Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Lockdown by Hasbro

Today I’m taking a look at Lockdown. I’m guessing a lot of you Transfans recognize him from the Animated line. Now, I never collected the Animated toys beyond two or three figures, but I always admired Lockdown’s car design when I saw him on the pegs. I’ve always had a thing for Decepticon cars and this one… well, this is one badass loking ride. Maybe the guys over the Transformers brand really dug him too because, somewhere along the line, Hasbro decided to give this figure a rebirth as part of the Revenge of the Fallen toys, and while its a strange idea to take a figure from another line and reinvent him, the result is a really awesome figure.



Lockdown comes on the standard ROTF deluxe card. This may be the last wave of figures we see mounted on these cards, although the new ones shown at Toy Fair aren’t all that different. Why there’s a NEST sticker on the bubble, I don’t know as that should just be reserved for Autobots. Also, I usually don’t bother commenting on the little bio blurbs on the back, but in the case of Lockdown, I thought there were two interesting tidbits. First off, despite his Decepticon allegiance  he’s also a bounty hunter. Secondly, the bio lists Ratchet as being Lockdown’s main target. Ratchet? Who the fuck would put a bounty out on Ratchet? Did he give someone a bad lube job? Wow that sounds dirty. And how hard could Ratchet possibly be to capture? Strange stuff, indeed!


I don’t know why I love Decepticon cars so much, but I have ever since the Stunticons were first introduced way back when. Lockdown’s car form is amazingly unique and distinctively Decepticon. He’s like one part vintage Corvette and two parts Road Warrior. The spoiler and elongated hood, and exposed engine give him a sleek muscular sportscar look, while the front scoop and copious helping of spikes make him something Mad Max would be happy to drive. The car’s body is brown with green two-tone accents. The windows and windshield are clear (always a plus in my book) with a red-orange tint and there’s a little gold trim on the ground effects and quad exhaust pipes. I really dig the spikes coming out of the wheels. The only thing I don’t care about on this car mode is some of the robot kibble scrapes bottom a bit when you roll it along. Maybe I just don’t have him locked down properly… HA!



Lockdown is really easy to transform, once you figure out how to unlock his solid car mode. Once you do, wow, what a great robot form! His left arm is a claw and the engine attaches to his forearm as a gun. His right arm ends with a hook, which is cool, but both his hand and hook are soft rubber, which is kind of disappointing. His head is fantastic. He looks grim and almost zombie like and his head features double ball joints to give him an unprecedented amount of articulation for a figure this size. And speaking of size, Lockdown is probably the tallest deluxe class figure I’ve seen. Just as a point of comparison, the recently released Brawn figure barely comes up to Lockdown’s shoulders! And that’s with his chicken legs fully compressed.


As great a figure as Lockdown is, I really don’t think he fits in the Revenge of the Fallen line. Besides being over-sized for a deluxe, he doesn’t quite have the same aesthetics of the ROTF figures. He almost looks like a cross between the Classics and movie lines and on that point, there’s something about him that makes me think of the G1 Junkions. It’s probably the non-symmetrical shoulders and the spiked tires he wears on his hips. Either way, it works for me!


So, yeah… this was an interesting experiment on Hasbro’s part. I’m curious to see if they try this with some other Animated figures. Maybe dropping Ratchet’s name is a hint that the Animated Ratchet design could get some kind of similar retooling? As a stand alone figure, he’s really great and I highly recommend him, especially if you’re like me and skipped the Animated line as this gives you an opportunity to incorporate one of Animated’s coolest figures into your collection. In fact, even those collectors who are passing on the movie toys entirely may want to give this Con a second look.

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