Back In The Saddle Again…

So, for the first time in months, I actually went out hunting this morning. Ok, the trip was actually intended to pick up some last minute Christmas items for the family, but the destinations coincided nicely with toy hunting since I was in the vacinity of both a Marshall’s and a Ross. Anyone who stops by here regularly knows that I have had hit-and-miss luck with these stores. Marshall’s is actually only worthwhile for toys at this time of the year leading up to Christmas, whereas Ross offers the potential for gold at any time of the year.

Last year Marshall’s was insane with Hasbro’s seconds. They had piles and piles of Rise of Cobra figures, GI JOE Comic Packs, and what seemed like every single Transformer released under the Revenge of the Fallen label. If you were looking to fill out a collection, there was plenty of potential here and I wound up getting a lot of stuff at great prices. This year, they set up the same tables, but it was a lot of the same stuff from last year, and not as much of it. Today, they were practically void of action figures altogether. A few ROC figures on the pegs, no Transformers left at all (apart from the role play stuff), and just a few of the painfully common Vintage Style Star Wars figures. I might have actually picked up a few of these in my desparation, but those price labels that Ross and Marshalls use don’t come off easily and they were plastered right on the middle of the cards. They did have a healthy smattering of Lego sets, but none of them were marked down, and a lot of it consisted of discontinued lines like Prince of Persia.

What really pissed me off was the one DC Universe Classics Cyclone hanging on the peg. What the hell? I’ve never seen any DCUC figures at Marshalls before, only the JLU multi-packs. Did they get a whole case in and sell them out? It was enough to make me hunt around a little more to see if I could turn up any others, but no dice.

Ross was a much quicker in and out. They didn’t have their toys staged anywhere special, and when I got to the back to the toy section it was obvious there was nothing there. The shelves were practically empty and the only thing of even remote interest was a couple of common Power Core Combiners Commander Packs from Transformers, and enough Boba Fett helmets to build a small survival shelter. There were also a lot of carded Ben 10 figures.

It’s been ages since I picked up anything new, so I was pretty much up for anything, and yet I still walked away today empty handed. It was good to be out on the hunt again, but I was pretty surprised to not turn up anything worth buying. At least I got some of the Christmas presents I set out to get. ┬áMaybe the Post Office will bring me some Doctor Who goodness today.