MOTU Classics: Chief Carnivus by Mattel

It feels like ages since I’ve featured a MOTUC figure here. Why? Partly because some of the recent figures haven’t “must haves” for me, and partly because my work schedule just will not mesh with Matty’s sale dates. I have no problem hunting down the figures via other means if I really want them, but that hasn’t been the case with anything released in a little while. Chief Carnivus probably would have been one of those figures I didn’t bother with. He looked cool enough to get (even if I am not at all familiar with the character), but I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to buy him. As it so happened, though, I had a day off on Matty Sale Day this month, so I grabbed him out of sheer convenience.

It’s a testament to Mattel and The Four Horsemen that they can even get me to buy the figures based off of characters I don’t know. Not being a New Adventures fan, I didn’t know Optikk, but I still love the figure. Well, I didn’t watch many episodes of the more recent He-Man cartoon (although I still mean to), so Chief Carnivus is a stranger to me as well. Nonetheless, he looks awesome. It’s like someone got their Thundercats in my Masters of the Universe. And so, as with Optikk, I took the risk, and I’m glad I did. Carnivus is one cool cat. MEOW!

Carnivus may be a newer character, but the packaging remains classic and vintage to the core. Same green brick card, same nice big bubble to show off the figure. The back panel shows other figures in the collection (which you can no longer buy because they were all only available for about 30 seconds each), and it has a bio blurb, which in this case was very useful in helping me get to know my new figure.

Carnivus uses a number of Beast Man’s body parts, but there’s plenty new here to make him look fresh and unique. His armor and his pelvis are brand new, as are his lower legs. The head sculpt is magnificent with a noble feline visage. There’s a little bit of slop on the face paint apps, but nothing major. The gold and purple motif on his armor is really striking. The grieves are molded as part of his legs, but the chest and shoulder piece can come off easily. It’s also really easy to remove his cape. You don’t even have to pop off his head. I love this because as great as the cape looks on him, it can hinder some of his potential for action poses.

Articulation is standard for the MOTU Classics line. He has a ball jointed neck and shoulders. His arms have hinged elbows along with swivel cuts in the biceps and wrists. His hips have universal joints, his knees and ankles are hinged. Carnivus can swivel at the waist and he has a large hinge in the torso.

The Chief comes with a sword and a shield. The shield clips on to his arm and has a nice sculpted angry cat head with red eyes. His sword is slightly curved at the tip, almost like a saber and has a big red painted stone in the hilt. It would have been cool if Matty had given him some kind of loop on his belt to hang his sword from.

I give Carnivus the big thumbs up. He’s a great looking figure and a really nice fit for my MOTU collection. He costs the standard $20 plus about $8 shipping, which is certainly steep, especially for a figure based off a character I don’t know. But I can rationalize the price point because I’m not buying as many of these figures as I used to be, and I don’t see myself buying nearly as many next year either. Either way, I highly recommend him.

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