Toy Tour #2

As promised last week, I’m doing the second part of my look at some of my collection. Last time we checked out the main Toy Room, this time we’re looking at some of the other displays, closets, and places where I’ve managed to tuck toys around the house. Some of today’s tour will venture more into the realm of collectibles, but it’s still stuff that I review here fairly regularly. Apologies in advance for some of the pictures, but in some cases I had to really wing it and some of these shots came out really shitty. Let’s start with some closets! I have a couple of walk in closets that serve as mini Toy Rooms. Right now these are part storage and part display. They’re sizeable, but it’s tough to really get a wide shot because there’s only so much room to back up. So here’s the first one…

To the right in this closet is where all of my Titan Class Transformers live, and I’m kind of glad I don’t have any interest in the Cybertron Metroplex, because I’m out of room for Titans. There are also some Combiners and other miscellaneous Bots. I’d like to have these in the Toy Room, but to be honest, I’m just grateful to have a shelf anywhere that’s big enough for them all. There are a few of these I still haven’t reviewed on the site, and that’s because it’s a real pain in the ass to cobble together a backdrop and lighting to deal with their size. Maybe one day I will get the time.

Above the Titans shelf is a mix of Hasbro and Takara boxes. The Unite Warriors boxes have the Takara Aerialbots and Combaticons in them. Rey’s Speeder and the Snowspeeder are both in their boxes, and so is Masterpiece Grimlock. The two Star Wars helmet boxes are empty, we’ll see those on display later. Under the Titans is a little Voltron action, including the Classic Playmates release, Super7’s Ultimate(ly disappointing) Voltron, and Toynami’s excellent Plastipiece Voltron Gift SEt. The boxes have some Marvel Universe, Funko Pops, the first waves of Vitruvian Hacks, and parts for a DIY Dungeon Display that I’ve been working on for Mythic Legions. Get used to seeing these Banker Boxes, as we’ll be seeing a lot more!

On the left side of the Closet is some ordered chaos. I tried to keep the Transformers theme going a bit with my boxed Masterpiece figures along with some third party sets (Feral Rex and Warbotron). The corner has some more boxed Combiners, some Titans Return Leader Class figures, a boxed GI JOE ROCC, and some Fwoosh Ninjas.

Lots of randomness in the lower shelves! Some NECA, some newer Vitruvian HACKS, some RED Transformers, and some TBLeague 1:12 Scale figures. Also some RoboCop from NECA and HIYA and about six Banker Boxes of containing my Masters of the Universe Classics. There’s a lot of fine tuning I’d like to do in here when I get a chance, but I still like coming in here every now and then, as it gives off a half display room, half toy store vibe. Let’s check out the second Toy Closet.

The left side of this Closet is dominated by my Doctor Who collection. It’s mostly Classic Who with my NuWho figures in the Banker Boxes in the corner. I’d like to get it all out on display, but just what’s here takes up so much space. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. I have a lot of boxed sets to open, and I’d like to start reviewing some of them. I might make a push for that next month.

More Doctor Who up top. Some boxed Big Chief Sixth-Scale figures, the 11th Doctor’s Console Room Playset and a few of those Time Zone playsets for the 3 3/4-inch figures. My boxed Sideshow Sixth-Scale GI JOE figures are up in the corner as are the empty boxes for Hot Toys Thanos and the Tarken/Vader set.

The middle back wall has a lot of my boxed Eaglemoss ships, as well as a bunch of carded ReAction figures. I can see Alien, Robotech, and Evil Dead in there. Also, the Zica Toys Sectaurs.

To the right is MOTUC Castle Grayskull with Green Granamyr and the Talon Fighter. Eventually, I’d like to extend this shelf outward to the back of the closet and display more MOTU Classics stuff here.

