Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Morgolyth by The Four Horsemen

It’s another Mythoss Monday, and today I’m finishing up with my reviews of Necronominus’ unholy trinity of offspring. We’ve checked out boney brothers, Malleus and Mandibulus, and here comes their skelly sister, Morgolyth!

Morgolyth released as part of Advent of Decay, the second major assortment of Mythic Legions releases. She’s billed as the High Priestess of The Congregation of Necronominus, which sounds damned impressive, even if I’m not entirely sure what it is! She’s also described as being less savage than her brothers, and possessing the ability to see through the eyes of her dead soldiers. I’m assuming that means her undead soldiers, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a terribly useful skill! Either way, let’s open up this package and check her out!

Hot damn, Morgolyth is certainly one of the more distinctive figures I’ve checked out in this line. She utilizes some skeletal limbs that we’ve seen before, mixed with some of the armor bits introduced in Advent of Decay. I don’t recall having seen this torso before, but whatever the case all the components here add up to one amazing looking battle priestess! Her armor is a gorgeous mix of metallic purple and silver, and I absolutely love the design of her chest piece, which evokes a ribcage. The shiny ornate armor contrasts beautifully with her exposed, yellowed bones. A sculpted plastic skirt hangs down dead center and below her belt, while the outfit is punctuated with two scalloped shoulders and a purple cape.

And as great as her armor looks, it’s hard for the eye not to be immediately drawn to her elaborate head dress. This silver ceremonial helmet angles up high above her head and is bisected by her masked face, leaving only the lower half of her boney face exposed. This whole piece is an absolute triumph of sculpt and design, with some beautiful scrollwork etched into it and a hammered finish. It strikes me as an awesome marrying of ancient tribal culture with something vaguely alien. It’s both beautiful and nightmarish, and I absolutely love it.

Morgolyth may be a High Priestess, but she comes packing some serious gear. For starters, she has a standard knightly cruciform sword, here appearing with a gold hilt and a silver blade. You all know by now how much I love this sword, and while it feels a little superfluous here, I’m never going to complain about getting another one! I guess it’s good to have a trusty blade on hand for when Heavensbrand’s do-gooders storm your temple, your skeletal minions are falling all around you, and the proverbial shit has hit the fan.

A little more her style is this elegant hooked dagger and sheath. This accessory was introduced in Advent of Decay and we’ve seen it wielded by both Elves and Vampires alike. It looks great with the hilt and scabbard done up in a metallic purple to match her armor.

Next up is this oversized ceremonial sword, which is quite the flashy piece! It’s got a two-handed grip, a spiked pommel, a crazy-looking guard, and an even crazier shaped blade, which looks like it would be perfect for ceremonial beheadings. Yes, it’s a tad ostentatious for my taste, but it’s an elegant piece and very befitting of our skeletal priestess.

The final accessory is this mystical staff, which wields untold powers. At least those powers are untold in her biography. The gold shaft includes a topper, which is painted in metallic purple and silver to match her armor, because proper accessorizing is important, even for necromancers! I have been swapping out between this and the big sword for her primary display weapon. They both look great!

I know I say this a lot, but Morgolyth may be one of my new favorite figures in this line! Yes, I’m partial to the skeletons, and while I love me some tried and true boney warriors, it’s cool to have a High Priestess around to hold some unholy rituals, raise more ranks from the dead, and do some dark spell-slinging. But even laying all that aside, this is just one drop-dead gorgeous figure. From the beautiful design of her armor and headdress to the wonderfully snappy colors, Morgolyth is quite simply a showpiece for the collection.

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