Mythic Legions (Soul Spiller): Thallyn Frostbow by The Four Horsemen

Last week, I had to push Mythoss Monday to the end of the week, but now I’m getting back to business as usual, as I dig deep into my dwindling pile of untapped Mythic Legions figures. Today, I’m headed back into the Soul Spiller Wave, one of the smaller assortments, with a look at Thallyn Frostbow!

The Elves were introduced in the mammoth Advent of Decay series, with Thallyn following shortly after. She’s a Frost Elf, which are apparently pretty rare and reclusive in Mythoss, and her mission in life is to warn the world that the Vampyre weapon, Soul Spiller has been retaken. She also happens to have a really kick-ass name too! So far, the Elves have been a welcome addition to Mythic Legions, and I’m excited to check this one out!

In terms of sculpt, I don’t think there’s anything here from the neck down that we haven’t seen before, but that doesn’t stop me from being in awe of this figure! Thallyn is wearing full armor, with a beautiful deco that is certainly becoming of a Frost Elf. The torso, shoulders, lower arms, and lower legs are painted in a pale blue-gray matte, with the rest of the pieces having a pearlescent white finish. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she has some electric blue paint applied some of the accents, as well as the chain mail exposed between the plates. Finally, she has an orange-brown belt, which matches the paint used on some of the tiny sculpted straps for her armor plating. This is a gorgeous suit of armor, and yet another example of how TFH can breathe new life into a sculpt that we’ve seen before, simply by applying just the right combination of colors.

I’m also in love with this portrait! In general, I’ve been a lot more impressed with the Elven head sculpts in this line than I have with the human ones, and Thallyn’s beautiful portrait is a fine example of why. She’s beautiful, but there’s a hint of maturity to this sculpt., which I think comes from the slightly more severe contours of her face. Her white hair is pulled back tightly at the top of her head, and cascades down the back between her pointed ears. She sports a downswept brow, deep blue eyes, and bright red lips, as well as a rosy hue at her cheeks. The paint is neatly applied, it’s a little basic, but it certainly gets the job done just fine.

You also get a second head, which is the same helmeted head sculpt that we’ve seen with some of the previous Elves. It’s beautifully painted to match the armor, and is just the ticket if you want to grab a few more of this figure and give Ms. Frostbow some bodyguards.

And just because Thallyn is a Frost Elf, that doesn’t mean she can walk about the snowy tundras without bundling up. So, to keep her warm, she comes with the wonderful furry pelt that we’ve seen included with a few figures in the past. I really love this garment, as it feels and wears just like real fur. It would have been really cool to get this in white instead of brown, but I’m still happy it was included with the figure. It’s an asymmetrical cut, with no holes for the shoulder pegs, but there are a number of ways to make it work, and I may even wind up punching a hole through it, to make it work with the shoulder armor a bit better. Let’s move on to accessories!

Thallyn doesn’t travel with a traditional sword, but she does come with a stout Dwarven blade. I suppose I’d actually classify this as more of a short sword, because it seems a bit too large to be a knife. The hilt is painted silver and the clipped blade has a pearlescent finish to match parts of her armor.

She also comes with a double-bladed axe, which is smaller and more refined than the one that we’ve seen so many times throughout the waves. This is completely finished in more of that great pearlescent paint, along with some silver applications to the scrollwork on the blades. It’s a beautiful sculpt, and it reminds me of the weapon that came with the Northlord Barbarian from LJN’s old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line. The axe appears light enough for single-handed use, but the grip is long enough for more powerful two-handed swings.

And finally, as her name suggests, Ms. Frostbow is nimble with a bow, and so we get the standard bow that was introduced with the Elves in the Advent of Decay assortment, as well as a full quiver for her belt, and one loose arrow that she can knock and ready to fire. There’s more of that lovely pearlescent paint for the bow, along with a real string. The quiver is quite striking, as it shares the same orange-brown color as her belt and armor straps, with raised silver scrollwork, and a full inventory of sculpted silver arrows. The quiver clips onto her belt and can be worn on her hip or across her back. As for knocking the arrow, I cheated a bit and used a little dollop of poster putty to make it stay in place!

It has been a while since I last looked an one of the Elves, and Thallyn Frostbow is a most welcome addition to my Legions. The armored Elven body looks simply amazing here in these frosty colors, and she really stands out among the other Elves on my shelves… HA! I love her assortment of weapons, and the fur pelt was a nice addition as well. I’m still hoping that we might get a white one eventually, that I can swap out with this one, but now I’m just looking for things to nitpick! I really wish I had the scratch to pick up at least one more of Thallyn to display with the helmeted head, but the Ice Troll that shipped in this wave sucked up any chance of that, and I have no regrets!

Mythic Legions (Soul Spiller): Ice Troll by The Four Horsemen

[Edit] If you stopped by yesterday, then you were treated to a half-baked version of this review, because I expected to have it done by yesterday and completely forgot that it was scheduled to go live so early. Rather than pull it down, I did a quick edit and left it up, mainly because it forced me to knuckle down last night and finally finish the thing. I’ll admit it was all more than a bit unprofessional, but then when have I ever claimed to be anything but? Anywhoooo… with explanations out of the way, here’s the finished review… 

Some of you may remember, back before my great personal cataclysm, I was working my way through the Mythic Legions Advent of Decay series. I’ve still got plenty more of those figures to look at, but today I’m vaulting over Advent of Decay and headed straight for the newest assortment of Mythic Legions. Or at least the newest one to ship! Soul Spiller was a pretty small assortment and it came at a time when I was really strapped for cash, ironically a lot of that had to do with all the money I blew on Advent of Decay. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the enthusiasm that T4H is pumping into this line, but it’s squeezing my finances rather fiercely. It’s like having my financial nuts in a vice. In the end, I was only able to pick up two figures from Soul Spiller, and as you already know, one of them was another goddamn troll!

