Mythic Legions (Arethyr): Vorthogg by The Four Horsemen

Hey, it’s another Mythoss Monday, and I feel like I’m finally getting back into the swing of things! Today I’m checking out the penultimate figure in my series of reviews from the Arethyr Wave. While this assortment was named for the Demon Horde that invaded Mythoss, it also gave us a nice variety of Mythoss’ non-demonic inhabitants, including today’s Orc Warlord: Vorthogg!

According to his bio, Vorthogg was responsible for training the Legion of Arethyr, but his true allegiance still lies with The Orc Queen, Urkzaa. I’m not sure how that works, as the bio is a little vague on the matter. Is Vorthogg just playing one side against the other? Training the Legion to go up against his enemies? Was he an employee or an independent contractor? Does it really matter? Nah. Let’s tear this package open and see what we got!

I see some new stuff! Keep in mind, if it’s new to me, it’s just because I haven’t seen it on another figure that I reviewed yet, so your experiences may differ! Now, with that having been said, I don’t recall seeing this cuirass, belt, and hip armor before, and I think it’s pretty damn cool! The cuirass is painted a lighter silver than most of the Orc armor, suggesting Vorthogg actually takes care of some of his equipment. It has some wonderful gold rivets, and painted brown straps. You also get some pretty cool scrapes on his left breast where it came in contact with enemy blades. I love that little touch! The belt is pretty elaborate, and while the hip armor has some bright silver plates and copper chainmail showing through, it’s mostly painted in the dark iron finish that we see on a lot of the Orc armor.

Everything else from the waist down is stuff we’ve seen before plenty of times. The upper arms and upper legs are bare and painted in your standard shade of orc green. The forearm bracers and lower leg armor are jagged, crude, and pitted like I’m used to seeing on Orc gear. It’s also worth noting that Vorthogg comes out of the package with bare feet, but he also has booted feet, which I’m going to use to display him.

You get two head sculpts with the figure, the first is sans helmet, offering a great look at Vorthogg’s ugly mug. He has a full beard, which is painted black but left with some green highlights, and a bald pate framed by his tall, pointed ears. His facial features make for a bold sculpt, with deep lines, a protruding bottom lip, and yellow teeth jutting up out of each corner of his broad mouth. He’s got deep set yellow eyes, with some serious bags under them. This is an excellent portrait that just oozes character. We’ll check out the other head in just a bit.

As usual, you get a pair of shoulders, but you also get a piece of fur to put around his neck, and boy do these look great together! The shoulders are finished with the same dark iron and pitted finish as his extremities’ armor, with tall spikes surrounding his head to keep him from getting easily decapitated by a lucky opportunistic opponent. The front corners have copper painted discs and the fur piece hangs down between them to keep him warm on those cold Mythoss nights. Or maybe that’s Queen Urkzaa’s job? Either way, this guy just looks phenomenal when he’s all kitted out! Let’s have a look at the rest of his gear!

Vorthogg’s features the large and stout sword that we first saw associated with the Dwarves. It’s painted to match the dark portions of his armor, and I have to say I think this blade suits him better than it does the Dwarves! It’s both crude and massive, and it looks right at home in Vorthogg’s hands! Besides, it’s not a sword that gets recycled a lot, so it still feels nice and fresh to me!

Next up is Vorthogg’s shield, which is borrowed from the Elves. This one I think is a tad bit more of a reach. My first assessment is that this ornate and highly stylized design feels a bit too fancy for an Orc Warlord, but I think the paint job makes it work. The lighter matte steel finish looks great and the brass rivets and red stones add just the right touch of color. Of course, I can always write these accessory choices off as characters picking up trophies from the battlefield, and I’d like to think Vorthogg had to slay a pretty important Elf to claim this shield. Either way, this is another accessory that isn’t seen a lot, so I’m happy to have another!

And last on the accessory list is a very old and familiar one… The original war hammer! It seemed like everyone released in the original Kickstarter either had one of these, or the ubiquitous battle ax. I’ll confess I got tired of seeing this so often back in the day, but I can’t say as I mind seeing it again now. It’s still a beautiful sculpt and it definitely suits Vorthogg!

And before wrapping up, here’s a look at the alternate head. This one also hails from the very beginnings of Mythic Legions and it isn’t terribly exciting to me, as we’ve seen it many times. Not that there’s nothing wrong with it. I still enjoy all the little dents in the helmet and the one nick taken out of the crest. I also like the war paint added to the chin here. I just can’t imagine displaying the figure with this head, seeing as the other one has so much personality.

Upon opening this figure, I silently challenged The Four Horsemen to get me excited about another Orc and by God they sure did it! Vorthogg is probably my favorite Orc released in the line so far, and I’d like to think that’s based on his merits, and not because whatever new Mythic Legions figure I open is automatically my new favorite. Although, that may not be far off the mark. But in this case, I think the design just acme together so perfectly, and I definitely get a strong Warcraft vibe off of him, which sure ain’t a bad thing! I think he almost got cut from my purchases in this assortment, as I was trying to stick to a budget, but I’m damn sure he made the cut in the end. Next Monday, I’ll wrap up the Arethyr with the big boi himself. Arethyr is coming… and his horse too!!

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