Under Grayskull is what I lovingly refer to as The Tombs. These are Sixth-Scale figures which no longer have original boxes. I keep them in these plastic cases with bubblewrap. These are mostly Sideshow and Hot Toys, but there’s also some TBLeague and other stuff mixed in. I have some display space open and I need to go through and decide which ones to put out. Above Grayskull are Sixth-Scale boxes, some contain figures, others are empty and the figures are on display. Well, those are the Toy Closets, let’s have a look at the Vintage Display Case.

This is repurposed china cabinet which houses some of the toys I had as a kid. A small portion of these collections are my originals, while the rest is what I’ve managed to build back up over the years. The right side is all Kenner MASK and I’m only missing Gator to have all the first series vehicles. I’m going to try to hunt a nice one down before the end of the year.

The center is all Kenner Star Wars, with a few modern pieces, like the TIE Fighter and the Jabba the Hutt wall. A majority of the figures are complete, but a few are missing some weapons. I only need a handful of figures to complete my pre Power of the Force collection. I haven’t bought any in a while, and I really need to just wrap this collection up.

The left side of the case has my LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons collection with most of the original figures, but none of the later and scarcer ones. I have loved these figures since I was a kid and I’m looking forward to the McFarlane versions. Below that is my very modest collection of four Wheeled Warriors. This is another line I’d like to complete someday but they are getting pricey! The bottom has some TRON figures and vehicles. The original movie figures are NECA’s reissues. I lost my originals a while back. The Light Cycles are all Spinmaster’s TRON LEGACY releases. Let’s head on over to what I call the Comic Office…

Because it’s mostly Comic Book themed! This office is something of a dream come true for me. It’s something I always wanted to set up and I’m very pleased with how it came out. This is where I pay bills, read emails, and catalog and back and board my comic books. The Zenescope short boxes under the desk are the bulk of my Zenescope floppies. I’ve been a fan for a while and I’d say I am pretty damn close to a complete collection of books, though obviously not variants because that would be ridiculous!

To the right of the desk I have my J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasy statues that Sideshow released along with some of the corresponding prints. Red Riding Hood and Tink are both Exclusives and came with the metal art cards and Alice is actually signed on the mushroom by Mr. Campbell. The Little Mermaid is the second issue recolor, because I hadn’t decided to collect these yet when the original came out and now that one is way too pricey for me. The Red Riding Hood print is also signed by Campbell.

To the right of those is a little Zenescope corner. I have the three bishoujo-style figures that Zenescope released as Kickstarters, as well as three of the Sixth-Scale figures (Robyn Hood, Liesel Van Helsing, and Mercy Dante) they licensed out to Phicen. Sadly, I’m missing Keres, which was the fourth and final release. Below these are a bunch of the limited metal character lunchboxes. I have six, but haven’t kept up with the last few releases.

Behind the desk are some trades and boarded floppies. Most of the ones displayed on top are signed of limited. Yeah, I have a lot of signed J. Scott Campbell variants!

To the left of that is my little Marvel/DC action figure corner, which was shown in the pictures for the Haslab Galactus unboxing on Wednesday. Some people might be surprised that this is all that I have on display of Marvel Legends, but there are just too many to put out, so I settle for a little smattering of X-Men and Fantastic Four. I have to pull the Terrax BAF out to put on the table with the other Heralds.

The bookcases to the left of that are dominated by some Premium Format statues. The Batman Returns Catwoman was my first and I actually one that in one of Sideshow’s giveaways. Beside her is Domino on her Days of Future Cash slot machine. There’s a Covergirls of the DC Universe Catwoman between them. Eventually I will hang that graded Catwoman #1 up top and between them. Below them are some crowdfunded comics, including my Kamen America books, some Lady Death and Hellwitch books, and some art books. To the left is the Abby Chase Premium Format along with a signed Danger Girl print behind her. She is the Exclusive with the metal art card. And beside that is the Spider-Man and Mary Jane maquette based on J. Scott Campbell’s cover. Below those are some Danger Girl and Campbell art books and a random Power Girl Bishoujo from Kotobukiya.