And here he is in the satisfyingly large window box! This is my third troll from Mythic Legions, although four have now been released (Forest, Stone, Arena, and now Ice). And yes, I will probably carry the bitterness of not getting the Forest Troll all the way to my grave. The box is nearly identical to the previous ones, with the main difference being the character art on the side panel. There are plenty of twisty-ties to deal with in order to get Frosty out, but if you are careful, the box is totally collector friendly, and I do indeed keep each of my Trolls in their respective boxes because I don’t currently have the space to display them. Anyway, let’s get this blizzardy bruiser out of his box and check him out!

The previous Trolls all shared the same body, and so here I was expecting another repaint from the neck down and that’s exactly what we got! This was no doubt an expensive piece of tooling for T4H and it’s only natural that they cash in and try to get as many gold pieces out of it as they can. And I understand that some collectors may not be as lenient toward reuse when buying a figure this expensive. I’d even concede that they maybe could have sculpted some parts separately to allow for some differences in sculpt. But in the end, I know what I’m getting into when I buy each of these, so I’m not going to complain about it.

Obviously, this big guy relies heavily on the coloring to make him pass for a frosty Troll, and I have to say the coloring here is quite nice. The skin is a very light blue with some white wash to give him a distinctive snow and ice flavor. As with the other Trolls, the wash helps bring out some of the beautiful details in this sculpt, from the sinews and veins in the arms to the glossy finger and toenails. I’m still suitably impressed by the detail on display, even after buying this body three times now. Granted, some aspects of the sculpt work better here than others. I think the jagged scales on the arms and legs work well for an Ice Troll, as do the crevices, which resemble cracked ice. while the stony plates on the shoulders and back, not so much. Maybe if this was the first Troll released, they wouldn’t stand out so much, but by now they really do look like bits of stone that are far better suited for his Forest and Stone cousins. Yeah, I’m kind of nit-picking here.

The sculpted belt and bracelets look as great as ever, thanks to the hammered finish in the sculpt and the tarnished coloring. I still love how the Troll’s belly is sculpted to hang down over the belt, partially obscuring it. Still, these are parts which maybe could have been sculpted separately to allow for new versions for each troll. For a line that is so masterful at mixing and matching parts to create new figures, I think this is the one real opportunity T4H missed with these guys. But those kind of changes may not be possible when rotoscoping.

Of course, all the new sculpting went into this big fella’s noggin, and I have to say, this is a glorious head sculpt. It’s part Troll, part Abominable Snowman, and part TaunTaun. There’s just enough similarities in those beady deep-set eyes to allow me to see the resemblance between him and the Stone Troll. And man, those eyes are creepy. The white peepers framed in bloody red sockets give him an Evil Dead Deadite kind of feel, and that ain’t a bad thing. The ears here are longer and and swept back, almost like an angry cat and the wrinkled forehead shows a deep battle scar running up from the right eye. The bushy white beard is framed by the two TaunTaun horns, one of which is cracked at the tip to further show that this guy has seen some action. I actually thought that was damage to my figure, before I looked more closely at it. Sadly, the jaw is not articulated, but it is partially open to show both sets of horrible looking teeth and the glossy paint inside makes his maw look suitably wet and realistic.

And yes, these guys are big. So big, I’d be remiss if I didn’t toss in a comparison shot to show just how much these Trolls tower over the regular Mythic Legions figures, so here’s a shot of him with fellow Soul Spiller release, Thallyn Frostbow. Yeah, I don’t usually include figures that I haven’t reviewed yet, but I’ll be getting to her shortly.

And with the same body comes the same articulation. These Trolls aren’t what I would call super-articulated, but there’s enough here to allow me to have plenty of fun. And because he uses the same body, the articulation here is identical to the previous Trolls. You get rotating hinges in the shoulders and elbows, as well as swivels in the hips, ankles and wrists. The neck also has a swivel, but because of the way he’s hunched over it allows the Ice Troll to tilt his head from side to side, rather than actually rotate it left and right. All in all, you aren’t getting a super articulated beast here, but the points of articulation are solid and useful, and strong ratchets in the shoulders mean that he can hold aloft his gigantic weapon, which in itself is no small feat. So let’s take a look at that weapon.

Besides the heads, the other unique feature of each Troll has been their massive weapons, and this time we get a real cool ice sword. This unique weapon features a heavy hilt with some chunky decorations and painted to look like it’s fashioned from ancient iron. The translucent ice blade protrudes from the hilt and swells near the tip. It’s far more sophisticated than the brutish weapons we’ve seen with the previous Trolls, but I still dig it a hell of a lot. The blade is a beautiful effect and it actually comes separate from the hilt.

The Ice Troll is undoubtedly the most colorful and most strikingly beautiful so far. Is it my favorite? Mmm… I think I have to grant that title to the Arena Troll. It’s nothing against Frosty here, but I just have a thing for giant Cyclops. But that’s not to take anything away from this guy. I love the coloring on him, and the head sculpt is absolutely fantastic, and for the most part I think the body sculpt still works fine for this flavor of troll. Toss in a super cool weapon (pun intended) and you’ve got another fantastic addition to the Mythic Legions line-up. I just adore these guys, and if T4H decide to churn out another on this body, I’ll probably be among the first jumping in on that pre-order.