Transformers Robots in Disguise: Spychanger Optimus Prime by Hasbro

Tonight I’m going to over indulge in beer and wings and then hit the movies to go see Thor: The Dark World. The only thing that has to do with today’s feature is that I’m once again having to be rather brief because pesky social commitments are intruding on my life of scribbling madly about toys. Of course, it’s Transformers Thursday, so what better opportunity to pull out a wee Optimus Prime from the Spychanger line. The Spychangers deserve a feature all to their own and I will get to that someday, but for today, let’s just point out that they originated from the Generation 2 line where they were ironically called Gobots. Robots in Disguise was a frankensteined line that introduced new molds but also robbed a lot of older Transformers lines, and so the Spychangers were born. In addition to a baffling number of repainted G2 Gobots, we also got RiD Optimus Prime in Spychanger scale. He’s tiny, he’s portable and if you carry him around with you chicks will often ask, “Is that a fire truck in you pocket or are you just happy to see me?”



Prime’s fire truck mode is a nice approximation of the large toy in this diminished scale. It’s a solid vehicle mode cast mostly in bright red plastic with some nice sculpted panel lines, painted windows, and tiny Autobot symbols stamped on the sides. The ladder rotates at the base and can angle up and down and this little guy rolls along great just like he was a slightly larger matchbox car. I always thought it was weird that they left two of the wheels black, but whatever. There’s really not much else to say about his alt mode.



Transformation here is as simple as you would expect. Although if you’re a young’un that cut your teeth on the current crop of relatively complex Cyberverse figures than you might expect a lot more. The original RiD Prime had a regular and a super-charged robot mode, whereas this little guy just goes straight for the bigger bot form. His robot mode looks Ok from the front, but if you turn him around you can see that his ladder sticks out pretty far and forms an unacceptable amount of back kibble. On the plus side, that ladder is about the only thing keeping him upright. That’s right, ladies, Spychanger Optimus Prime is a veritable tripod! Wow, that’s two dick jokes. I’m on a roll! Still, the head sculpt is remarkable for such a tiny guy, there’s a good deal of sculpted detail here, and you do get a wee bit of articulation in the shoulders and the legs can do a wide stance. Also, he’s about twice as tall as a regular Spychanger, which I think makes him pretty appropriately scaled.



Prime here is obviously a lot stronger in his vehicle mode, but I’m not going to nitpick his robot mode too badly. Truth is I have a real soft spot for tiny Transformers that you can stuff into your pocket and take on adventures and this guy certainly fits that category. Besides, Hasbro took on quite a challenge taking a figure as large and complex as RiD Prime and shrinking him down to this scale and still making it work on some level, so I’m willing to give them a lot of credit here. I was originally going to look at Spychanger Ultra Magnus today too, but he wasn’t in the same drawer and I didn’t have time to go hunting for him, so we’ll save him and the rest of the Spychangers for another day!