Mass Effect 3: Tali (Series 1) by Big Fish

Here we go, time to finish up the first series of the DC Direct Big Fish figures with my second favorite character from the games: Tali or Tali’Zorah vas Normandy nar Rayya … um, yeah, I think that’s correct. Anyway, I thought the Quarian culture was one of the best fleshed out aspects of the Mass Effect universe. I liked the idea of the Flotilla and the Pilgrimage, and I particularly loved the way Tali was introduced in the first game as one of the more unlikely party members. The mystery behind the character’s masked appearance was a nice little story device as well. There were more than a few parts of the ME universe I glossed over for lack of interest, but I’d dare say I absorbed all that the game had to offer of the Quarian culture.

Once again, here’s a shot of the packaging. It hasn’t changed at all from the previous three figures in the Series. After looking at Thane in package, Tali is a welcome treat. She comes with her Omni Tool attached to her left arm and her shotgun visible through the side panel of the bubble. Not much else new here, so let’s razor this baby open and check her out.

First off, Big Fish made some very cool choices in the layering of this figure with soft pliable plastic for her hood and her lower sash. The hood allows for a completely separately sculpted and articulated head under the hood, which works wonderfully. The lower sash of Tali’s outfit is sculpted as part of her belt, so as to give the illusion of being part of the figure and then it is glued down to the legs. These features, along with the excellent sculpting of the figure itself, really convey all the cool complexities of Tali’s outfit. Other very cool touches include the sheathed knife on her left leg and the pouches on her belt.

The paint work on the figure is mostly excellent. Big Fish went with a nice pallet of purple, black and gold with some grey accents thrown in. There are a few tiny flubs here and there, but nothing outrageous for a figure in this price range. I do think they should have gone in a different direction with her mask’s dome.  It’s painted in high gloss purple and transitions lighter toward the top, but it doesn’t look quite right. Maybe if it was clear plastic and painted from behind it would have been more convincing? Some way of conveying her eyes through the mask would have been cool too. Still, what’s here is certainly serviceable.

Tali’s articulation is fairly good from the waist up and a little limited in the legs. The head is ball jointed, and the aforementioned soft plastic hood still allows for good movement in the neck joint. The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivels in the wrists, giving her good range of motion there. Her legs feature a typical “T” joint at the hips, ball joints in the knees. The legs give you a little something to work with, but the sash does impede movement down there a bit. Plus, with the way Tali’s lower legs are designed, in reality she should probably have a second set of hinges. Tali also has a swivel cut just below her chest. Super articulated? No, but she’s still far more action figure than statue,and you still have a fair amount of good poseability here.

Tali comes with the same stand as the other figures in Series 1, although she can stand just fine on her own. She also comes with her Omni Tool, which is sculpted in very soft translucent yellow plastic. Theoretically you could take it off her arm, but I haven’t tried. Lastly, she comes with her Scorpion Shotgun, which is a very nicely sculpted and painted piece. Unfortunately, it takes some futzing to get her to hold it. I may have to dig into my cup of clear rubber bands.

Tali is a nice return to form for Series 1 after the horror of Thane. I may have nit picked a few things, but that’s probably just because I love the character design so much. Truth be told, Tali is an excellent figure and looks great displayed on my shelf beside the rest of the Normandy crew. On a side note, I will likely still be  buying the forthcoming Play Arts Kai version of Tali, simply because she has no exposed face for them to screw up, and I like the character design enough to be willing to have her as a stand-alone piece in that scale.

And that wraps up Series 1. Tomorrow is Turkey Day and I’m taking the day off to eat, drink and spend time with family. I’ll be back on Friday to kick off Series 2, or at least the half of it that I currently have in my collection.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!