Star Wars Rogue One: Moroff and Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader by Hasbro

It’s been a few weeks since my little binge on Rogue One figure reviews, so it’s probably time I started up again if I’m ever going to get through all of these before the movie comes out. I’ve already looked at the first wave of 6-inch Black Series figures, so today I’m beginning to turn my attention to the 3 3/4-inch stuff. Let’s start with one of the two-packs!


We’ve seen these nifty little window boxed two-packs for The Force Awakens and Hasbro is continuing to release them for Rogue One. These used to be called Mission Packs, but they’ve added VS. between the character portraits, so I’m going to start calling them Versus Packs. The new branding, with the Death Trooper art on the upper right corner looks great, as does the rest of the character art. The presentation here is so colorful and exciting, I’ve been tempted to keep the boxes, and considering my space limitations, that’s a high compliment indeed! Let’s start off with Moroff!


Wow, look at this guy! He’s a Gigoran, his species basically looks like what you would get if a Wookie and a Wampa had sex, and I love him. I don’t recall seeing Moroff in the trailers. I’m hoping this won’t be another case of Zuvio Syndrome, where the character doesn’t even show up. But even if it is, I think he’s a great looking character and figure. If Hasbro gets us this guy in the 6-inch Black Series, that’s going to be one massive beast of a toy. According to his bio, he’s a heavy gunner mercenary, and that’s all the information I really need to enjoy this figure.



The sculpted detail in the fur covers the entire figure and he has a chest harness and some gear sculpted right onto the body. Further detail includes some leather texturing on the harness and the tiny rivets that hold it in place. The head sculpt features two tiny wide set eyes and some kind of breather apparatus over the lower part of his squished face. This character doesn’t feature a very diverse color palate, but the paint operations that are here are very good. The gear is neatly painted brown and gray, the insides of his hands are brown, and you even get some yellow wash on parts of his white fur and a darker shade around his eyes.


Moroff comes with a pretty cool gatling-gun style rifle, which is both a great sculpt and a pretty unique design. But if you want your giant Wampa-Wookie to pack a little more punch, Hasbro’s got you covered with this…




GAH! As if Hasbro didn’t invest enough plastic into the figure, the backpack and heavy guns he comes probably uses enough plastic to make two more regular sized figures. The attention to detail that they put into this formidable piece of kit is truly amazing for this scale. It has a painted bed roll strapped to the top and a bunch of extra missiles sculpted to it. The two launchers come with translucent red missiles and they can be fired by pressing the button on the back of the backpack. Lord knows, I’m not a big fan of over-sized missile launchers with my Star Wars figures, but I absolutely adore the way this thing turned out. It looks great and it’s actually fun to mow down Stormtroopers with the missiles.



While probably not intentional, you can also clip the rifle to the backpack so he can lug all his gear at once. This figure is so much fun and packs so much personality, he’s instantly become a favorite of mine. Let’s move on to the Scarif Trooper.


As I understand it, Scarif is the tropical planet we see in the trailers featuring the AT-ACT Walkers on the beaches, which would make these Scarif Troopers the beach troopers we see in that battle. This figure is specifically referred to as a Squad Leader, so I’m assuming the regular Scarif Troopers will feature different paint schemes. Now, I do like all the trooper designs we’ve been seeing so far, but I do get a sense of kit-bashy elements in these designs.



That having been said, this is still a pretty cool looking figure. The sculpted detail in the armor is very sharp, particularly on the backpack and chest area. The contours of the armor pieces are clearly developed and the paint is very clean, except where it’s intended to look weathered. Even the cloth effect on the plastic kama is well executed.


The trooper comes with a cabine that has an over-under barrel, a site, side mounted clip, and a short stock.




Of course, both figures feature the straight five points of articulation. And with all the talk we get from Hasbro about reduced articulation in favor of better sculpts and paint and accessories, this is one of the first packs in a while where I can see that truly being the case. These are some great quality figures and I love the idea of getting a Versus Pack with a couple of adversaries to fight each other. You can give this box to a kid and he could have plenty of fun with it. Plus, with a retail of about $15, it feels like you’re getting a lot of plastic for your money here. Due to some overzealous ordering, I wound up with two of these and I’m OK with that because I think Moroff works as a pretty cool troop builder too.

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