Happy Easter! …Here’s some administrative bullshit!

I’m not really a celebrate Easter kinda guy, but I am off today, so I’ll take it. And because I’m off and have no content planned, I wanted to drop by and unload some things that I’ve got going on here at FFZ. To make this dry post more palatable, I will interject random pictures of my cat.

“This is my shitty eyesore of a beach chair.

When my human tries to throw it out, I cry like I’m being murdered.”

First and foremost, I’m cutting back to three weekday updates for the month of April. So, that’ll mean Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Marvel Monday will stay, but more on that in a bit. Wednesdays and Fridays will be whatever I’ve got on hand for the day, but I do anticipate getting some new Transformers soon, so those will probably get reviewed on Wednesdays. This new rotation won’t effect Anime Saturdays. I’ve been pretty good about keeping up on those, and they’ll still be dropping in whenever I get time.

“You can write your stupid toy reviews later. I’m sleeping!”

There are a few reasons for the change-up. Firstly, I have a few bigger reviews to write this month and it’ll help get me the time I need to put in on those. Secondly, it’s going to be a busy month for me at work, and rather than try to keep up and get stressed out and fail, I thought I’d be proactive. I’m also woefully behind on updating my Index of Reviews and hopefully this will give me the time to do that. Finally, the main reason I was doing four weekday posts was to accommodate all the Transformers and DC content, and I don’t have as much to cover when it comes to those brands, so I feel I can lose a day and still get a good variety each week. Now, does this mean I’ll be going back to normal in May? We’ll see. If I don’t feel like I’m falling behind, I may keep it this way, but I don’t have to decide that now.

“You better run, human! I am charging my eye-lasers!”

OK, so on to Marvel Mondays. Right now, I go through each wave of Marvel Legends together. So I look at all the packaged figures, then check out the Build-A-Figure, and then I move on to the next. I’ve thought about it a bit and I’ve decided that after I finish looking at the Okoye Wave, I will no longer be reviewing Marvel Legends by the wave. There are a few reasons for this. First, there are figures that I want to review that I may not get to for a long time if I’m going strictly by wave. Second, I have a big backlog and I don’t want to invest five or six consecutive weeks of Marvel Mondays going back to look at the Sandman Wave or something like that. This way, I can mix it up, look at newer releases then go back and look at older figures. When I do review the last figure in a wave, I’ll follow it up with the Build-A-Figure, and I’ll try to do it on the same day. I’ve also been working on creating a new page that will lay out all the Marvel Legends reviews by wave.

“If I guard the guitar, human cannot torture me with his awful playing.”

That’s it! If anything changes, I’ll post an update! Enjoy your holiday or your day off or whatever you have to celebrate today and I’ll catch ya tomorrow on Marvel Monday!


By figurefanzero

2 comments on “Happy Easter! …Here’s some administrative bullshit!

  1. I love so many of your toy reviews and such…but I think this is one of the most awesome posts with the kitty being in them! 🙂

    I definitely appreciate both the structure and the change–as you said on the Marvel waves, that holds you up if you keep to the predictable structure…and where’s the fun in it if you feel you’re slogging through ’em to get to the stuff you want to write about?

    Also appreciate the housekeeping/administrative stuff. I tend to keep myself to what I call the (week)daily posting at most (Monday-Friday); with the odd weekend post here or there (though usually I’ll do Facebook rants on the Page with a shared link or something on weekends).

    I’m definitely of the mindset that when your blog isn’t your primary income/job, it needs to be fun, and NOT a chore/stressor/etc. Last summer I got to where I felt like I was going to work, and then coming home to do “homework” to get a blog post ready for the next day, and finally forced myself off the 17-month streak of every Mon-Fri; I just did a 1-month streak with March and might let myself get back into it for a bit; but time’ll tell.

    Anyway…always like the behind the scenes posts with blogs (reminds me I’m not the only ‘human’; and absolutely always love cat-posts!

    Have an excellent week!

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