Gunslinger Spawn by McFarlane

Having taken that deep dive into McFarlane’s DC Multiverse has resulted in collateral wallet damage along the way. That means that I’ve been dipping into some of McFarlane’s other offerings, including Warhammer and Spawn, both of which you’ll be seeing crop up here now and then. I haven’t collected Spawn since the early 2000’s when they would turn up at KBToys Outlet and I couldn’t resist those sculpts. The closest I’ve come to checking out any here on FFZ has been a figure and statue of Angela, but those don’t really count as she has passed into Marvel’s ownership. So, let’s pop this Spawn cherry and have a look at a Spawn figure that goes right after my heart… Gunslinger Spawn!

If memory serves, I came across this figure a little while ago, but it didn’t have the chaingun, so I passed. That could be just my memory playing tricks on me, but it eventually popped up on Amazon for a ridiculously small amount of money with the chain gun, so I went for it. The box has a huge wrap-around window that shows off the figure against an orange stormy backdrop. Everything here is collector friendly, with the exception of the stand. To get that you have to rip it off the backdrop, and since I’m displaying this figure in the box for now, I don’t want the stand that bad.

Out of the box and everything about this figure just oozes badass! My love of Westerns should be well documented here, so naturally this figure is right up my alley, and there’s so much to love here! Spawn dons a red duster-style coat with some crazy lapels forming a popped collar that swirls around his head, while the coat itself fans out a bit at the bottom. The coat is cast in soft plastic with the old trick of sculpting the sleeves as part of the arms, and it looks fine here. His forearms have some vicious spiked plates strapped to them and he’s got more spikes ringing his biceps, the tops of his grieves, and the boots. So… SPIKES!!! There’s some fabulous sculpted stitching in the jacket and on his grieves, and you get some sculpted pouches on the back of his coat’s belt, which would could have used some paint. The tiny spurs on his boots look great!

And just look at all the detail in the gun belt! Double rows of cartridges, all individually painted with the belt buckle picked out in a dull silver. Similar attention to detail can be found on the holsters, which have some sculpted patterns, silver bands, and there’s a sculpted knife and more pouches on his leg. Damn, I love this stuff!

The portrait is basically Spawn in a stovepipe hat. There’s some great texturing on the hat itself. It’s ringed at the base with a silver band and skulls all around. More skulls adorn his necklace, because they just go so well with all them spikes. What can you say? The dude loves skulls and spikes! The mask has some faint contours of his face with some absolutely beautiful green eyes that practically look like they’re glowing under the shade of the hat’s brim. So cool!

The articulation here is pretty good, making for a fun figure to play with, so long as you’re careful of all those spikes. McFarlane doesn’t bother with stupid safety regulations, and these things are pretty damn sharp! The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, and double-hinged elbows, which offer a decent range of motion. There are ball joints in the hips, double-hinges in the knees, and rotating hinges in the ankles, which are a little hindered by the sculpted grieves. Finally, you get ball joints in the neck and under the chest.

Gunslinger Spawn comes with a pair of bitchin’ single action long barreled revolvers, each with some nice silver paint and twisted, demonic grips. His only sets of hands have trigger fingers, which work with these shootin’ irons quite well. These also fit comfortably in the holsters.

And the real showpiece accessory here is the chain gun, and oh boy is it a thing of beauty! It’s got a steampunk design with a demonic theme going on. The piece is decked out in silver and bronze with lots of bolts, hoses, and skulls to show it means business. Despite not having a set of hands specific to work with this big gun, the trigger hands do a fine job of holding it.

Gunslinger Spawn is a fine example of why I’ve become so infatuated with McFarlane figures lately. I picked up this beauty online for $12 and that’s just ridiculous! The sculpt is outstanding, the paint is solid, and the accessories are fun! I’ve had him on my desk for a couple of weeks now, and find myself picking him up and marveling at him every now and then on my down time. I usually get my Western fetish fix buying single-action and lever-action guns, so it’s nice (and a lot cheaper!) to get some toys every now and then. The idea of a Gunslinger Spawn could have easily taken a wrong turn at silly, but everything about this guy just turned out so cool and I dig him a lot!


One comment on “Gunslinger Spawn by McFarlane

  1. No, you didn’t imagine it: there was an earlier release of this figure that came with a lever-action rifle instead of the Gatling gun. There’s also a deluxe set with Gunslinger and a horse which includes both the rifle and the machine gun. The horse appears to be the same one from the DC Multiverse Dark Knight Returns wave but in a cremello rather than black colouration (oddly enough) while Gunslinger is differentiated by a very light, almost pinkish-brown duster. Further distinction from the DKR horse is provided by some Spawn-themed tack and saddlebags.

    Also, a bit of trivia: like Sir John of York (AKA “Medieval Spawn”), “Gunslinger Spawn” is apparently a separate entity from Al Simmons, and one indication of this is that, as in the comic book, “Gunslinger” is really, *really* tall, visibly towering over most human (or humanoid) Spawn characters on both the page and the shelf.

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