DC Multiverse (Titans): Nightwing and Donna Troy by McFarlane

Last week I started my look at the DC Multiverse Titans themed wave with Arsenal and Raven, and since this week is all about wrapping up unfinished business, today I’m checking out the other half of this assortment with Nightwing and Donna Troy. All four of these figures contain parts for the Collect-To-Build brute of a Beast Boy figure, but I’m putting him off until next week so I can have a look at him alongside the Gold Label Beast Boy. Yes, I was actually able to get a Walmart Exclusive with little to no effort thus proving that miracles do happen!

Here are the figures in package and there’s nothing really new to talk about. Nightwing comes with the Beast Boy torso and Troy comes with the arms. As always, each figure comes with a standard disk-style display stand and a collector card. I went a while keeping my DC Multiverse figures in their boxes, but I have since did a massive de-trashing so all bets are off now! Let’s start with Nightwing.

I’d have to double check through a lot of boxes, but it’s very possible that this is the first Nightwing figure I’ve ever owned! I’ve gone on record many times as saying I’m not a huge Batman collector and that extends to the Bat Family too. Still, it’s cool to finally have this version of Dick Grayson on my shelf. I like this costume a lot, even if it is on the minimalist side when it comes to the deco. The body suit is nearly all matte black with some amazing electric blue on the chest, back, shoulders, striping down the sleeves to the fists, and some trim around the soles of his boots. The vibrant blue contrasts beautifully with the black and I just dig it a lot. I also appreciate that McFarlane paints the pins the proper color, which is something Hasbro rarely bothers to do on their Marvel Legends. Indeed, as we’re about to see, all of my problems with this figure center around what it lacks rather than what it is.

The head sculpt is pretty good. These are meant to be the Not-So-Teen-Anymore Titans, so Dick has an older and kind of strung-out look. He has a great little smirk and his eyes are sculpted and painted to give his right eye a bit of a Deadpool-style pop. There’s a tiny bit of slop to the paint around the domino mask, but you have to get in really close to see it. Some strands of sculpted hair hang down over his eyes, adding a nice extra dimension to his coif.

Naturally, you want your Nightwing to be acrobatic and agile, and this body takes care of business. You get standard DC Multiverse articulation here, and aw hell, let’s just run through it. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders, swivels in the biceps, double hinges in the elbows, and rotating hinges in the wrists. The legs have rotating hinges up in the hips, have double hinges in the knees, rotating hinges in the ankles, and hinges in the toes. There’s a ball joint under the chest and another in the neck. As usual, the only thing missing here are swivels in the thighs. Nonetheless, the lithe body works great with the articulation style and Nightwing is just tons of fun to play with.

So what’s the problem? No accessories and no extra hands to hold those non-existent accessories. Sure, when he comes with no accessories, it’s probably unfair to count no extra hands against him, but it’s such an egregious slight, It earns two demerits. How can you release a Nightwing figure without his escrima sticks? Is this version from a comic where he didn’t use them? Either way, I don’t care, he should have them. And since the figure only has a pair of balled up fists, you can’t even borrow them from another figure to give him. As I understand it, you can borrow stick-holding hands from one of McFarlane’s other Nightwing figures, but again… don’t care. It’s just two plastic sticks and he should have come with them and extra hands. It’s a shame, because otherwise I really love this figure. Moving on to Donna Troy…

Unlike Nightwing, I do have a few Donna Troy/Wonder Girl figures in my collection, but it’s been a long while, so I’m happy to grab a new one, but my how she’s changed! Well, let’s start with the outfit, because it is excellent. Sure, it’s very monochrome and I prefer either a little more color, or her trippy starfield suit, but clearly the context we’re going for is grimdark and I still can’t help but love all the detail and work McFarlane put into this costume. The suit itself is a black and gray combo with the gray bits being very nicely textured and the darker areas having some clean panel lines. The boots, bracers, belt, and shoulders are all cast in a somewhat pearlescent plastic, which looks a lot less flat than I expected. You also get some similarly colored stars on the outsides of her thighs, adding a little pop and cheer. If I wasn’t a huge fan of this costume at first, the sculpt sold it to me after just a short while.

The portrait, on the other hand, is a bit too grim, but like the body, the sculpt here is too good to not appreciate. I think the only thing that really bugs me here is the dark circles under her eyes. Granted, I don’t know the context of the comic this figure is sourced from, but I do know that I would have liked the portrait more with all that sinister shading gone. With that having been said, the nose is perfect, the printing for the eyes and eyebrows is superb, and I even like the little flash of teeth between her downturned lips.

The articulation here is exactly what we saw with Nightwing. The joints all feel great, and she has a nice balance to her.

Donna come with one accessory and that’s a pretty impressive sword. It’s cast in the same pearlescent plastic as her boots and such and the wedge shape of the cross guard matches the Amazonian buckle on her belt. Her right hand is sculpted to wield the sword while her left hand is balled into a fist to make with the punching!

Both of these figures would have been homeruns, if only we got some accessories with Nightwing. As a result, Donna comes out on top, even if it isn’t one of my favorite versions of her. And I guess that’s a common theme of most of this wave. I don’t really know these versions of the characters all that well, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying the figures. Nitpicks and quibbles aside, this is a really solid wave and when you toss in the Beast Boy parts, well that’s just more to love. And next Friday, I’ll have a look at the Beast Boys!

By figurefanzero

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