Marvel Monday Postponed Due To Plague

Nope, I’m not sick. And thank God for that. I did, however, spend the weekend recouping in self-quarantine from a ridiculously harsh work week. I spent a little time working on content, but I didn’t get anything finished. Instead I laid around, drank whiskey, slept, kept up with the news, and read a bunch of comics. It was a good, restful weekend and I really needed it. Oh yeah, I also had plenty of quality time with the cats. And I got a few cool comics in the mail, and I’ll share some pictures of those below. If nothing else, cats and comics have been a nice diversion for me this past week.

“Jeez… are you going to be home all weekend, human? We’re trying to sleep!”

So, I work for what has been deemed an “Essential” business, so instead of getting to stay home and wait for this to blow over, I’ve been putting in ten to twelve hour days at work last week. I imagine this week will be the same. I don’t mind it so much. I feel good that we’re getting food and supplies to people who need it. Even if they don’t need it. It makes them feel like they’re in control when they buy stuff. I’m not crazy about being in contact with so many people every day, but I’m trying to be smart about it. Besides, I’m still a few years on the right side of 50, and apart from the fact that my liver has been marinating in Jameson for the past 25 years, I suppose I’m probably healthy enough to handle a dose of it if I have to. But I’d rather not have to.

Slabbed “Web of Black Widow.” Virgin Cover by Shannon Maer. 379 of 600 copies. Signed!  

It’s likely that I’m going to be just sleeping and working a lot this week, so I really don’t know that I’ll have a lot of time to get anything done on the blog. It’s frustrating because I felt like I was on the road to returning to business as usual. It’s also frustrating because I rely on FFZ to take my mind off of things. But sometimes you just have to look around and realize there’s more important stuff going on, and pushing myself to finish updates is just going to stress me out and result in crap updates.

Gwen Stacy #1 Variant Covers by J. Scott Campbell. Signed! 

So, right now my goal is to get Marvel Monday done before the end of the week. I can’t really afford to miss any Marvel Legends reviews if I ever want to get caught up. Plus that review is like 80% done anyway. I’ll likely leave it at that, but if I do get a burst of energy and some free time later in the week, maybe I’ll shoot for two updates this week. We’ll see how it all works out.

Amazing Mary Jane #1. J. Scott Campbell Cover. Signed!

As of right now, the State of Florida is not under official Lockdown, but they have closed most non-essential businesses and even restaurants are only allowed to provide take out. I only went out once yesterday, to get gas and help my brother with some stuff, and it seemed like there weren’t a lot of people about. I should make it through today without setting foot outside. Although, to be fair, that’s my idea of a perfect day off even without the raging Pandemic.

And that’s all I’ve got. Be safe everyone. Be smart. Be kind and respectful of each other. And I hope to catch you all at the end of the week!

8 comments on “Marvel Monday Postponed Due To Plague

  1. Cool comics, man! I, too, am a J Scott Campbell fan. All those Cliffhager guys are amazing talents.
    Do you remember Nintendo Power magazine? You’re my age; I’m sure you do. I bet you have some copies in your collection!
    In one of the early issues, there was a contest to design a game of your own. The winner got props for the coolest design and I’m sure there was a prize attached. Then they published your art and stuff in the mag.
    I remember thinking the winner, with a game called Lockarm, was awesome – just the best pick! It was a young J Scott Campbell!!! Craziness. Some talented kid who read NPM!

    Anyway, stay safe FFZ!

  2. It’s really nice to see your kitties settling in so well. It looks like they’ve definitely made themselves at home!

    But yeah, we live in some crazy times right now. I’m still in the office today but we are probably down to 5% of our usual staffing levels; everyone else is working from home. It’s a bit eerie, and a bit scary. I half-expect the dead to rise and craving for brains to consume.

  3. South Africa goes on lockdown as of midnight Thursday. I work from home already, so no big change for me. My wife’s a pharmacist though. It’s really worrying having her on the front lines of this.

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