Moving #2: Another Week Off…

I had planned on being back this week, but work is kicking my ass, along with all the hassles and stresses of moving. This has been a productive week, but not one that has been good for my mental well-being. I am officially in the new house and I’d say I’m over the hump as far as getting things moved over here. My cats came over on Friday and that was when I spent my first night here. I’ll now be making trips back and forth with the rest of the stuff, and ultimately getting a mover to grab a few pieces of furniture that I’m bringing over, including my main gaming TV. That should be within the next two weeks so I can wrap up and settle in.

I had hoped to have some toy and collectible related pictures, but truth be told I’ve been focusing most of my time on getting my Game Room set up, and I’ll share some pictures of how that’s going. I’ve got some Toy Closets in progress and have just started setting up some of the Toy Room!

I am doing my best to get some content ready to go for next week, but I’m not ready to make that a 100% promise. But, believe me, I’m looking forward to getting back on routine and getting reviews going up on a regular basis again. I’ll update again when I know something for sure! In the meantime, here’s some of what I’ve been up to…

Retro Computer Central!
Switch, Evercade, MyArcade Minis, Etc!
More Portables, including: Nintendo DS, 3DS, Gameboy Advance, and Sony PSP!
Xbox and SEGA!
Nintendo! NES, SNES, N64!
Atari 2600 and 7800!
Intellivision… Colecovision below it, but not pictured!
Odds and Ends with some Videogame Figures starting to go up!
By figurefanzero

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