amazing and includes that rather distinctive tanker-style hood that he wears.

Pao comes with a removable backpack, which looks a lot like the ones the Rebel troops wore on Endor in Return of the Jedi. It’s sculpted to look like its wrapped in cloth coverings with some components sticking out. I’m assuming this is some kind of equipment, like a radio or something as it features an antenna coming up off the side. He also comes with a pretty cool rifle with a scope, and what looks like a compressed air cartridge mounted under the barrel. I love this figure so much and as soon as Star Wars Weekend is over, I’ve got to start writing my Pao FanFic about how he survived the destruction of Scarif, BECAUSE HE DID!!! OK, let’s move on to the Death Trooper!

With all the time I spent gushing about Pao, it’s probably for the better that I don’t have a lot to say about the Death Trooper. Oh, he’s not a bad figure at all, but how much is there really to say about him? He reminds me of the First Order TIE Pilot that I looked at ages ago. A solid figure, a fine sculpt, but he’s mostly sculpted black plastic and not a lot else. In this case the Death Trooper features some silver paint hits on his belt buckle, his shoulders, and what I assume is a range finder. He also has those two eerie lights on his helmet painted green, and they pop very nicely against all that black plastic.

The Death Trooper comes with his blaster carbine. But sometimes a blaster isn’t enough to get the job done and you need something with a little more firepower. That’s where this thing comes in handy…

Oh YEAH! Forget about the fact that there’s enough plastic here so that Hasbro could have tossed two Death Troopers into the box if they left this behemoth out, because billions of dollars worth of research into toy science tells us that “The Kids” love improbably large missile launchers. This beast sits on the Death Troopers shoulders and has two hand held launcher grips. There’s a respectable amount of sculpted detail on this weapon and some silver dry brushing too. Pressing the left or right sides of the button on the back fires either one of the green day-glo missiles. Smash em both and they’ll fire in unison. This thing is straight out of those ridiculous old Deluxe Power of the Force 2 figures and I kind of love it.

This is another great Versus Pack, and as usual the only thing I can complain about is that packing a specific character with an army builder isn’t very economical to collectors. But with that having been said, the Death Trooper did get a single carded release as well, so you could still buff your armies that way. This one may lack the sheer awe of the excellent Moroff Vs. Scarif Squad Leader set, but thanks to Pao, I think this one is currently my favorite of the Rogue One Versus packs. You know the drill. I’ll see you back here in an hour or so for more Star Wars Weekend.

7 comments on “Star Wars Rogue One: Rebel Commando Pao Vs. Imperial Death Trooper 

  1. The Death Trooper was one of the figures that didn’t translate as well in 5 poa. He’s just too anemic looking for some reason. Probably has to do with the all black everything….they say black IS slimming. Clearly Pao is the big time winner here. The Force Awakens did have some solid sculpts mixed in with several middle of the road one. Rogue One was really the all around turning point for the 5 POA line. The sculpts improved tremendously and got more detailed. Face sculpts could still be hit or miss, but I’m not AS picky at this scale. Passing resemblances will do. Your look at the 5 POA line has been a neat reminder that ,despite the lack of articulation, these figures are still collector friendly AND fun.

    • After getting the SA Death Trooper, there’s no reason to even acknowledge this 2 pack figure’s existence. The SA DT is one of the best Star Wars figures I’ve ever owned. This 5 POA version: not so much. At least you could get them on clearance for extra weapons.

      • The 3.75″ version is actually pretty nice. I’ve got a use in mind involving an original character I sort of kitbashed with a GI Joe DG green shirt trooper acting as his unmasked head. Using a character head on that buck actually makes the figure pop more when you contrast all that black with a face.

    • There’s something about that Death Trooper design. I wasn’t even terribly impressed by the 6-inch version. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a solid figure, but it just doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

  2. That Death Trooper helmet, along with the slim lankiness of the guy….it looks kinda like the McQuarrie concept art style that we know and love. Like the original concept art Vader helmet; narrower and more menacing, somehow.
    Pao as the “new” Boba Fett? Wrist rockets – check! Cool backpack – check! Super limited screen time – check! Fan love – CHECK! What a cool little figure. I love 5POA Star wars guys!
    Thanks to my son, they are lying around the house everywhere…

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