Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Boarrior by The Four Horsemen

Happy day after Christmas, folks! I hope the holidays treated you well and I once again apologize for not delivering my usual Christmas Day content. It was a day spent getting badly needed rest and with my family. But now I’m recharged and ready to have at Mythic Legions Wednesday and with the taste of the holiday ham still lingering in my memory, today I’m going for one of the oddball figures in the Advent of Decay series… The Boarrior!

He’s not an Elf or Skeleton, nor is he a Human or Vampire. The Boarrior are dwarf-pig hybrids employed as shock troops by The Legion of Arethyr, and known to be rather nasty little beasties. These little bundles of porcine awesomeness are comprised of a wonderful mix of parts, many of which hearken back to the original run of Mythic Legions. Like the Dwarves, the Boarrior use the regular sized trunk, arms and waist pieces, while kitted out with shorter legs, and in this case hooves for feet. The full plate armor is taken directly from this line’s beginnings and looks as great as ever. It’s colored with a dingy and well-worn iron finish with silver paint highlighting the edges and rivets, and some red paint used for some of the trim. The waist piece consists of plate armor for the hips and the sculpted leather scale hanging down to protect his piggy jumblies and if you turn him around you can see his adorable little pig tail hanging out the back of the armor. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, T4H’s ability to sculpt and paint plastic to look like real weathered metal never ceases to amaze me!

As always, the figure comes with pauldrons that peg into the back and beef up his armor. In this case, they’re recycled from the jagged and crude looking Orc armor that seems totally appropriate for this savage little fellow. Indeed, without them I think his armor looks a tad too sophisticated for such a creature. But toss them on and it makes him look more brutish. The Boarrior also comes with a standard brown sword belt, and while he doesn’t have any swords or daggers in his arsenal, I think it works well for his mace.

The head sculpt is completely unique and it’s a beauty! The snout and jowls protrude outward pretty far and feature sculpted fur as well as two powerful tusks protruding from his mouth. The head is protected by a crude looking helmet, which is cast as part of the head sculpt and painted in a copper finish to match the shoulder pauldrons. You also get some silver around the edges and on the large rivets. Some cracks and wear back up the bit in the bio that says these guys sometimes like to toss their weapons and just ram things. And speaking of tossing weapons, let’s check out the gear he comes with!

We’ve already seen the mace tucked into his belt. This baby has a head that looks like it could bash in just about any plate armor and make pretty quick work of skulls too. It’s painted silver with a wash to give it a worn look. I’ve had maces included with a couple of figures up to this point, but this one is a completely different sculpt than what I’ve had before. It’s nice to have a new and novel weapon after opening so many figures with basically the same swords.

Next up is this primitive looking axe. Like the mace, this one has turned up before, but very infrequently. The handle is sculpted to look like a piece of bone and the blade is painted as well worn metal. I think this weapon is particularly well suited to The Boarrior because it reminds me of the axe included with Kenner’s old Gamorrean Guard from Return of the Jedi.

And finally, we have the giant hammer, and this completes a trifecta of weapons that I’ve seen before, but just not very often. This is a favorite of mine, not only because it looks so powerful, but the sculpt is just gorgeous. It also conveys just how strong these tiny oinkers must be to be able to wield such an obviously heavy weapon, which is almost as tall as he is! The hammer is finished off with a silver paint and some black wash, similar to the mace.

As much as I love this guy, The Boarrior almost didn’t make the final cut of my Advent of Decay purchase list. As I was crunching my budget he came off a few times, only to get included back in. In the end, I’m very glad I opted to get him. Not only is he a great looking figure, but he adds that little extra bit of variety to a line that is made up predominantly of larger factions. And the more diverse Mythic Legions gets, the better I like it!  I’d love to see T4H produce a Boarrior Legion Builder somewhere down the road, because as a regular figure he’s a bit pricey to troop build, but at the same time, I feel like I need at least a trio of these little piggies. Considering the head sculpt is completely unique, I’d imagine they’re looking for a way to reuse it and get a little more money out of it, and I’m quite excited to see what that will entail!

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