Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Wings!!! by The Four Horsemen

As promised, I pushed Mythoss Monday to Friday this week, so I could get on with my infatuation with the Playmobil Enterprise. And while we’re on the subject, that shit took a lot out of me, so I’m sort of phoning it in today. I’m not going to check out a figure today, but rather some accessories. When Advent of Decay came along, TFH released a number of wing sets to customize your figures with, and I’m here to look at ALL OF THEM!!! No, wait. I didn’t mean all of them, I meant two of them, because that’s all I bought.

If you’re looking for fancy wing accessory packaging, look elsewhere! These came in plastic bags with yellow printed labels telling you what they are. And to be honest, these almost got thrown away with the bubblewrap when I got my huge shipment of figures, because I completely forgot I ordered any. The two I’m checking out today are the Black Feather Wings and the Bone Wings. Let’s just go in that order!

I’m using the vampyre Carpathias to model the Black Wings, because he’s a vampyre and they sometimes have wings. Yeah, the feathered wings are a bit of a stretch, but I really didn’t have another figure that I saw as a better fit. Now, if we had some black and purple demon wings, that would be perfect! Still, these don’t look too shabby. I illustrated how the wings worked with the Arethyr Review, but if you missed it, they simply plug into one of the adapter pieces that come with pretty much every figure, and that plugs into the back. Things can get a little more complicated because the size of the slot in the back varies from the first assortment to later ones, but I’m not getting into all that. And yes, you can plug the wings directly into the sockets used for the shoulder armor, and I’ll demonstrate that with the Bone Wings.

The wings attach with hinged pegs, which allow for a lot of posing possibilities coming away from the body, and you also get hinges where they crest, so they can be spread outward. The downside with these are that they’re pretty heavy and the hinged pegs don’t always hold them in place for a long time. Combine that with the way they have a habit of popping out of the sockets, and it can be a lot of trouble to make them stay put. And while I think these do look pretty damn good on Carpathia, I’m not about to display him with them all the time, so maybe I’ll just put them away until a more appropriate figure comes along. Let’s move on to the Bone Wings…

For the Bone Wings, I’m using the Skeleton Soldier, and here I just plugged them directly into the shoulder sockets. The color of the bone isn’t a perfect match for this figure, but it’s close enough that it still looks pretty good. The Bone Wings seem pretty useless, as I can’t see how anyone is going to fly with these, but I do think they look absolutely bitchin;, especially on this figure. Plugging them directly into the shoulder holes gives them a little more stability, and you don’t have the unsightly adapter in the back. But, these wings are also not nearly as heavy and bulky as the feathered wings, so they are all around easier to deal with.

You get the same articulation here as we saw on the Black Wings, and I find these are a bit easier to pose. Unlike the Black Wings on Carpathia, these look ride at home sprouting from this Skellie’s back, and they work really well with any of the regular flavor Skeletons. I may actually keep one of my Skeleton Soldiers equipped with them!

I want to say these were around $15 to 20 per set, but I honestly don’t remember. They’re definitely cool options for display, but I don’t really have any desire to get more. When Mythic Legions drops new assortment of figures, I’m usually trying to squeeze every penny to get as many figures as I can, and buying extra parts like these, just cuts into that figure money. In the end, I’m happy I picked up the Bone Wings, but I could have easily done without the Black Wings.

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