Above these are Kotobukiya’s ArtFX Justice League and Avengers. And all the way up top I have some Marvel Legends boxed sets and a bunch of Diamond Select Gallery Statues. I had a lot more of these at one point, but I let some go before I last moved.

The little closet here contains all my loose Marvel Legends figures as well as my DC Universe Classics collection. Yup, more Banker Boxes! I really love these for holding bagged figures, as they’re big enough to hold a lot, but not so big that they get too heavy to move. I just wouldn’t recommend them for storing figures in a garage or attic. These boxes are fairly well organized so when I need a figure for a comparison shot in a review I can usually put my hands on it in a reasonable amount of time.

Across from the closet I have one last bookcase with some more statues and a couple of Hasbro’s Marvel helmets up top. The top shelf has my only Bowen Statue, 1970’s Ms. Marvel with a signed variant cover by J. Scott Campbell. Next to that is a Sheena statue by Dynamite Comics, based on the Campbell cover, which is signed and graded. The Dynamite Comic statues are not very good, and I’ll probably put this one away eventually. If Sideshow did Sheena as a Premium Format, I’d be all over that! The next shelf down are three DC Statues. Adam Hughes DC Designer Wonder Woman, Frank Cho Wonder Woman, and Bombshells Harley Quinn. Next down is a DST Spider-Man which I haven’t put up top yet, the Mezco One:12 Christopher Reeve Superman, and below that are the boxes for the three Zenescope Bishoujos.

Phew! And before leaving, here’s the Premium Format Dejah Thoris, who sits on the corner of my desk and distracts me from doing any work. We’re going to finish up in the TV Room, but we’ll make a detour on the way to…

Another closet and more Banker Boxes! This is mostly NECA with a little Star Wars and Transformers thrown in. Again, all the figures are bagged with their accessories and pretty well organized. The only storage I’m not showing are the seven or eight totes in the garage, which have a smattering of LEGO sets, Transformers, Star Wars and Star Trek stuff.

The back of the TV Room houses most of the Sixth-Scale figures that I have on display and this is in the middle of being reworked on the bottom two shelves. Mostly Hot Toys/Sideshow Star Wars here with a little Marvel and some Hasbro helmets up top. I’m hoping to do a little work on this area this weekend. I’d like to fill those empty shelves and get out the Hot Toys Bruce Banner to put in front of The Hulk.

And that wraps up this trip into my own personal madness. I do still have the Game Room, which contains some toys, and I may eventually do a look at that in a couple of weeks. As for now, I’ll be back to regular reviews next week, starting with a look at the three Heralds of HasLab Galactus on Marvel Monday!

4 comments on “Toy Tour #2

  1. Again, so clean and uncluttered!

    That is indeed a small Marvel Legends display… and at this point, that’s all it deserves.

    I’m actually surprised at how much shelf space you have dedicated to Doctor Who, vintage stuff, and boxes. Half of your collection are action figures and statues, the other half is boxes!

    • It’s crazy, considering how many boxes I throw out!

      The Doctor Who stuff is the one part of my collection that I would have killed to have as a kid. If disaster struck and I had to sell almost everything, the Doctor Who figures would be one of aspects of my collection that I could not part with!

  2. Hey man, been following along on your site for years and wanted to say it’s great to see how you have set up your new home with your collection!
    I had some friends wherein just about every room in their house was setup with snakes in terrariums and enclosures – smash them together with your home and that is my heaven πŸ™‚

    Always great to see people express their passions!

    Out of the carefully curated lines I own my most nostalgic oddly are the Super 7 Thundercats – I grew up and love MOTU as well but after watching the cartoons recently they bring back childhood memories more than anything else (they have held up well, MOTU cartoons not so much…)

    Thanks for keeping this blog going, it is one of the last few written one’s out there and I still like to read rather than watch video reviews (which, sadly is about the only choice for most release review nowadays although toyhabits is happily expanding quite rapidly).


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