Marvel Legends (The Watcher Wave): The Watcher Build-A-Figure by Hasbro

It’s that time again! Time to try to figure out where I put all the BAF parts for a wave that were accumulated over the span of the last five weeks! Actually, I was smart this time and put them aside with all the figures so I could do the obligatory group shot at the end. But, before we take a quick look at The Watcher BAF, it’s story time! I was originally going to skip this wave entirely because I wasn’t into the Disney+ What If? series and Diamond Select had their own Watcher figure coming out. I pre-ordered it, but my pre-order was summarily cancelled because apparently the company that took my pre-order likes to take pre-orders for product they aren’t going to be able to fill. I won’t call them out by name, because I’m above such pettiness, but let’s just say that its a company that sells Entertainment products to people who live on Earth.

And so, here we are checking out The Watcher BAF! Yes, this bulbous headed bastard is the main reason I bought this wave, and I can’t say I’m sorry I did. Now, this particular figure is based on his appearance in the What If? series, so I guess you could say he’s an MCU Watcher, but the design is certainly close enough that he could pass for a modern comic appearance. The Diamond Select figure was a more classic comic look, which I still would have preferred, but as far as consolation prizes go, this guy is not at all bad.

The assembly here was a tad different than the usual plug four limbs and a head into a body deal we usually get with these BAFs. Sure, you still had four limbs and a head, but the body came an an upper and lower piece, with the skirt piece getting sandwiched between them. There is also the piece of his costume which extends up behind his head, which plugs into the back. Still, Hasbro was able to bundle all the parts over just six figures, as Zombie Cap didn’t include one at all. The physical assembly was a real pain in the ass, because the bottom of the torso took a ridiculous amount of force to get it to plug into the top. I seriously thought I was going to break the thing, but eventually the peg popped in securely. The arms were also really tough to get plugged in, but we got there in the end.

I really dig this guy’s robes, even if the lower portion renders all the articulation in his legs completely useless. You can make minor adjustments to get him to stand, but it seems like a waste to have given him full knee and hip articulation. Maybe these pieces will be recycled at some point, but it seems unlikely. You do get full articulation in the arms, although the wizard robe cuff on the right arm looks funny unless you have the arm positioned so the cuff is falling about the arm downward and not defying gravity. Still, the blue and gold combo looks nice, especially when accompanied by The Watcher’s orange skin.

The head sculpt is excellent, even if this Watcher’s head isn’t quite as bulbous as I would have liked. I mean, his noggin is big, but not as creepily disproportionate to the body as good old Jack Kirby’s version, and I do prefer the more classic look. Still, the sculpted definition of the face here is just beautifully done, and combined with that judgmental pout and those empty eyes, I think this head sculpt is quite a work of art.

And that’s really all I have to say about this guy. I think he’s a great figure, but I still wouldn’t mind picking up the Diamond Select release, as this guy doesn’t quite scratch that itch for having a classic Watcher on my shelf. And since it does seem to be popping up here and there online at or close to retail, I’d say there’s a good chance that you might see that figure reviewed here at some point in the near future.

All in all, it was an interesting trip through this assortment, as this is one of the first times I completed a Marvel Legends wave that I had so little interest in, just to get all the BAF pieces. But with that having been said, most of these figures surprised me in some way or another, and when all is said and done, I think Sylvie is the only one of the bunch that I genuinely have no use for. Nebula and Star-Lord are fun, Zombie Hunter Spidey is actually a great little Spider-Man figure, especially if you toss away the Cloak. Zombie Cap and Strange Supreme are both awesome, and Captain Carter may be my favorite of the assortment. There are some great sculpts on display here, and the running theme of this assortment has been the bright and vibrant colors on most of the figures. I was pleasantly surprised by these!

4 comments on “Marvel Legends (The Watcher Wave): The Watcher Build-A-Figure by Hasbro

  1. I have had the Marvel Select Watcher on my shelf for like 10 years, and yeah he looks much more like his classic comic appearance. But that guy is a real pain to keep standing upright; his ginormous melon is so heavy, it puts a lot of stress on his ankles such that even though his legs are a solid, non-articulated piece made of very stiff plastic, the ankles still warp over time. And when he takes a dive…. oh boy, it’s literally a bowling ball down the lane.

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