Lego Space Police: Hyperspeed Pursuit (#5973)

Ahh, I’m rapidly running out of Space Police sets to buy and it’s starting to bum me out. While I’m sure I will eventually pick up the bigger sets and the pair of mid-size sets that I’m missing, Hyperspeed Pursuit was the last one that I was really chomping at the bit to buy and build. At 456 pieces, this is the largest Space Police set I own as it surpasses the Lunar Limo set by over 50 bricks and gives you the best of both worlds with both a police ship and a criminal ship. Let’s take a look!

The set comes in a really long box and contains two instruction books, one sticker sheet, two rubbery hoses, and four numbered bags of bricks, although oddly enough two of them are numbered “3.” The 456 pieces consist of two decent sized ships, a safe with gold bars, a prisoner pod, and three minifigs. As I mentioned above, this set was a really satisfying build and took me more than a couple of hours to complete. While there were some duplicated parts on the ships, the fact that I was building two unique ships made it more engaging.

The minifigs consist of one Space Police officer and two criminals. The cop seems pretty standard and features a helmet with moving visor, a set of oxygen tanks and a double printed face. The criminals are the Skull Twins, which also feature double printed faces and identical skull helmets that fit over their heads. Yeah, making twins is kind of a cheat to drop doubles of a minifig in the box, but I like them well enough. Each ship only holds one pilot, and the other one of the Skull Twins goes into the prisoner pod on the police ship.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m really in this line for the cool designs of the criminal ships. [One of these days I’ll look at the Gold Heist set, which pretty much sums up everything I dislike about the police ships -FF] The Space Truck and the Lunar Limo were both awesome, whereas the police ships have been ok, but not great. The police ship in this set, however, is defintely a step up. I love the design of it and some of the little details are really cool and well thought out. The hoses that run from under the wings into the forward laser cannons, for example, are a beautiful touch, and the complex build of the rear thrusters alone are comprised of about 20 pieces each and articulated to boot. There are weapon pods under the wings and articulated antenna arrays on each of the engines. The ship doesn’t rely all that heavily on stickers either, although the Police stickers on the sides are nice touches.

The police ship is designed to hold the Prisoner Pod, which in turn can hold a minifig. If you have the Galactic Enforcer, you’ll already be familiar with this construct. It can easily detach from the ship and it has a target gimmick that blows the pod open when you hit the disc with a projectile or just tap it with your finger.

The Skull Twins’ ship has a lot of the same stylings as the cab of the Space Truck and the Lunar Limo, which means it’s pure, concentrated awesome. The top of the cabin lifts off so you can place the minifig. The truck compartment can hold the boosted safe and the two front torpedo launchers fire so you can try to hit the Prison Pod and free the prisoner. The amount of detail on this ship is impressive and the stickers really tie the whole thing together. The safe is simple enough and opens from either side, allowing access to the gold bricks inside. It’s not as cool as the one that comes with the Gold Heist set, but it’s a nice bonus all the same.

Based on build and playability Hyperspeed Pursuit has become my favorite of the Space Police sets thus far, and that’s saying quite a bit because I’ve been thoroughly satisfied with all of the sets that I own in this line so far. The ship designs are great and fun to build and there’s a lot of decent play features and stuff to muck about with. It doesn’t hurt that I got this set off of Wally World’s website for only $35 either. If you’re into the Space Police, I’d say this is a must buy, and if you only want one Space Police set to get a flavor of the series, than this is probably the best one to get.

Lego Space Police: Lunar Limo (#5984)

Yeah, when I make a New Year’s Resolution I stick to it. Unless it’s about drinking less and sucking down fewer cheeseburgers. Or drinking less. Anyway, I set out a few mornings ago to pick me up some Lego. A serious set. And I really lucked out, because I found the one set that I’ve been wanting to pick up for a while now, and it was in Walmart’s clearance aisle and marked at $32, which made me happy. When I got to the register and it rang up at $16, I was even more happy. Cheap and Lego don’t usually go together, but in this case the Lego Gods are obviously pleased to welcome me into their cult. Plus, it meant I had money left over for beer and cheeseburgers. This Lunar Limo set, along with the Space Truck Getaway were the two sets that attracted me to the Space Police series (and back to Lego in general) in the first place, and as much as I hate to say it, this one totally blows away Space Truck Getaway.

The set comes in a nice big box that boasts 391 pieces, which makes this the largest Lego set I own. Yeah, that’s not saying a lot, but give me a break, this stuff is still relatively new to me. The piece count includes three minifigs, but that still leaves quite a bit of bricks to make up the single ship. Inside the box are four big bags of bricks and a nice big instruction sheet. There’s also a sticker sheet. I was pretty surprised how few stickers this ship needed, considering how big it is, but I think that’s a testament to its design that it doesn’t require a bunch of stickers to look great.

It took me just under three hours to build this baby. It was lots of fun to build, although each set of wings and thrusters needed to be built twice. I’m not a big fan of having to duplicate assemblies, but it’s obviously a necessary evil to create a ship with symmatry and it’s worth it to get to the finished product. I think the best thing about building this set is the fact that you basically build each have separately, so when the time came to put them together, I was totally unprepared for just how long this thing was going to be. It’s huge. It also means you can pull it into two halves for easier storage.

Let’s get the minifigs out of the way first. You get a Space Police officer, Brick Daddy, and his driver. Brick Daddy is easily one of the coolest Lego minifigs I’ve ever seen, but I think that goes without saying since he’s a squid-faced alien space pimp. Considering the age range for these sets, it’s probably too much to ask for a couple of alien space whores to go with him, but it might just be a custom project that would be worth doing.

It may be ironic, but the thing that got me into the Space Police line has very little to do with the Space Police themselves, and more to do with the awesome designs of the alien vehicles. I mean, just look at this thing. It’s a pimped out space limo and it’s glorious. It makes me want to get a Lando Calrissian minifig so he can fly around in this beauty. The black, purple and gold deco is really sharp and I absolutely love the little gold hood ornament. The Limo is also a really solid piece once it’s built, which is sadly more than I can say about the Space Truck. The only thing to be really careful about here are the two front laser guns, as they are very thin and probably rather prone to snapping or stressing. Other then that, this is one awesome intergalactic ride, man.

The Lunar Limo also has some decent little play features. The roof opens up to show inside the cabin, where the two minifigs sit. Brick Daddy actually sits on a little escape rocket inside the cabin, with what looks like a giant minigun on the front of it. The trunk also opens, which can fit the Space Police minifig. I’m not sure if he’s hiding back there or if Brick Daddy is driving him out to some distant nebula so they can whack him. He’s got a flick-fire gun, so it’s probably the former. There’s a little bit of articulation in the front wings and in the guns on the rear wing assemblies. There’s also a concealed missile launcher in the front of the limo, which fires a pretty hefty missile a pretty good distance. The whip antenna on the top is hinged, and I got an extra antenna in the box in case this one snaps.

This set is the fourth Space Police set I’ve picked up and it retailed originally at $39.99 and is still pretty easy to find both online and in stores. My Walmart actually had a ton of them on clearance. I would have been happy with it at full retail, but I won’t complain about getting it on clearance. Right now, there are just two more must-have sets in this series for me: The Hyperspeed Pursuit and Smash and Grab, although the Galactic Enforcer is still trying to wear down my resistance.