Ghostbusters: Peter Venkman by Mattel

Its been a long time coming, but Matty Collector finally released the 6″ Peter Venkman figure this month. He went up for sale on the 15th and, unlike the previous figures in this line, Peter sold out quickly, although not as quickly as the MOTU Classics figures have. I’ll count myself among those disappointed that Matty decided to go with a slimed Peter rather than a clean one, especially since SDCC is right around the corner and they could have made the slimed one an exclusive. Nonetheless, I was pretty anxious to finish up my Ghostbusters team in this 6″ scale so I bit the bullet and ordered him anyway.

I don’t have a photo of the package, but if you’ve been collecting this line, you already know what it looks like. Its pretty big for figures of this size, but the presentation is top notch. Of course mine just gets shredded and tossed into the garbage can, but if your a MOC collector, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Before I get into the sculpt, let me just point out that the slime on Peter is about on par with the SDCC Egon, and for me, that’s a very good thing. Production photos made the figure look like someone squirted day-glo shampoo all over it. The truth is that the slime is pretty subdued, although it shows up on the photos well thanks to the scrutiny of the flash. In the end, its not overly distracting and as with Egon, its not so noticeable that I would feel compelled to fork over another $20 for a clean one that will undoubtedly be released later on.

Peter is the first of the Ghostbusters to receive new sculpting below the neck and overall Matty did a nice job with the changes. I’ll start from the bottom and work my way up. First off, his pants legs are not tucked into his boots. The ankle pegs look a little more noticeable on this sculpt than the other figures, but apart from that, I like it. Unlike the other figures, Peter is wearing his goves, so instead of having them molded onto his belt, he has his walkie talkie in that position. The torso appears to be the same sculpt as the other figures, as is the Proton Pack, which is as incredible looking as ever.

So far so good, right? Well, unfortunately, I have big problems with the head sculpt used. Its not that I don’t like the sculpt itself. It does look like Bill Murray and while it doesn’t look quite as realistic as the other figures’ heads, it gets the job done. My problem is that it looks completely out of place when standing with his teammates because its so damn big compared to the other figures, particularly Ray and Egon. Either that or it makes Ray and Egon’s heads looked squished and deformed in comparison. I’m not sure, but I’m hoping it will grow on me. His hair is matted down, presumeably from the slime, so I’m guessing if/when Mattel does a clean version they will resculpt the head. As he stands now, I would give Venkman pretty high marks on his own, but he just doesn’t look right standing with the other guys.

Articulation is almost identical to the other Ghostbusters figures. You get ball jointed head, shoulders and elbows. Swivel cuts in the wrists, waist, and thighs, universal joints in the hips, and hinged joints in the knees and ankles. The one thing missing is the swivel cuts on his lower legs.

Peter comes with the Slimer ghost. For those of you who didn’t get last year’s SDCC Egon, I’m sure this accessory is a welcome treat. He uses the same clear green plastic as the previous Slimer, but instead of just having a huge open mouth, he’s got his tongue sticking out. Its a nice pack-in, although I do like the SDCC version a bit more. Slimer also comes with the same clear stand we got with SDCC Slimer and the logo ghost that came with Ray.

Peter is not a bad figure. I do like him, I just wish the head looked more in line with the other figures (or vice versa). I’m particularly glad to finally get him and complete my Ghostbusters team so that I can get closure on this line. I’ll cetainly consider any other figures that come down the line, but I’m pretty sure I’m done with these. I’m not interested in variants of the guys in labcoats or anything like that, although if Matty made some decent ghosts, particularly Gozer or the demon dogs, I would probably be willing to pick those up.

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