DC Universe Classics: Kryptonite Chaos Lex Luthor and Supergirl by Mattel

I rarely pre-order figures or toys. Its only when I absolutely have to have something and I think my chances of finding it on the pegs are nil. And that was certainly the case with this two-pack from Matty’s DC Universe Classics line. I pre-ordered this thing late last year, and I didn’t expect to ever get it. It had been cancelled and then revived, and then there were rumblings about whether it hadn’t really been revived. It seemed like noone knew whether it was still going to be released. Even the e-tailer that I dealt with on it offered the disclaimer that this set may or may not be coming. A month or two ago, I had pretty much given up hope, and then last week I got notice that it had actually shipped! Yeah, its just Lex Luthor and Supergirl, but I really wanted these figures in my collection.

If you’ve picked up any of the past DC Universe Classics 2-packs, you’ll be instantly familiar with the packaging here. Its an fishtank style package with the same artwork used on the single carded figures since time began. The back panel shows photos of the figures and has their bios and stats. The package is collector friendly, so feel free to play around with the figures and return them to the package for display if you’re so inclined.

I’ve wanted this Lex Luthor figure since I first started collecting this line. Or maybe it goes further back to Kenner’s Superpowers collection, because I never got that figure as a kid. Either way he has certainly lived up to my long anticipation. As far as I’m concerned, this figure is perfection. I love the detail and coloring in his armor. The wires on the front are a nice touch, as are the sculpted doodads on his back. The face sculpt is spot on and he even comes with a small collection of tiny Kryptonite chunks. Finally, I’ve got a Luthor to duke it out with my Superman!

Articulation on this figure is fairly standard for the DCUC line, although there are some limitations due to his armor sculpt. His head just turns side to side and his arms at the shoulders are a bit restricted. Otherwise, you get ball joints in the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, knees and ankles, swivel cuts in the biceps, wrists and waist, and universal joints in the hips.

The other half of this set is Supergirl, a really nice figure with just a few little things I’m not entirely crazy about. I’m usually not a fan of the pre-posed sculpting (ie windblown hair and capes). I prefer something a little more generic that will work better with various poses. In the case of Supergirl, here, however, I’m just digging the way her hair is sculpted. It looks awesome and it doesn’t effect her neck articulation at all. The cape isn’t quite as exaggerated as its just swaying a tad to the left. I love her face sculpt. DC’s female figure’s heads are sometimes hit or miss, but Kara’s is definitely a homerun.

Supergirl’s outfit is pretty much spot on. I do like the fact that her crest is actually sculpted in and not just painted on. Her skirt is suitably short and soft enough to not horribly hinder her leg articulation, and the sculpted ruffles are well executed. Both of Kara’s hands are sculpted into fists, which are perfect for putting her into a flying pose or for punching out fools. My only gripes here are with the coloring. Her skintone seems a bit off, its got almost a grayish or olive tint to it. It should have been more of a traditional fleshtone. The blues and reds of her costume aren’t as bright and vibrant as my Superman, which doesn’t really bother me until I have her standing next to Supes and it seems more obvious in the comparison.

Supergirl’s articulation is what you would expect from the DCUC line. She has a ball jointed neck and shoulders. She has hinged elbows, knees and ankles. She has swivel cuts in her biceps, wrists and waist, and universal joints in her hips. Like most of my female DCUC figures, Supergirl has some seriously week leg joints. That coupled with the fact that she’s a bit top heavy makes standing her a chore. Next to Black Canary, she seems to be the hardest figure in my collection to keep on the shelf.

So, in the end, I never expected to actually get this set, and needless to say receiving it last week was a real treat. These are two figures that I absolutley had to have in my collection, and I didn’t want to go hunting them down on Ebay and paying through the nose for them.

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