Marvel Mondays Out… Mythic Legions Mondays In!

Yup. It’s a big change, since Marvel Monday has been an ongoing tradition around here for the better part of half a decade! But, for the rest of the year, at least, I’m going to be pushing Marvel reviews into the regular rotation and bringing forward a weekly Mythic Legions review for each Monday.

A big reason for doing this, is that I have so many wonderful Mythic Legions figures waiting to be reviewed, many waiting for well over a year! At the same time, I’m anticipating a sharp decline in my interest in Disney’s upcoming MCU projects and my Marvel Legends purchases are going to reflect that. I skipped The Eternals Wave, and I’m not interested in any figures from Loki. The main reason I bought the What If? Wave was to get The Watcher BAF. I’m not quitting, not by any means, and I have a lot of Legends to still get caught up on, but I know I won’t be chasing as many waves nor buying as many Legends figures. There will be some weeks where Marvel doesn’t show up, but I’ll still keep coming back to it.

So, I decided that coming out of the Halloween shake-up, now would be a good time to do this until the end of the year and see how it goes and I’ll kick it off next Monday. In the meantime, come on back on Wednesday and I’ll have a brand spankin new review of something ready to go!

By figurefanzero

One comment on “Marvel Mondays Out… Mythic Legions Mondays In!

  1. Yanno I was going to say “Hey, but there are way more people who collect Marvel Legends than Mythic Legions! You’re gonna lose readership!” But then I look at the Eternals wave and think, “Okay maybe not. >.>”

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