Marvel Famous Covers: Black Widow by Toy Biz

I was tearing through some of my storage totes this weekend, looking for some of the parts for some figures I wanted to feature for future Vintage Vaults when I stumbled upon this Famous Covers Series Black Widow figure. It was a cool find, because while I remember picking it up at an estate sale quite a few years back I never actually opened her up. While I do have a few more of this series floating around here, I never really got into it all that much, and I’ve never opened any of them, so this will be a pretty new experience for me. Let’s check her out!

I’m pretty mixed on the packaging here. The figure comes in a book-style box with a velcro piece to hold the front flap down. The front shows the issue of Marvel Fanfare that introduced Black Widow, along with some questionable original artwork of her for the box. Check out the back if you’re brave because it’s got a shot of the exclusive mail-away Aunt May figure, which looks far too creepy to keep in my house. Seriously, Toy Biz? Does anyone really want to be “the first to own an 8″ ultra poseable Aunt May” figure? Even with a limitation of 10,000 figures, I think you overestimated the demand on this one, guys. Anyway, the front flap of the box has a circle cut out to see the figure’s face. Open the front flap, and you can see Black Widow in all her 8″ Mego-fied glory resting in a gold foil tray. I guess I like the design of the box, and the fact that it’s so collector friendly, but the character artwork on the front is just really bad. Toy Biz should have just the cover of the comic for the front of the box.

This line is often described as being in the Mego-style. The figure is actually just slightly bigger than your average Mego-style figure, which is just enough to be annoying if you wanted your Black Widow intermingling with some of those DC retro-style figures you may have picked up recently. But apart from the slight scale issue, the comparison is certainly justified as she has decent articulation, rooted hair, and a cloth costume. The head sculpt is pretty good, and I tend to think one of the best this line has to offer. She has high-heel boot feet and black glove hands. Her articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball joints in the shoulders, hinged elbows and swivels in the wrists. Her legs have universal movement in the hips and hinged elbows and ankles. She can swivel and bend at the waist.

Black Widow’s outfit is pretty spartan, but it does fit the comic art pretty well. She’s basically just wearing a black jumpsuit with a plastic yellow belt and arm bracers. The outfit fits her pretty well.

I have no idea how much I paid for this figure, but it had to be pretty cheap, because at the time I didn’t think I’d like it enough to even bother opening it. It’s really not a bad figure at all. The poseability is nice, the outfit is ok and the headsculpt and rooted hair look good. Whenever I get around to reviewing other figures in this line you’ll see I tend to think of it as a mixed bag. But all in all, I think Black Widow is one of the better figures that Famous Covers has to offer. Really, my only gripe here is that she should have come with some weapons.