Lego City: 4×4 and Diving Boat (#60012) by LEGO

Sup, Toyhounds… It’s a bonus Saturday feature today because I’ve had this LEGO set kicking around since last Christmas and I thought it was time I built it. I’m so backlogged on stuff to feature I decided to just throw it up this weekend or else I’d never get around to it. It’s been a while, but I seem to recall going over to Walmart one Saturday with the express purpose of picking up one of the larger Coast Guard sets, only as usual they let me down. In fact, this little guy was the only Coast Guard set they had on the shelves. I decided it was better than nothing and brought it home with me. And here we are, nearly a year later and I finally built it. Let’s take a look…


The set comes in an elongated box with the familiar blue deco from the LEGO city line. Something about this Coast Guard sub-series struck a chord in me. I think it’s because it just reminded me of Playmobil. Either way, this is sadly the only one I’ve picked up so far, but maybe I’ll try to hunt some of the others before they get too pricey on the secondary market.


Inside the box you get an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, a boat, and two baggies containing 127 bricks. When all is said and done you build two Minifigs, the truck, the trailer, and the boat. Yeah, the boat is mostly already assembled, but does require some extra pieces. I’m not all that keen on getting big pieces like this in these sets, but I guess that’s the only way to get something like that into a set in this price range. Let’s start with the Minifigs…



You get truck driver guy and diver guy. These are nice, basic figs, but I don’t have a lot to say about them. They each have only one face, but they do have printing on the backs of their shirts. The truck driver has a ball cap and a life preserver. The diver has a life ball cap and some diving equipment. I like that the license plate number is the same as the set number.


The equipment consists of a helmet with goggles and a snorkel, a set of flippers, and oxygen tanks for his back. Pretty cool.





The truck represents the bulk of the build here and while it is the usual super-deformed style and fits only one figure inside, I still dig it quite a bit. It’s got big, beefy off-road tires and is raised quite a bit off of them. There’s clips on the side to hold a walkie-talkie and a megaphone and the back has a little equipment pallet that holds all the diving gear. The boat trailer attaches to the hitch via a ball joint and the boat itself locks on top with just a couple of studs.




The boat requires you to build the motor and the light bar and the steering console, but other than that there’s nothing else to it apart from slapping on the stickers. Once again, the registry numbers on the sides of the boat is the same as the set number.


So, this isn’t the most exciting set out there. It was an insanely quick build and I think to get the full value of this set you really need to have some of the bigger Coast Guard sets to go with it. I like it well enough and at about $20 it seems like a pretty good value. Maybe if I felt safe enough to go to the pond out back I could get some cool pictures of them launching the boats, but the alligators that congregate on the shore tend to disuade me from venturing too near.